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In this article, we will be looking at a small selection of the best women’s electric bikes of 2023, taking into consideration factors such as design, performance, battery life, and affordability. Whether you are commuting to work, running errands, or exploring new trails, e-bikes can provide an effortless and enjoyable riding experience.

Electric bikes have been gaining popularity in recent years, offering a healthy and eco-friendly alternative to the car. With the advancements in technology, electric bikes have become more affordable and accessible to the masses. Women’s electric bikes have been specifically designed to cater for the unique needs and preferences of female riders. At the bottom of this article, we have included a Women’s E-Bike Buyer’s Guide, to help you make the right decision.

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The Top 9 Best Women’s Electric Bikes

The list of women’s e-bikes featured below includes a diverse selection covering different disciplines and price ranges. The author has experience with all the brands featured, and they have been selected based on several factors including excellent customer feedback.

Trek FX+ 2 Stagger 🆕

Best Lightweight Women’s Hybrid E-Bike

trek fx+ 2 Stagger
Trek FX+ 2 Stagger Frame E-Bike
Motor250-watt Hyena HyDrive Hub Motor
Range30 – 40 miles
BrakesHydraulic Disc Brakes
GearingShimano 9-Speed
Weight17.2 kg
Price £2250

New for 2023 is the Trek FX+ hybrid e-bike. This stagger frame version features a low standover height making it easier to get on and off. The FX has been a stalwart of the Trek brand for years and it’s good to see an e-assist version now available. This version comes fully loaded with a pannier rack, mudguards, lights and a kickstand. The motor is a smooth and responsive HyDrive system, that uses a torque-sensing assist – this measures pedalling force and provides the rider with smooth and intuitive electric assistance. In addition, the FX+ 2 is a lot lighter than mid-drive e-bikes coming in at just over 17 kg.

Tenways CG0800s Step-Through

Best Single Speed Belt Drive Women’s E-Bike

Tenways CGO800S Single-Speed Step-Through E-Bike
Tenways CGO800s Single-Speed Step-Through E-Bike
Motor250-watt Mivice M070 Rear Hub Motor
Battery36v 10.4Ah / 374 Wh
Range30 – 50 miles (estimate)
BrakesHydraulic Disc Brakes
GearingSingle Speed with Gates Carbon Belt Drive
Weight19 kg
Price (at time of publication)£1899

The Tenways CGO800s is a great option for women who want a low-maintenance e-bike for city or town riding. Featuring a clean and durable Gates Carbon Belt drive that can last up to 18’000 miles before needing to be replaced, it’s the perfect low-maintenance solution for daily riding. The CGO800s uses a smooth 250-watt rear hub motor that’s activated by a torque sensor, which improves efficiency and riding experience. It’s a great all-around package that’s fairly light, has front suspension and all the accessories you’ll need on an e-bike.

Specialized Turbo Como SL 4.0

Best Women’s E-Bike with Internal Gears

specialzied turbo como electric bike
Specialized Turbo Como SL 4.0
Motor250-watt Specialized SL 1.1 Motor
Range40 – 60 miles (estimate)
BrakesHydraulic Disc Brakes
GearingShimano Nexus 5-Speed Internal Geared Hub
Weight19kg (approximate)
Price (at time of publication)£3000

Specialized is well-known for producing some very high-quality bikes, and the Turbo Como SL 4.0 is no exception. This e-bike uses its super-efficient SL 1.1 mid-drive motor which provides a powerful boost for hill climbing or will take the edge off your daily commute. There’s a 320Wh internal battery and a low-maintenance Shimano Nexus 5-speed internal gear hub – no more fiddling with rear derailleur adjustment. This is a well-made e-bike, and although it’s quite expensive you get a practical and stylish electric bike, that you can use for commuting, shopping or just meeting up with friends.

Cube Touring Hybrid One 500

Best Medium-Priced Mid-Drive Women’s E-Bike

cube touring hybrid one 500 step through
Cube Touring Hybrid One Step-Through E-Bike
Motor250-watt Bosch Active Line Plus
Range50 – 80 miles
BrakesHydraulic Disc Brakes
GearingShimano 9-Speed
Weight25 kg
Price £2499

If you’re looking for a comfortable and stylish e-bike that’s perfect for touring or urban riding, the Touring Hybrid ONE is worth checking out. With its powerful Bosch motor and long battery life, this bike makes it easy to get around town without breaking a sweat. Plus, the step-through frame ensures that getting on and off the bike is a breeze. So if you’re ready to take your cycling experience to the next level, be sure to check out the Cube Touring Hybrid ONE.

Boardman HYB 8.9e Women’s

Best Women’s Performance Hybrid E-Bike

boardman hyb 8.9e womens electric bike
Boardman HYB 8.9e Women’s Hybrid E-Bike
Motor250-watt Fazua Evation
Range30 – 50 miles
BrakesTektro Hydraulic Disc Brakes
GearingShimano Deore 10-Speed
Weight16 kg
Price £2299

The Boardman HYB 8.9e Women’s is hard to beat for all-around versatility. It uses the sophisticated Fazua Evation drive system to offer smooth and powerful electric assistance as you pedal, making it easy to get around town or cover longer distances. Plus, with its comfortable flat handlebar and upright geometry, it’s perfect for anyone who wants an enjoyable ride without having to sacrifice comfort. Available in-store or online from Halfords, you have the added peace of mind of a long warranty and nationwide service centres.

Decathlon Rockrider E-ST900 Women’s

Best Value Women’s Electric Mountain Bike

decathlon e-st900 womens electric mountain bike
Decathlon Rockrider E-ST900 Women’s e-MTB
Motor250-watt Brose T Mid-Drive Motor
Range40 – 60 miles (estimate)
BrakesHydraulic Disc Brakes
GearingShimano Deore 10-Speed
Weight24 kg
Price £1799

If you’re looking for a mountain bike that is specifically designed to fit the female build, look no further than the Decathlon E-ST900 electric mountain bike. This e-bike is perfect for longer rides lasting 1.5 to 3 hours, and thanks to the Brose motor’s 70 Nm torque, you’ll be able to power over any obstacle in your way. Plus, with a 500 Wh battery, you’ll be able to enjoy even longer rides without having to worry about running out of power. The E-ST900 is, in my opinion, the best-value e-MTB for women currently available at this price point. For more information, read my Decathlon E-ST900 review.

Ribble AL e Step-Through

ribble al e step through
Ribble Hybrid AL e Step-Through
Motor250-watt Mahle X35 Hub Motor
Range30 – 50 miles
BrakesHydraulic Disc Brakes (Shimano)
GearingSRAM 1 x 11 Speed
Weight15 kg
Price £2599

If you’re looking for a lightweight e-bike that can handle everything from weekend leisure rides to your daily commute, the Ribble AL e Step Through e-bike is an ideal choice. With its wide-range SRAM 1 x 11 gearing, and 3 levels of electric assistance, this bike will give you a useful boost on hills. Plus, with the convenient step-through design, getting on and off is a breeze. The AL e step-through is a versatile bike, equally at home on smooth tarmac or woodland trails. For a more detailed appraisal, check out the Ribble AL e review.

Eskute Polluno Plus Step-Through

Best Women’s Electric Bike under £1500

eskute polluno plus
Motor250-watt Bafang Rear Hub Motor
RangeUp to 75 miles
BrakesMechanical Disc Brakes
Gearing7-Speed Shimano
Weight26 kg
Price (at time of publication)£1399

The Eskute Polluno Plus is excellent value for money at just under £1400. With its Bafang hub motor, torque-sensing pedal assist and 720Wh battery. I’m currently testing the Polluno Plus and it’s a very comfortable bike with an amazing battery range. The longest I have ridden in one go is 50 miles and I still had 2 bars battery remaining. I’m thoroughly impressed with this e-bike’s overall performance and specification for the price and would have no problem recommending it.

Eleglide T1 Step-Through

Best Women’s E-Bike under £1000

eleglide t1 step through
Eleglide Step-Through Trekking E-Bike
Motor250-watt Rear Hub Motor
Range25 – 35 miles (estimated)
BrakesMechanical Disc Brakes
GearingShimano 7-Speed
Weight25 kg
Price (at time of publication)£819

If you’re thinking of buying an e-bike, but don’t want to spend a small fortune, the Eleglide T1 step-through offers exceptional value for money. For under £1000, you can have a truly versatile ‘go anywhere’ electric bike that’s comfortable and has a decent specification. There is a 450Wh battery and 250w rear hub motor. Plus, mudguards, headlight, kickstand and pannier racks.

Although Eleglide is a budget brand, they offer decent electric bikes for the price – I’m currently testing their M1 Plus model and I’ve been very impressed with the build quality and value for money.

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Women’s E-Bike Buyer’s Guide

1. What’s the difference between Woman’s and Men’s e-bikes?

There are several noticeable differences between men’s and women’s e-bikes, with the main one being the design of the bike’s frame. Women’s bikes usually feature a step-through frame or Trapeze frame, while men’s bikes usually have a crossbar frame. The main benefit of a step-through frame is its low stand-over height, making it much easier to get on or off the bike.

step through women's e-bike
Image courtesy of Ribble Cycles

Women’s e-bike frames will usually have modified geometry which is better suited to female sizes. Women usually have shorter torsos and longer legs than men, so frame geometry is usually designed to take this into account.

Components may also vary for women’s e-bikes – one of the most notable being a female-specific saddle. Women usually have wider sit-bones, so a women’s saddle will usually be wider and shorter than a men’s saddle. Handlebars may have a greater rise to give a more comfortable, upright riding position and the handlebar stem may be slightly shorter. Of course, you can always change components to suit your particular body shape. Some women are quite happy riding men’s bikes and vice versa.

2. Different Types of Electric Bikes

Hybrid Electric Bike

Women’s hybrid electric bikes are designed to be ridden on multiple surfaces like tarmac, gravel or even dirt. They’re not quite as capable off-road as a mountain bike and not quite as fast on the tarmac as a road bike, but they’re designed to be capable all-rounders. Hybrid is the most popular type of e-bike across both genders.

my friends trek allant+ 7 lowstep

Electric Mountain Bike

Electric mountain bikes are much better suited to riding on rough terrain and exploring the great outdoors! Although it’s perfectly fine to use an e-MTB on the road, but the wider, knobbly tyres tend to make more road noise on the tarmac and there will be increased rolling resistance.

trek powerfly 5 pictured on bodmin mor

Electric Road Bike

An electric road bike is usually very similar in design and feel to its unassisted counterpart. E-road bikes are usually very lightweight, have small internal batteries and will be fast on tarmac, but not really suitable for anything other than compacted gravel surfaces. These e-bikes are great for building fitness and are usually so light, you can easily ride them without the electric assist activated.

women's electric road bike

Electric Gravel Bike

The gravel bike is quite a recent phenomenon. Electric gravel bikes look similar to road bikes but have more relaxed frame geometry and clearance for wider tyres. This makes them versatile and can be ridden on or off-road. Gravel e-bikes are usually very lightweight and are great for commuting or weekend adventures.

women's electric gravel bike
Image courtesy of Ribble Cycles

3. Types of E-Bike Motor and Battery

Hub motor: Hub motors are usually fitted in the rear wheel or sometimes the front wheel. This is the simplest form of electric assist and has been around for years. The latest hub motors are small, lightweight, quiet and efficient. They provide useful assistance on undulating terrain but aren’t always suitable for heavier riders tackling very steep hills.

mahle rear hub e-bike motor
The Mahle ebikemotion lightweight rear hub motor

Mid-drive motor: Mid-drive motors like the Bosch, were originally developed for electric mountain bikes to tackle steep, technical climbs. They are now found on a lot of hybrids and cargo e-bikes. These motors will help even the weakest rider climb the steepest of hills with relative ease. They also provide a more natural and intuitive electric assist.

bosch performance line cruise e-bike motor
A Typical Bosch mid-drive e-bike motor

Battery: Electric bike batteries range in size from 250Wh (watt hours) to 750Wh and above. The higher the figure, the more assisted range. A lightweight electric bike with a smaller battery may have the same range as a heavier e-bike with a larger battery. Battery range will depend on a lot of factors like rider weight, bike weight, wind speed, tyres and the kind of terrain ridden on. Most modern e-bikes will have an average range of 40-60 miles.

vitus mach e battery
A frame-mounted e-bike battery on my e-bike

4. How to Choose the Best Electric Bike

People buy e-bikes for lots of different reasons including commuting, fitness or just general leisure riding. In my opinion, electric bikes are a complete game-changer! I’ve seen how e-bikes can improve quality of life and fitness. There’s nothing quite like going for a ride in the countryside and immersing yourself in the sites and sounds.

Where you live and the surrounding area is a key factor – if it’s very hilly (like Cornwall) then you will want a mid-drive motor like the Bosch or Shimano Steps.

women riding an e-bike up a steep hill
Image courtesy of Ribble Cycles

Your current health and level of fitness is also a very important factor. If you are returning to cycling after an illness or injury, you will want an electric bike that’s going to provide significant assistance. If you already have a good degree of fitness, then a lightweight e-bike with a small motor and battery may be perfectly suitable.

It’s quite possible you already ride a bike regularly for recreation and fitness, but want to ditch the car for the daily commute and use an e-bike instead. The benefits of using an electric bike for commuting are you can turn up for work nice and fresh.

If it’s possible, I always recommend going to a good local bike shop to discuss your requirements – this is also important for sizing. E-Bikes are an expensive purchase and you need to make sure you’re getting the right bike size for your frame.


So, there you have it! My selection of the best women’s electric bikes – I will be adding more 2023 e-bikes to this list soon. I hope you’ve found this information useful and that it helps you make the right decision when buying your next e-bike. Electric bikes are a game-changer and make the joys of cycling accessible to everyone – they’re great for commuting, and leisure rides and above all, they put the fun back into cycling! If you need any help or advice in choosing your e-bike, please leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to help out. Thanks for reading!

If you’re thinking of buying an electric bike and would like some advice from our expert, please leave a message in the comments section below. All messages are usually answered within 48 hrs.

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  1. I already have some experience with e-scooters (2x1000W, hydraulic, over 2000 Km in town – now out of order for many months, for replacing some parts!) and e-bikes (Bezior XF200, bought last year as a replacement, but quite heavy for me as I have to fold the e-bike for the elevator, or for the car – I am retired, old enough – and for the main usage: …walking the dog!)
    On the other hand, yes, my town Brasov is near the mountains – trying to explain my choices till now…
    so, I am looking for a lightweight, foldable, enough motor torque (over 40Nm) and the pedal torque sensor, and not too high above my budget!
    My wish list (to be solved, desirable in this August…) includes: ADO Air 20S and Fiido X, both over 1500 euros (!)
    If you can comment on my choices, or, perhaps you can recommend something similar but… closer to my budget (say 1300 euros…)?

    Thank you anyway, and wish you all the best,
    My full consideration,

    Danut Constantin,
    Brasov, RO, EU

    1. Hi,
      I owned the latest Fiido X for nearly 6 months and it’s a great bike. Very comfortable and reasonably light (19kg), battery range was good (around 35 miles average) and the torque sensing pedal assist is very responsive with a quiet motor. I’ve heard good things about the Ado A20S but it’s only a single-speed which will limit hill climbing. Here is my Fiido X review.

      If you have any questions about the Fiido, please let me know.


  2. Lätt elcykel för 80 årig dam som gör korta utflykter på asfalt, kanske 10—20 km, som vill ha enkla reglage behöver inte mer än 3 till 5 växlar, inte bergiga terräng? Enkel stepin .

    Cykeln måste vara tillgänglig nu, ska skeppas hem till landsort i Skåne.



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