As our website has grown over the years, we’ve started looking at new ways to monetize our content. We are really keen to help new or existing electric bike companies increase brand awareness by showcasing their products in the form of product reviews and sponsored articles. You can see our website ranking on Similarweb. Please note: Due to the seasonal nature of the e-bike niche, we see a substantial drop in traffic during the winter months, with our peak being between March and August.

Product Reviews

If you have a new or existing electric bike you would like to promote, we accept samples for review articles. This has proven to be a good way to increase brand awareness. Particularly, if you’re a fairly new e-bike brand. We find our readers are much more likely to be interested in a product, if it is physically reviewed on this website. This also gives us the opportunity to get hands on experience with the bike which generates more content for your brand.

Most of the review articles we publish, rank on the first page on Google, although this isn’t guaranteed. Also, we have a growing YouTube channel, which is over a 1000 subscribers. Any e-bike sent on for a review article, will also have an accompanying YouTube video. In addition, we upload all our videos to the Humix network – this places our videos on hundreds of other websites for increased exposure.

Sponsored Articles

We will accept high quality content, providing it is within the e-bike, e-bike conversion or e-scooter niche. We will not accept any article relating to gambling or anything outside of this niche.

Our preferred method, is you provide us with the details of your product, with images, specifications etc. And, we write and publish the article for you. There is a fee for this service which depends on the size of the article.

Any articles written by us will offer a balanced opinion on the product, based on the technical specification and price. It is our obligation to give our readers an honest appraisal of something we are writing about.

Direct Advertising

We will happily accept direct ads on a monthly basis. Our website attracts up to 4000 visitors a day during the peak months between March and August. Even out of season, our traffic rarely drops below 1500 visitors per day. We are aiming to scale this even further in 2023 and beyond. We can offer banner ads in prominent positions on the website sidebar (which is visible on all articles). Alternatively, we can offer advertising space on particular articles.

For more information please contact us by email at:

We operate under Mountain Standard Time (GMT-7) time zone, so please allow for this in the response time.