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Ribble cycles have added to their award winning e-bike range with the all-new Hybrid AL e Step-Through and the CGR AL e Step-Through models.

Ribble continues to lead the way with their lightweight electric bike range and has extended the range to include two new models to redefine the traditional step-through genre. Versatility has been a key design consideration with metropolitan and city urban living combined with a multi-terrain spirit of adventure, the new models open up a host of exciting new possibilities, with the scope to travel further over new terrain and challenge the daily commute from City or Town centres to country lanes to off road trails – and all aimed at a wider range of people keen to explore and experience cycling. Both of these new e-bikes can be fine tuned using Ribble’s BikeBuilder and further personalised using the CustomColour option.ribble cgr al e step through gravel electric bike

Images courtesy of Ribble Cycles UK


Everything about Ribble’s Step-Through e-bikes has been created to inspire confidence. The low-step frame design gives enhanced standover clearance on both models, and the relaxed riding position of the CGR AL e and Hybrid AL e Step-Through give you more freedom to explore a greater choice of terrains over longer distances.

Cycling’s popularity has increased over the past decade with more and more people discovering the benefits and joy of cycling. We’ve added the new e-bike step-through models to our existing World Class range to provide even more choice for everyone, whether thinking of getting into cycling or life-long cyclists like myself. Says Ribble’s CEO, Andy Smallwood.

Andy adds: “Whether you’re ditching the car, riding for leisure, or just looking to get fit, the new step-throughs are designed to make your everyday life easier. Their versatility, practicality and design are a great way to get-around and to experience the benefits of riding an e-bike.”

Electric components

The Mahle X35 ebikemotion hub motor system has been further refined for 2021 with improved pedal assist algorithms to provide the rider with an even more natural riding experience. The whole system only adds 3.5kg to the total weight of  bike, making it the lightest e-bike system currently in use. Ribble were one of the first companies to employ this system (along with Orbea) on their SL e Endurance carbon e-road bike.

A 250Wh battery neatly integrated into the downtube of the bike will provide a maximum assisted range of around 60 miles – although the potential range may be lower or higher depending on rider weight, wind direction, terrain, assist level etc. The battery uses high quality Panasonic NCR18650GA cells which are not only reliable, but have good longevity.

Mahle x35 ebikemotion electric road bike system

The conveniently positioned i-Woc Trio handlebar control button on the Hybrid AL e Step Through allows you to keep both hands on the bars and your eyes ahead, whilst having the option to choose between 3 assistance levels with, each giving a natural boost to your ride.

You can also pair your phone and smart watch to the Ebikemotion APP to unlock a multitude of additional features and extend your ride further and take on bigger challenges and adventures than ever before with the Ribble range extender.

Ribble CGR AL e – the first step-through Gavel E-bike

Ribble have taken a bold step forward by making the excellent CGR AL e step-through electric gravel bike much more accessible to riders of all ages and abilities. I’m not aware of a gravel e-bike currently available that utilises a low-step frame, and I think the designers at Ribble have opened up the world of gravel biking to a lot more people who would have otherwise been put off by the limited standover clearance on a regular gravel bike frame.

The new CGR AL e step-through gravel e-bike uses the same basic design as their best-selling electric gravel bike, but with all the benefits of an easy entry frame. Not only that but there are two groupset options that include Shimano Tiagra 2 x 10 and the excellent 105 R7000 2×11-speed groupset with hydraulic brakes.ribble cgr al e step through

Drop handlebar step-through bikes were sold by all the major bike manufacturers in the 20th century and it always baffled me why they disappeared. They were originally marketed as ‘ladies frame’ road bikes, but were perfect for riders male or female that were looking for a lower standover height for either mobility reasons or just ease of use. In the 21st century Low-step framed bikes only became available as city or trekking bike, with flat handlebars and upright riding position. Ribble have thankfully gone against the grain with the CGR AL e and put the fun back into the step-through!

ribble cgr al e step through

The new CGR AL e step-through is available in two options with prices starting at £2399 **Specification can be fine-tuned using BikeBuilder and further personalised using the CustomColour option.

Ribble AL e – Lightweight Hybrid step-through E-bike

The AL e step-through is a thoroughly modern take on a traditional design and opens up a whole world of possibilities for all riders. Designed to be a truly versatile e-bike that will handle the rough and tumble of daily commuting as well as weekend adventures, the AL e step-through is not only stylish and lightweight but incredibly practical.

ribble al e fully loaded step through ebike

A lot of traditional low-step hybrid bikes have a very pedestrian feel, but the AL e is designed to be fun to ride. The lightweight alloy frame with full carbon fork, SRAM NX 1 x 11 groupset and Schwalbe G-One tyres will ensure a lively and responsive ride whilst retaining the comfort  aspect.

ribble al e step through hybrid ebikes

I can see the new AL e step-through being popular with riders of all ages, abilities and genders. It’s such a versatile design that will be equally at home as a daily commuter or weekend leisure bike. Another application would be as a delivery bike. There are an increasing number of opportunities for cyclists to earn an income from their bikes with companies like Ubereats, Deliveroo and Stuart – I reckon the Ribble will be a popular option as you can ride it like a regular bike without the weight penalty usually associated with e-bikes, but safe in the knowledge if your legs tire you have that support when you really need it.

The new AL e step-through is available in two options, both featuring the excellent SRAM NX 1 x 11 gearing and are available from £2299 **Specification can be fine-tuned using BikeBuilder and further personalised using the CustomColour option.


I think Ribble have done a great job with their new range of step-through electric bikes. They have opened up the world of gravel riding to a lot more potential riders, with the emphasis on comfort and practicality.

Both the CGR AL e and Hybrid AL e step-through e-bikes retain all the characteristics of their regular-framed siblings – they’re lightweight, sporty and great looking.  Ribble cycles have be instrumental in redefining the electric bike,  long gone are the days when e-bikes were unattractive, heavy and difficult to ride without assist.  These latest additions to Ribble’s great range of e-bikes continue that trend.

ribble al e step through being ridden

I’m really impressed that Ribble have had the foresight to introduce a low-step frame gravel e-bike, none of the other manufacturers have done this and in doing so have neglected an important potential customer base. With electric bike sales predicted to overtake the sales of traditional bikes in the next couple of years, the future for the cycling industry is looking promising, and it makes me proud that a British brand is at the forefront of new innovations in this area.

Thank you for reading, and if you have any comments please feel free to leave one below.  Comments are usually approved and replied to within 24hrs.


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