best electric bikes for commuting

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E-bikes are a viable and cost-effective alternative to using a car or public transport in 2023. But, the best electric bikes for commuting need to have certain features to make your daily commute more enjoyable and allow you to turn up for work feeling good.

Electric bikes have been gaining popularity in recent years, as a sustainable mode of transportation for commuting to work. With the ability to cover longer distances and tackle hills with ease, it’s no surprise that many people are considering e-bikes as a viable alternative to cars. This, in part, was spurred on by health concerns relating to the pandemic. But, more recently, an increase in car running costs, has made people consider an electric bike as a cost-effective alternative.

best electric bikes for commuting

In this article, we are going to be looking for suitable commuter e-bikes of all kinds, from electric gravel bikes to the more traditional hybrid e-bikes. At the bottom of this post, we have included a useful guide to buying a commuter e-bike, which highlights the different types of e-bikes available and the pros and cons of using an electric bike on a day-to-day basis.

The Best Electric Bikes for Commuting in 2023

The list below is just a tiny selection of electric bikes that are suitable for the daily commute. We’ve tried to include e-bikes from various categories, from the budget end of the scale to the more expensive. This choice is based on the author’s personal experience within the e-bike industry. If you have any questions or need advice when buying your next electric bike, please leave a message in the comments section at the bottom of this article. Messages are usually replied to within 24 hrs.

Raleigh Motus Grand Tour Hub

Best Hybrid E-Bike for Commuting

raleigh motus grand tour hub best hybrid e-bike for commuting
Raleigh Motus Grand Tour Hub
MotorBosch Active-Line Plus 250-watt Mid-Drive Motor
Battery500Wh Removable Bosch Battery
RangeUp to 100 miles (eco mode)
BrakesTektro Hydraulic Brakes
Weight25 kg (approx)
Price / Availability£2799 Available from Tredz

The 2023 Raleigh Motus Grand Tour features a Shimano internal gear hub, and a whole host of accessories, making this hybrid e-bike perfect for the daily commute. A Bosch Active-Line Plus motor is designed to offer a balance of performance and efficiency. While, the 500Wh battery should give a real-world range of 50 miles, with up to 100 miles possible in eco mode.

Raleigh has upped their game recently and now concentrates exclusively on developing e-bikes from their Nottingham base. The reason, I’ve selected the Motus Grand Tour as the best hybrid e-bike for commuting is due to several factors: Hub gears equal low-maintenance, long battery range, a powerful mid-drive motor, comfortable upright riding position with adjustable handlebars, and finally all the accessories you need including a wheel lock.

If you’re looking for a commuter e-bike that wants nothing, I’d certainly recommend the Raleigh. It comes from a well-known brand and is covered by the excellent Bosch 2-year warranty.

Ribble CGR AL e

Best Electric Gravel Bike for Commuting

Ribble CGR AL e Electric Gravel Bike
MotorMahle ebikemotion 250-watt rear hub motor
Battery252Wh Internal Battery (Panasonic Cells)
Range25 – 80 miles
BrakesMechanical or Hydraulic
Gearing2 x 10 / 2 x 11 / 1 x 11
Weight14.5 kg (approx)
Price / Availability£2899 – £3299 Visit Ribble Cycles

The Ribble CGR AL e was first released back in 2020 and has been a firm favourite with commuters ever since. This gravel e-bike is both lightweight and versatile. Plus, it has all the mounting points for things like pannier racks and mudguards. The small and lightweight Mahle ebikemotion system is designed to add a boost to your pedalling power as and when you need it. Designed as an all-road e-bike, the Ribble is equally at home on the tarmac or woodland trails.

I tested the Ribble, back in 2020, and it’s a great bike to ride. Because it’s so lightweight, you can choose to ride it as a regular bike without feeling any drag from the motor. The only drawback is the motor may not provide enough assistance for some riders and may not be suitable for very hilly commutes. The Ribble is also surprisingly sure-footed on rough, unpaved surfaces. If you’re looking for a fast, lightweight e-bike for commuting, then the CGR AL e is well worth considering.

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Raleigh Trace

Best Lightweight E-Bike for Commuting

Raleigh Trace Best Light E-Bike for Commuting
Raleigh Trace Lightweight Hybrid E-Bike
MotorMahle ebikemotion 250-watt rear hub motor
Battery252Wh Internal Battery (Panasonic Cells)
Range25 – 80 miles
BrakesTektro R280 Hydraulic Disc Brakes
GearingShimano 9-speed
Weight16.5 kg
Price / Availability£2199 Available from Tredz

The second e-bike from the Raleigh range is the excellent Trace. A lightweight hybrid e-bike that can be easily ridden with or without the assist. Featuring the same lightweight Mahle motor as the Ribble, the Trace is designed to be a fast and nimble urban commuter bike. It will handle a multitude of surfaces, thanks to its wide WTB gravel tyres.

Gearing is Shimano 9-speed, with a good spread of gears. Brakes are excellent Tektro R280 flat-mount hydraulic brakes, which will provide good stopping power in all weather. Finally, there’s a full complement of accessories, including mudguards, pannier rack and lights. Another benefit is the price – coming in at £2199, it’s good value for a lightweight electric bike with this specification. If weight is a big deciding factor, and you only need to use the assist occasionally, then the Raleigh Trace is well worth considering.

Decathlon Rockrider E-ST900

Best Electric Mountain Bike for Commuting

decathlon rockrider e-st900 best electric mountain bike for commuting
Decathlon Rockrider E-ST900 Electric Mountain Bike
MotorBrose T 250-watt Mid-Drive Motor
Battery504Wh Removable Bosch Battery
Range50 – 70 miles
BrakesTektro TKD Hydraulic Brakes
GearingShimano Deore M6000 10-speed
Weight24 kg (approx)
Price / Availability£1799 Available from Decathlon

The Decathlon Rockrider E-ST900 caused waves within the e-bike community when it was first released 3-years ago. Even now it has stood the test of time, and is one of the best all-around electric bikes available for the price. Featuring the excellent Brose T mid-drive motor, and a 504Wh battery, the Rockrider is equally at home out on the trails or negotiating busy traffic on the daily commute. The quality Rockshox front suspension fork, combined with the 2.8″ tyres, makes for a very comfortable bike out on the road.

In addition to the obvious benefits of using an e-MTB, the E-ST900 will take a pannier rack and mudguards, making it ideal for riding to work. The chunky tyres do make quite a noise on the tarmac, but it would be easy to replace them with a more road-friendly tyre like the Schwalbe Big Ben.

For added versatility, you have a wide-range Shimano Deore M6000 drivetrain with an 11-42 cassette – great for a hilly commute. Plus, the Tektro TKD hydraulic brakes will stop you in all weather. Still one of my favourites and well worth a look.

Specialized Turbo Vado 3.0 IGH

Best Step-Through E-Bike for Commuting

specialized turbo vado 3.0 igh best step-through e-bike for commuting
Specialized Turbo Vado 3.0 IGH Step-Through
MotorSpecialized 2.0E 250-watt Mid-Drive Motor
Battery530Wh Removable Bosch Battery
Range50 – 70 miles
BrakesShimano MT200 Hydraulic Brakes
GearingEnviolo CVP hub with Gates Carbon Belt Drive
Weight26 kg (approx)
Price / Availability£4350 Available from Specialized Direct

It may be the most expensive option on this list. But, if you want to commute to work in style and comfort, the Specialized Turbo Vado 3.0 IGH has amazing specifications. Featuring a Specialized 2.0E motor and a 530Wh battery, the Vado 3.0 provides smooth and seamless power as and when you need it. The big advantage of this e-bike is the Enviolo stepless CVP hub, combined with a Gates Carbon Belt drive – this is the ultimate in ultra low-maintenance riding. All you need to do is charge your battery and check tyre pressures once in a while.

The step-through frame design provides easy entry and a low standover height, making the Specialized perfect for the stop / start nature of urban riding. In addition to the excellent motor, battery and gear system, the Turbo Vado 3.0 has a full-colour Bosch display with built-in navigation and Bluetooth connectivity. Plus, there are all-terrain tyres, full mudguards, Suntour Air suspension and a pannier rack. If you’re looking for one of the best e-bikes for commuting, you’ve found it!

Rad Power RadCity 5 Plus

Best Step-Through Commuter E-Bike under £2000

radcity 5 plus best step-through e-bike for commuting under £2000
Rad Power RadCity 5 Plus Step-Through E-Bike
Motor250-watt Rear Hub Motor
Battery672Wh Removeable Battery with Samsung 35E cells
Range25 – 40 miles
BrakesHydraulic Disc Brakes
GearingShimano 7-speed
Weight29 kg
Price / Availability€1899 Visit Rad Power Bikes

If the Specialized (above) is way too expensive, how about the Rad Power RadCity 5 Plus? This is another best-selling e-bike from a US company. The RadCity 5 Plus is designed to be a comfortable and functional city/commuter electric bike. It’s the first e-bike in the Rad Power range to use a torque sensor. This will improve the efficiency of the 250-watt motor, and enhance the riding experience, particularly in an urban environment. The battery is the same quality 672Wh as found on other models.

In addition, the RadCity has a front suspension fork, puncture-resistant tyres, hydraulic brakes, and Shimano 7-speed gearing. Plus, there are all the accessories you will need – mudguards, lights, a pannier rack and a kickstand. You can also fit a front basket which is available separately. If you’re after a quality step-through e-bike for commuting, that’s not going to break the bank. The RadCity 5 is well worth considering.

Also available from Rad Power USA (750-watt version)

Fiido X

Best Folding Electric Bike for Commuting

fiido x best folding electric bike for commuting
Fiido X Folding Electric Bike
MotorAikema 250-watt or 350-watt hub
Battery417Wh Wireless Seat Post Battery
Range25 – 60 miles
BrakesRadius Hydraulic Disc Brakes
GearingShimano 7-speed
Weight19.8 kg
Price / Availability$1799 / £1600 Available from Fiido (US / UK / EU)

I might be a bit biased here, but I’ve owned one of these for a few months. Personally, it’s hard to find fault with the Fiido X. I ride it almost daily and use it for running errands and even shopping. I’ve also done a few longer 30 – 40 mile rides on it and I’m amazed by how comfortable it is. It features a super-smooth 250w or 350w hub motor and uses a torque-sensing pedal assist. Meaning, it’s very responsive to pedalling input and is especially good for getting away from traffic lights. The battery is 417Wh which is pretty good for such a small e-bike. Even using the full-power mode, I can get 25 miles from a charge. Leave it in level 1, and it will get you around 50 miles from a charge.

In addition to the motor, there are hydraulic disc brakes, Shimano 7-speed gearing, and even a security keypad for starting the bike. Plus, there’s a smartphone app which you can use to switch the bike on or off remotely. The Fiido X includes a kickstand, integrated lights, and mudguards, and there is a pannier rack available. For more information read my review of the Fiido X.

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Rad Power RadRhino 6 Plus

Best Electric Fat Bike for Commuting

radrhino 6 plus best electric fat bike for commuting
Rad Power RadRhino 6 Plus Electric Fat Bike
Motor250-watt Rear Hub Motor
Battery672Wh Removeable Battery with Samsung 35E cells
Range25 – 40 miles
BrakesHydraulic Disc Brakes
GearingShimano 7-speed
Weight33 kg
Price / Availability€1999 Visit Rad Power Bikes

I’ve always had a bit of a love/hate relationship with electric fat bikes, but the more I’ve ridden them, the more I’ve come to like them. They may be heavy, but when it comes to riding through snow or on the sand, nothing beats those extra wide tyres for traction. The RadRhino 6 Plus, is one of the best-selling electric fat bikes on both sides of the Atlantic. Featuring a smooth 250-watt hub motor (750-watt in the US), and a 672Wh battery, the RadRhino is perfect for commuting in all weather. If it snows, just lower the tyre pressures to around 12 psi, and the RadRhino will get you home without too much fuss!

Bike components include a front suspension fork, hydraulic disc brakes, Shimano 7-speed gearing, plus mudguards, lights and a kickstand. There’s also an optional pannier rack available. The fat tyres don’t just provide extra traction though, they also give the RadRhino a ‘magic carpet’ like ride – just what you want on the daily commute!

The RadRover 6 Plus 750w (USA)

Tenways CGO600

Best Single-Speed E-Bike for Commuting

tenways cgo600 best single speed e-bike for commuting
Tenways CGO600 Single-Speed E-Bike
MotorMivice MO70 250-watt Rear Hub Motor
Battery252Wh 36v 7Ah Internal Battery
RangeUp to 43 miles / 70 km
BrakesHydraulic Disc Brakes
GearingSingle Speed with Gates Belt Drive
Weight15 kg
Price / Availability£1399 Visit Tenways (UK / US / EU)

If you’re looking for an ultra-simple, low-maintenance e-bike for the daily commute, you’d do a lot worse than the Tenways CGO600. This e-bike features a lightweight frame design, with a Gates Carbon Belt drive and only one gear. That means maintenance is going to be limited to the tyres and brakes. The Gates Carbon Belt is renowned for massive distances, and even if you rode 10000 miles a year, you’d only need to change the belt every couple of years.

The Tenways CGO600 is a lightweight e-bike with a sporty riding position, making it perfect for negotiating busy city streets. The rear hub motor is activated by a sophisticated torque sensor, which measures pedalling force and provides instant e-assist. For swift stopping power, there are hydraulic disc brakes, and the CST puncture-resistant tyres provide good grip in the wet. It’s a great all-around package, and perfect for those livelier commutes.

Eleglide Citycrosser

Best Commuter E-Bike under £1000

eleglide citycrosser
Eleglide Citycrosser
Motor250-watt Rear Hub Motor
Battery360Wh 36v 10Ah Removeable Battery
RangeUp to 75 km
BrakesMechanical Disc Brakes
GearingShimano 7-Speed
Weight20 kg
Price / Availability£999 Available from Geekbuying (UK / EU)

If you want a stylish and reasonably lightweight electric bike for the daily commute. The Eleglide Citycrosser is one of the best options for under £1000. This e-bike has some great features for the price, including a torque-sensing pedal assist, and front cargo rack. It’s a nice-looking bike as well, with its integrated battery and sleek styling. The only real compromise on components is the mechanical disc brakes, but these could be easily upgraded to hydraulics if required. All in all, the Eleglide Citycrosser is an excellent budget option for the daily commute.

Also available from Amazon

Rad Power RadWagon 4

Best Cargo E-Bike for Commuting

rad power radwagon 4 best cargo e-bike for commuting
Rad Power Bikes RadWagon 4 Cargo E-Bike
Motor250-watt Rear Hub Motor
Battery672Wh Removeable Battery with Samsung 35E cells
Range25 – 40 miles
BrakesMechanical Disc Brakes
GearingShimano 7-speed
Weight36 kg
Price / Availability€2299 Visit Rad Power Bikes

Rad Power Bikes were the first e-bike company to bring an affordable electric cargo bike to the market. Their hugely successful RadWagon 4 electric cargo bike continues to be a big hit on both sides of the Atlantic. Every time this bike is in stock, it sells out quickly.

Its success lies in a great design, great looks and excellent price. The RadWagon 4 features a 250-watt hub motor (750w in the USA), and a quality 672Wh battery. There’s also Shimano 7-speed gearing and Rad Powers’ puncture-resistant tyres. On top of that, there is an abundance of accessories available from Rad Power which include anything from child seats, to extra-large pannier bags. The RadWagon 4 is a truly versatile machine and a viable commuter e-bike, especially for carrying loads.

Also available from Rad Power USA

Guide to Buying a Commuter E-Bike

In this guide, we’re going to be looking at what makes an ideal commuter e-bike.  And, while It’s true that any electric bike can be used to get to and from work. Some riders may prefer bikes from specific cycling disciplines like mountain or road bikes. Folding e-bikes are particularly suitable, but they are usually better for shorter distance commutes. If you prefer drop handlebars then an electric gravel bike would be perfect for the daily commute.

Things to Consider When Buying an E-Bike for Commuting

  • What is your budget, and are you eligible for the Cycle to Work scheme or Green Commute initiative?
  • How long is your daily commute?
  • Are you travelling on mainly asphalt or does your planned route involve unpaved surfaces?
  • What is your current level of fitness?
  • How hilly is your route to work, and what is the prevailing wind direction?

Your answers to the above questions will help determine what bike is most suitable. If your commute is on mainly smooth tarmac, then a rigid-frame bike will be fine. If, like most British roads there are potholes, cracks and other hazards you may want to consider a bike with high-volume tyres and front suspension. If. on the other hand, you’re riding on fairly smooth roads, then maybe something more road-focused with faster rolling tyres.

Types of E-Bikes Suitable for Commuting

Hybrid E-Bike

Hybrid electric bikes are by far the most popular choice for commuters. They are versatile and can handle a variety of different surfaces from roads to canal towpaths. Hybrids have wide, flat handlebars which inspire confidence and control.

Electric Hybrid Bikes are versatile and come well-equipped

Fat Tyre E-Bike

Electric fat bikes are very popular in the USA and have recently seen a massive rise in popularity in the UK and Europe. One of the main benefits of this type of bike, is the big tyres are especially good in the snow. In addition, they provide a very smooth ride on rough surfaces.

cyrusher xf800 test ride
Electric Fat Bikes are great for commuting

Electric Gravel Bikes

A new phenomenon, gravel e-bikes usually have drop handlebars with relaxed frame geometry and wide tyres. They’re perfect for the faster commuter, as the drop handlebars provide a more aerodynamic riding position. Most electric gravel bikes are very light and use small motors and batteries. You can ride these easily with or without the e-assist.

gravel e-bike
Gravel e-bikes are fast and lightweight – perfect for the daily ride to work!

Folding Electric Bikes

Foldable e-bikes are perfect for situations where you drive your car (or take the bus) to a park and ride. And use it for the last few miles of work travel. They can be easily taken on public transport or quickly put into the back of your car.

best electric bikes for commuting
Folding electric bikes are lightweight and easy to take on public transport

Cargo E-Bikes

Electric cargo bikes are excellent if you have lots of things to carry to work. These bikes are designed to be comfortable while having extra carrying capacity and space for things like tools or other work-related items.

Cargo e-bikes make excellent commuter bikes

The Pros and Cons of Commuting By Electric Bike

E-Bikes are a great alternative to cars or public transport. However, it’s important to understand both the benefits and negatives of using an electric bike for commuting before making the switch. In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of commuting to work with an electric bike.


  • Cost-Effective: Commuting to work with an electric bike, can be much more cost-effective when compared to driving a car. With no fuel costs, lower maintenance costs, and no need to pay for parking, you can save a significant amount of money over time.
  • Eco-Friendly: One of the biggest advantages of using an electric bike for commuting, is the reduced carbon footprint compared to driving a car. By using an electric bike, you’re helping to reduce air pollution and lower greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Health Benefits: Using an electric bike for commuting provides a low-impact form of exercise that can help improve your overall health and well-being. With regular use, you can expect to see improvements in cardiovascular health, muscle strength, and overall fitness.
  • Conquer Hills: Electric bikes are designed to tackle hills and cover longer distances with ease, making them a great option for people who live in areas with challenging terrain.
  • Beat the Traffic: It’s no fun spending hours on end stuck in traffic jams. Commuting to work with an e-bike, can be a liberating experience. No need to worry about turning up late for work.


  • Bad Weather: It’s no fun turning up for work cold and wet. Unfortunately, poor weather is always going to be a problem in the UK and Northern Europe. And while some e-bikes may not be suitable for use in heavy rain or snow, If you choose the right bike, and buy good, weatherproof clothing, this needn’t be an issue.
  • Range Anxiety: One of the biggest negatives of using an electric bike for commuting is the limited range. Again, this can be mitigated by buying an e-bike with a battery that’s suitable for your commute. Plus, there are subtle ways to improve your battery range if your bike is ridden correctly.
  • Cost: The cost of buying an electric bike may be a barrier for some people. However, the long-term cost savings from not having to pay for fuel, maintenance, and parking can offset the initial cost. If your employer participates in the Cycle to Work Scheme, it can save you money and spread the cost.
  • Reliability: Although most e-bikes are generally reliable. Anything electric can be prone to problems. Regular servicing your bike and looking after the battery and other components with reduce the risk of problems.
  • Theft Risk: Unfortunately, e-bikes are being stolen more now than ever before. It’s important to invest in a good quality lock and keep the bike in a secure location when not in use. In addition, make sure your e-bike is insured just in case.

In conclusion, the use of electric bikes for commuting has its advantages and disadvantages. While they offer eco-friendly, cost-effective, and convenient options for commuting, they also have limitations in terms of range, cost, and weather resistance. It’s up to the individual to weigh the pros and cons and determine if an electric bike is a suitable mode of transportation for their commuting needs. With advancements in technology and increasing demand for sustainable modes of transportation, the popularity of electric bikes as a commuting option is likely to increase in the future.

What Accessories Should a Commuter E-Bike Have?

If you’re serious about commuting by e-bike, then you will want a bike that has all the accessories that will make your journey more pleasant, especially when you consider the nature of the weather in the UK and northern Europe. You’re going to want to be as comfortable as possible. And you should certainly invest in some good quality protective clothing for the inevitable wet weather. For more information read my article on tips for riding an e-bike in winter.


Considering we have more wet than dry days on average in the UK, mudguards make one hell of a difference. I have a touring bike with mudguards and a racing bike without. If  I get caught out in the rain on my racing bike I get a proper soaking, especially feet and legs.

Pannier rack

Not everyone wants to carry their stuff in a rucksack, so having a pannier rack is a particularly useful thing to have. Modern panniers are usually waterproof and you can easily store your belongings without having the discomfort of something on your back.


When the nights draw in over the winter months, lighting is essential and having a light system that runs on either the bike’s battery or a dynamo hub is a must.  I would still advise carrying a spare set of USB rechargeable lights just in case.


Whatever you decide, I’m confident that riding an electric bike to work will have a positive effect on your life.  Not only will it save you money, but also help you look forward to your daily commute, instead of having to dread wasting time being stuck in traffic or being crammed onto a bus or train.

If you need any help or advice choosing the right e-bike for you, leave a comment below and I will reply within 24hrs. Thanks for reading and ride safe!

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