At, we’re passionate about electric bikes and the positive effect they’ve had on people across the globe. It’s our goal to provide balanced, and unbiased advice on anything from buying a new electric bike to converting a bike to electric. In addition, you’ll find electric bike reviews, and useful buyer’s guides for anything from e-bikes, and e-scooters, to e-bike conversion kits.

Ebike Choices was started at the very end of 2018 by Tony, a 53-year-old e-bike enthusiast from Cornwall, which is located in the far South West of England. What started out as a side-line to compliment his electric bike conversion business, has grown steadily over the years. Tony is still madly passionate about e-bikes and cycling and is always on hand to answer questions or give advice through the comments section (which can be found at the bottom of each article).

Tony – Article Writer and E-Bike Enthusiast

Why is Tony so passionate about electric bikes? At 47 years of age, Tony was given a ‘yellow card’ by his doctor – years of poor lifestyle choices were finally catching up with him. And, if he didn’t make significant changes, things would only get worse. Tony was a passionate cyclist in his youth and always had a longing to return to the saddle. But unfortunately, his poor lifestyle had robbed him of his fitness. His doctor suggested he try out an e-bike, as a way of gradually rebuilding his fitness. This was the start of a long journey that led him to where he is today. Since then he has cycled over 27’000 miles and lost over 70 pounds in weight. Tony credits the e-bike as his gateway to a healthier life, and wishes to spread the word!

Just a fraction of the custom electric conversions Tony built, when running his e-bike conversion business.

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