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Cargo E-Bikes are catching on as a viable alternative to the car, particularly in areas where there is good cycling infrastructure. The best electric cargo bikes can seem quite expensive for a first-time buyer, so in this article, we’ve hand-picked the top 10 cargo e-bikes, for those on a budget.

A cargo e-bike is an electric pedal cycle, that’s been specifically designed to carry larger items (or even passengers). They’re increasingly being used in day-to-day life, and they are particularly useful for delivery riders. They’re also great for nipping to the shops or taking a couple of kids to school (if it is safe to do so).

Family with one of the best electric cargo bikes
Image courtesy of Decathlon

Electric cargo bikes are being touted as a viable replacement for the car, particularly for shorter shopping trips and the school run. This sounds great, but the main problem we have (in the UK at least) is poor cycling infrastructure. In cities with a good cycling network, they’re great, but there’s a long way to go to make them safe to use in rural areas.

Cargo e-bikes are incredibly versatile machines and they’re improving all the time. You can even add to the carrying capacity of these load-luggers by fitting an additional bike cargo trailer.

Another reason to use a cargo e-bike is the obvious fitness benefits. By making just a few short trips every day, you’ll soon be clocking up the miles and reaping the rewards!

Best Cargo E-Bikes for 2023

On to my list of the 8 best electric cargo bikes for those on a budget in 2023.  The cargo e-bikes listed below have been chosen based on their brand, specification, and value for money. The initial price of these e-bikes may seem quite a lot, but when you think about how much money you could potentially save over a year, they start to make perfect sense! At the bottom of this article, I’ve included a guide to cargo e-bikes for more information.

Rad Power RadWagon 4

Best Selling Long-Tail Cargo E-Bike

radwagon 4 electric cargo bike
Rad Power Radwagon 4
Motor250-watt or 750-watt (US) Rear Hub Motor
Battery48v 14Ah / 672Wh
Range55 – 88 km (estimated)
BrakesTektro Mechanical Disc Brakes
Weight34.8 kg
Max Load158 kg
Current Price€2299 / $1999

The RadWagon 4 from Rad Power Bikes has been hugely successful on both sides of the Atlantic. In the EU, the RadWagon is limited to 250w, but the Stateside version produces 750w from the rear hub motor. There’s a decent 48v 14Ah battery which should give a realistic range of between 30-40 miles.

One of the main reasons the RadWagon 4 is such a good seller is its very affordable price (when compared with other e-cargo bikes) – it does offer a high-quality entry into the world of e-cargo.

All of the components are fairly entry-level, but good quality. There is a Shimano drivetrain and mechanical disc brakes along with high-volume, puncture-resistant tyres. There are also front and rear lights a centre stand and of course, loads of luggage space. For more info read my article on Rad Power Bikes.

Buy from Rad Power EU

Buy from Rad Power USA

Flyer L885

flyer l885 electric cargo bike
Flyer L885
Motor500-watt Rear Hub Motor
Battery48v 15Ah / 720Wh
Range30 – 50 miles
BrakesTektro Mechanical Disc Brakes
Weight73 lbs / 33 kg
Max Load400 lbs / 181 kg
Current Price$1999

The Flyer L885 is a great alternative to the Radwagon 4. It has several advantages over the Radwagon, including a slightly higher payload capacity, and a more powerful battery. Power output is slightly down on the Rad Power bike at 500 watts, but that should still be more than enough for most riders. Flyer is an iconic American brand, and its electric cargo bike is durable and well-built. It also has loads of positive customer reviews.

We think the Flyer L885 is a great alternative to the Radwagon 4 – it looks great, and there are lots of optional accessories available from child seats to bags, and cargo-carrying solutions. We’d have no problem recommending the Flyer cargo e-bike.

Visit the Flyer website for more information

Fiido T1

Best Battery Capacity Budget Cargo E-Bike

fiido t1 electric cargo bike
Fiido T1 Cargo E-Bike
Motor750-watt Rear Hub Motor
Battery48v 20Ah / 960Wh
RangeUp to 150 km (eco mode, light rider, flat road)
BrakesHydraulic Brakes
Weight36.2 kg
Max Load200 kg
Current Price$1699 (T1 Pro Model)

The Fiido T1 is a great budget option, that benefits from a large 960Wh battery capacity. At its current price, it’s a lot of bike for the money with a powerful 750-watt motor (US version), hydraulic brakes and front suspension fork.

For cargo carrying capacity, there’s a large basket upfront which is directly mounted to the steerer tube. The rear rack is integral to the frame and has been rated to carry 80 kg. There’s a nice, polished wood platform and you can fit seats, a large basket or some oversized panniers.

If comfort is important. the Fiido T1 features a large, sprung saddle with an adjustable suspension seat post. Plus, thanks to the step-through frame design, it’s easy to get on and off. Finally, the riding position is upright, and the handlebars have a nice sweep back with ergonomic grips. For more information, read my Fiido T1 review.

Watch my YouTube video review

Available direct from Fiido – US, UK and EU

Mycle Cargo

Best Cargo E-Bike for a British Brand

mycle cargo electric bike
Mycle Cargo E-Bike
Motor48-volt 250-watt Rear Hub Motor
Battery48v 15Ah + Dual Battery Option Available
RangeUp to 74 miles / 120 km
BrakesTektro Mechanical Brakes
Weight33 kg / 36 kg (depending on battery size)
Max Load210 kg (including Bike and Rider)
Current Price£1999

The Mycle Cargo was only released in 2022 but has quickly gone on to be a best-seller in the UK. All their e-bikes are assembled in Britain by Cytech-trained staff.  The bike itself uses tried and tested technology, with a 48-volt 250-watt rear hub motor and 48v 15Ah battery. A second battery can be fitted to give a potential range of up to 120 km.

Components include 7-speed gearing, Tekro mechanical disc brakes and CST Big Boat 20″ x 3″ tires for added traction. It’s a well-designed bike and Mycle offers loads of accessories for this bike, including child seats, panniers, a front basket and more. With a rear weight carrying capacity of 125 kg, it’s one of the best in its class.

The Mycle Cargo is one of the best options for under £2000 and a viable alternative to the RadWagon 4.

Visit Mycle for more information

Available from Amazon (UK)

Addmotor M-81

Best Long-Tail Fat Tire Cargo E-Bike

addmotor m-81 fat tire cargo e-bike
Addmotor M-81 Cargo E-Bike
Motor750-watt Rear Hub Motor
Battery48v 20Ah / 960Wh
RangeUp to 105 miles (estimate)
BrakesHydraulic Disc Brakes
Weight78 lbs (approx)
Max Load350 lbs
Current Price$1799

Addmotor is a US brand, and their M-81 fat tire cargo e-bike is a beast of a machine! Featuring a 750-watt rear hub motor with a 48v 20Ah battery (with Samsung cells), the M-81 is ready for hauling groceries, kids or anything you can fit on it.

Components include Shimano 7-speed gearing, hydraulic disc brakes and 100mm of front suspension travel. The M-81 has a total weight capacity of 350 lbs, so you can carry passengers with ease. In addition, there is a mounting point for the front basket. The Kenda 20″ x 4″ tyres are designed for all-terrain use, so you can take shortcuts without worrying about getting bogged down. The Addmotor M-81 also features on my list of the best fat tire electric bikes for 2023.

Check price on Amazon

Buy direct from Addmotor

Tern GSD S10

Best Mid-Drive Cargo E-Bike

tern gsd s10 electric cargo bike
Tern GSD S10 Compact Cargo E-Bike
MotorBosch Cargo-Line 250-watt Mid-Drive Motor
Battery400Wh / 500Wh Removable Bosch Battery
RangeUp to 100 miles (eco mode)
BrakesMagura MT4 Hydraulic Brakes
GearingShimano Deore 10-speed
Weight28 kg (approx)
Max Load200 kg (including bike and rider)
Current Price£5400 (S10 LX Version)

I was fortunate enough to have a go on the Tern GSD S10 a couple of years back and it is a fantastic bit of kit! It’s such a fun and responsive e-bike to ride with the benefit of foldable parts making it much easier to transport.

It’s the most expensive e-bike on this list. But, the Tern GSD S10 boasts an amazing specification for such a compact package – Bosch Cargo Line, 400Wh battery (with the option of adding another), Magura MT5 4-pot hydraulic brakes, Suntour front suspension and Schwalbe Big Ben Plus tyres.

In the accessories department, there’s a centre stand, front and rear lights (with always-on brake light), mudguards and, of course, that amazing cargo rack. The Tern GSD S10 also boasts an excellent 200kg maximum carrying capacity (including bike and rider weight).

Available from Velorution (UK) -GSD S10 LX Model

Also available from REI Co-op USA

Decathlon Elops R500

Best Larger Capacity Cargo E-Bike

decathlon r500 carrying cargo
Decathlon Elops R500 Electric Cargo Bike
MotorBosch Active-Line Plus 250-watt Mid-Drive Motor
Battery48v 14Ah / 672Wh
RangeUp to 90 km (eco mode)
BrakesTektro Hydraulic Brakes
Weight38 kg
Max Load170 kg (excluding bike)
Current Price£3299

Decathlon’s foray into the world of cargo e-bikes has been well-received. It’s a well-designed bike at a reasonable price. The Decathlon Elops R500 features a 48v 250-watt rear hub motor which has a torque-sensing pedal assist. This gives the rider a more intuitive feel and the assist responds to the rider’s pedalling effort. Benefits include improved efficiency and a smoother, more responsive assist.

Components include 8-speed gearing, hydraulic brakes, a front suspension fork and an integrated 48v 14Ah battery. In addition, Decathlon has released an impressive range of accessories to coincide with the release of the bike.

Pricing is competitive, with the R500 coming in at under €2900 in European countries and under £3300 in the UK. It’s a great option, especially if you’re looking for a massive carrying potential.

Buy from Decathlon UK

Buy from Decathlon Germany

Himiway Big Dog

Best Step-Through Fat Tire Cargo E-Bike

himiway big dog fat tire cargo e-bike
Motor250-watt or 750-watt (US) Rear Hub Motor
Battery48v 20Ah / 960Wh
Range60 – 80 miles
BrakesHydraulic Disc Brakes
Weight70 lb
Max Load400 lb
Current Price$1999 / £1999

The Himiway Big Dog is a step-through fat tire cargo e-bike that’s available on both sides of the Atlantic in either a 750-watt (US) or 250-watt (UK and EU) version. It features a stylish step-through frame design, with an integrated 48v 20Ah (960Wh) battery (using Samsun or LG cells).

It’s a robust-looking e-bike with an integrated rear rack and provision to mount a large front basket or rack. The 20″ x 4″ fat tires, give the Big Dog the potential to ride on sand or even snow.

Components include Shimano 7-speed gearing, hydraulic disc brakes with 180mm rotors and tough mag wheels. In addition, there’s a full set of mudguards, front and rear lights and a centre stand. The Himiway Big Dog is available for just under £2000, in the UK and represents excellent value for money.

Buy from Himiway USA

Check price on Amazon

Also available from Himiway UK

Mokwheel Scoria

Motor750-watt Rear Hub Motor
Battery48v 19.6Ah
Range60 – 80 miles
BrakesHydraulic Disc Brakes
Weight70 lb
Max Load400 lb
Current Price$1999

The Mokwheel Scoria is a good alternative to the Himiway Big Dog. Currently only available in the US, and competitively priced at $1999, the Scoria features a 750w rear hub motor with a 48v 19.6Ah battery. In addition, there are hydraulic brakes, a large, integrated pannier rack and provision to fit a large front basket. There’s also an impressive 400 lbs total carrying capacity, making the Scoria suitable for heavier items. You can buy accessories to further increase the carrying capacity of the Scoria – there’s is a pannier rack extender, front basket and even a child seat available.

All in all, the Mokwheel Scoria is another excellent value e-bike with cargo-carrying potential. This brand is planning on entering the UK and EU markets at some stage in the future, and I’m sure their range of electric bikes will be very popular.

Visit Mokwheel for More Info

Rad Power RadRunner Plus

Best Step-Through Cargo E-Bike

rad power radrunner plus cargo e-bike
Motor250-watt or 750-watt (US) Rear Hub Motor
Battery48v 14Ah / 672Wh
RangeUp to 45 miles / 72 km
BrakesTektro Mechanical Disc Brakes
Weight77 lb / 34.9 kg
Max Load300 lb / 136 kg
Current Price$1999 / €1999

The Rad Power RadRunner Plus is another e-bike that’s available in the US, UK and EU. Billed as a ‘utility e-bike’ it has loads of potential for carrying anything from passengers through to light cargo. Rad Power offers a vast array of accessories, so you can personalize the RadRunner Plus to suit your particular needs.

Featuring either a 750-watt (US spec) or 250-watt (UK and EU) rear hub motor with a 672Wh battery, the RadRunner is ready for action! In addition, there’s do quality components like Shimano 7-speed gearing, hydraulic disc brakes and a front suspension fork. The CTS 4″ x 3″ tires add to the comfortable ride and make the RadRunner suitable for riding on tarmac and gravel surfaces.

It’s a very popular e-bike, from a great company with a good reputation, and worth considering.

Buy from Rad Power (US)

Also available from Rad Power EU

Fafrees F20 Max

Best Budget Folding Cargo E-Bike

fafrees f20 max folding cargo e-bike
Motor500-watt Rear Hub Motor
Battery48v 18Ah / 864Wh
RangeUp to 140 km (eco mode)
BrakesMechanical Disc Brakes
Weight31 kg
Max Load150 kg
Current Price£1099 / €1199

At the cheaper end of the scale, we have the lesser-known brand of Fafrees. They are a Chinese company with a great range of e-bikes, and its F20 Max fat tire folding cargo e-bike represents excellent value for money.

This bike has a powerful 500w rear hub motor with a large 48v 18Ah battery. Plus, with its foldable design, it’s easier to take it in a vehicle or store it at home, or the office.

It has a great specifications for the price. There’s a rear rack with a cushion – this can be removed if required. A sturdy front rack, mudguards, lights and kickstand. The brakes are mechanical discs and the gearing is Shimano 7-speed.

For added comfort and versatility it has 20″ X 4″ fat tires, front suspension, suspension seat-post and a step-through frame with upright riding position. All in all a bargain for just over £1000 / €1000, and certainly worth considering if it fits your budget.

Available from Geekbuying (EU shipping)

Also available from BuyBestGear

Quick Guide to Cargo E-Bikes

Below are some quick answers to some questions you may have before purchasing an electric cargo bike. If there’s anything more you’d like to know, please use the comments section below.

Can anyone ride one?

Anyone can ride a cargo e-bike provided they’re old enough – some countries have a minimum age for e-bike riding. Most of the cargo e-bikes featured above are designed to be ridden by riders of varying heights. Most have a certain amount of adjustability in their components.

addmotor fat tire cargo e-bike

What’s it like to ride a cargo e-bike?

Riding a cargo e-bike isn’t much different to riding a regular electric bike. Generally, these weigh 20-30% heavier than regular e-bikes, so you may need to rely on the assist more. If you do run out of battery, pedalling uphill will be a struggle, but you shouldn’t have too much bother on the flat.

If you’re carrying extra weight, then extra care should be taken  – allow more room for braking, and if you’re descending a steep hill, don’t just hold onto the brakes, but pulse them on and off. This will reduce the chance of the brakes overheating. Be extra careful when manoeuvring as the handling will be affected by the extra weight.

what's a cargo e-bike like to ride
Image courtesy of Decathlon

Does a cargo e-bike cost more to maintain?

If you’re using a cargo e-bike as intended, then it’s likely there will be increased wear and tear on components when compared with a regular e-bike. Things like brake pads will need replacing more often, and tire wear will be greater. Battery range won’t be as good as on a regular e-bike due to the extra weight being lugged around.

What is the law regarding Cargo E-Bikes?

The same laws apply to cargo e-bikes as regular electric bikes. In the US, federal e-bike law is quite generous and allows for 750 watts (nominal) and up to 28 mph (pedal assist) – 750 watts is equivalent to one horsepower, and should be plenty of power for a cargo e-bike. Unfortunately, EU and UK e-bike laws require all electrically assisted pedal cycles to produce no more than 250w of continuous power regardless of how much weight they are carrying or their intended purpose – e.g. courier work.

What can I use a Cargo E-Bike for?

You can use a cargo e-bike for lots of different things. Taking a couple of small children to school, shopping and commuting to work. More and more riders are using cargo e-bikes for food delivery. And, some companies will use e-bike couriers to send same-day parcel deliveries across town. For one it reduces the company’s carbon footprint, and also beats the traffic.

commercial bike cargo trailer

Is it safe to carry children?

You can carry children on a cargo e-bike, as long as you have an approved child seat fitted, and they always wear a helmet and protective clothing. I would not advise using roads without a segregated cycle lane, as there are too many impatient drivers out there, and I wouldn’t want to risk it. If you have good cycling infrastructure, then it’s safe, as long as you keep your speed down and ride carefully.

is it safe to carry children on a cargo e-bike
Image courtesy of Addmotor

What motor is best for a cargo e-bike?

The best motor for a cargo e-bike depends on the kind of terrain you’re riding on. If you live in an area with steep hills, then a mid-drive would be the way to go. Even more powerful hub motors struggle on steeper hills. For flat or moderately hilly terrain, a hub motor is ideal. Mid-drive motors are generally more efficient, but most hub motor-powered bikes will give you at least 25 miles out of a charge.

How far will they go?  (on a charge)

This depends on many different factors. The higher the Wh (watt-hour) figure of a battery, the greater the energy capacity and the longer the potential range. If you are using throttle only and not pedalling, then the range will be drastically lowered. Pedalling will maximise battery range, and using the lower assist level will also help. If you need to travel longer distances, you may need to factor in a stop to recharge or purchase a second battery. Most of the cargo e-bikes featured here will do at least 25 miles on a single charge.

Can I tow a trailer?

You can tow a trailer using a cargo e-bike, as long as the trailer can be fitted. Most cargo trailers are adapted for quick-release or thru-axle fitment. Some trailers connect to the seat post or frame. Having a trailer will greatly increase your carrying capacity.

fiido t1 electric cargo bike review
Image courtesy of Fiido


I think electric cargo bikes are going to play a big part in the future of urban transport. Over the years, I’ve learned to rely on the car less and now I use a bike for all my local errands. Last year, I covered nearly 8000 miles on a bike – with current fuel prices in the UK, that would have cost me about £2000 in petrol.

Some may argue about the weather, but with modern waterproof clothing, you can stay warm and dry. If it snows in the winter, a fat tire cargo e-bike will do the job.

best cargo e-bikes 2023

Then you have the health and fitness aspect. Riding an e-bike you’re burning the same amount of calories as a brisk walk. If you’re riding every day it’s going to have a positive impact on your health one way or the other.

The bottom line is cargo e-bikes rock! They’re great fun to ride, and it’s a liberating feeling not having to worry about fuel costs, insurance (although I recommend it), taxation, parking – the list goes on. If you’re thinking about getting a cargo e-bike, I can highly recommend it.

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions or require advice, please leave a message in the comments section below and I will usually reply within 24hrs.

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  1. Hey, im looking to buy a cargo e bike, i like either a Himmiway big dog or a Rad power plus but neither are made in the country i live in. If and when they need repairing will i be able to do so in the Uk? Ive also read that Rad bikes have terrible customer service which is also putting me off. Any advice or info much appreciated. Thanks

    1. Hi,
      Both of those e-cargo bikes use generic electric components, and would be easy enough to repair if you know someone in the e-bike repair business. There are quite a few independent e-bike repair specialists popping up around the country. Regarding Rad Power customer service, I’ve heard mixed reports – some good, some bad. If your budget allows, I would look at something with a Bosch motor – they are one of the most reliable e-bike motors available. And, come with an extensive 2-year warranty. If you have a shop nearby, it’s always worth trying one out before you buy.


    1. Il ressemble à un excellent vélo électrique cargo pour le prix et certainement à un concurrent du Rad Power Radwagon. J’ai écrit un article séparé sur le Decathlon R500E.

  2. Bonjour,
    Avez vous testé le Makki Gazelle ou votre avis se base sur les caractéristiques du fabriquant ?
    Il sera visiblement disponible au cours de l’été 2022, donc pas possible de le tester avant ecommande (à moins d’attendre encore quelques mois de plus), et vu l’investissement je n’ai pas envie de me tromper !

    1. Bonjour Estelle,

      D’après mes observations, le Gazelle Makki Load ressemble à un vélo cargo électrique de très haute qualité. Il utilise le moteur Bosch Performance Line qui est fiable et efficace. L’autonomie de la batterie semble excellente et les composants du vélo sont de haute qualité. La transmission Enviolo est généralement très fiable et offrira une large gamme de vitesses pour les terrains plats ou vallonnés. Si vous avez d’autres questions sur les composants utilisés, n’hésitez pas à me le faire savoir.


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