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London-based electric bike brand Mycle has just launched two new e-bikes to complement their existing range. There’s the Compact Plus folding e-bike, and the one I’m interested in is the Mycle Cargo Bike – a sub-£2000 electric cargo bike, that looks like it could be a viable alternative to the excellent Rad Power Radwagon 4.

Below is the official press release from Mycle – I am awaiting delivery on a test sample of the Mycle Cargo (watch this space for the full review).

mycle cargo and compact electric bikes

Mycle Cargo Bike Launch at the London eBike Festival

20th April 2022, London – Mycle Bikes, the company on a mission to put the feel-good back in cycling, has today announced two new models in its range of UK-built E-Bikes. Created to inspire more people than ever to live locally, the new range features a Mycle to suit everyone, whether you’re doing the weekly shopping, commuting or out for a day with the family.  

Mycle Cargo 

mycle cargo electric bike

Available soon, the Cargo is the first-ever Cargo E-bike from Mycle. Designed to enable you to take living locally to the next level and say goodbye to your car for good. With a cargo deck that is just at home carrying passengers as it is a weekly shop, the Cargo is ready to transform how we travel. Priced at £1899 the Cargo is one of the most competitively priced cargo bikes available on the market.

mycle cargo e-bike

The Cargo has a range of accessories available to help riders customise the bike exactly to their needs. Add a cargo basket for when you need to carry big loads or add seat pads and a caboose to securely carry big kids. Want a bit more security for the little ones? You can also securely fit child seats to the rear deck. The customisable nature of the Cargo will offer families unrivalled versatility at an affordable price.

mycle cargo e-bike

A 250w hub motor powers five levels of pedalling assist and is matched with 7-speed Shimano gears to ensure you’re able to tackle hills no matter what you are carrying. The cargo features a 15Ah battery, the largest ever featured on a Mycle, keeping you pedalling for up to 60km. If that’s not enough riders will have the option to install a second battery, doubling the range to 120km.

mycle cargo electric bike

Available in two colours the aluminium frame keeps the weight down and a low standover height matched to an adjustable handlebar makes sure the bike is comfortable for riders of most heights. The bike is completed with integrated front and rear lights, durable componentry and 3.0” puncture-resistant tyres to make sure nothing stops you from keeping rolling. The Mycle Cargo features on our list of the best electric cargo bikes in 2023.

Full review coming soon – watch this space! 

Visit Mycle for more info.

Compact Plus

mycle compact electric bike

The Compact Plus is the next generation of Mycle’s most popular bike, the Mycle Compact. Retaining the space-saving folding design and versatility of the original Compact but is built to take you even further in more comfort than ever before. The Compact Plus is £1299 and is available in two exciting new colours as well as Mycle’s signature Hackney Blue and Jet Black 

mycle compact plus e-bike

When you’re ready to ride the lightweight aluminium frame unfolds in just 10 seconds, hop on and you’ll soon find comfort has been taken to the next level. Plush 2.125” tyres are combined with a suspension fork that will make sure your ride stays silky smooth. Take the weight off your shoulders during your commute or when popping to the shops using the built-in mini pannier and cargo rack.

The new 10.4 Ah battery lets you take the scenic route for your commute or just stay out for longer on those social rides. As with the previous generation Compact, the battery is both removable and lockable so you don’t need to worry about security when you’re away from the bike. Want to keep the fun rolling? Remove the battery and recharge wherever there’s power.

mycle compact plus

Built-in front and rear lights mean you’re never caught short when the sun goes down and the 250w hub motor delivers the same smooth, quiet ride the Mycle Compact is renowned for.

mycle compact plus electric bike

About Mycle

Mycle is on a mission to challenge the health issues facing the world today by making sustainable travel alternatives fun and accessible for everyone. Mycle is the champion of people and the planet – and cares about both in equal measure. By using Mycle bikes and scooters to get around, not only will you cut emissions and improve air quality, but you’ll also improve your quality of life by riding happily and connecting with your local community.

Visit Mycle for more info

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