Mokwheel Review – Latest Range of Power Station E-Bikes

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This article takes a closer look at the Mokwheel e-bike range, and some of the features that make them stand out from the competition. From their user-friendly design, through to high-quality battery technology, Mokwheel offers e-bike enthusiasts something for all occasions including commuting, leisure, or off-road adventures.

As the world’s first company to fit their e-bikes with 1000w power inverters, Mokwheel is offering cyclists more than just a mode of transportation. Their e-bikes now have the ability to charge multiple devices, from laptops to coffee machines, making them not only a sustainable and eco-friendly option, but a practical and convenient one too.

Mokwheel Basalt

Fat Tire E-Bike Ready for Adventures

mokwheel basalt
Motor750-watt Rear Hub Motor
Battery48v 19.6Ah / 925Wh
Range60 – 80 miles
Top Speed28 mph
BrakesTektro HD-E350 Hydraulic Brakes
Gearing7-Speed Shimano
SuspensionFront Suspension Fork
Weight79 lbs
AccessoriesLights, Mudguards, Pannier Rack, Kickstand, Power Inverter

The Mokwheel Basalt is designed for adventure seekers who want to explore new terrain and escape city life. Equipped with a powerful 750-watt rear hub motor, and a high-capacity 925Wh battery, the Basalt can tackle steep hills and rough trails with ease. Its sturdy frame, front suspension fork, and 26″ x 4″ fat tires provide a comfortable and stable ride, while giving great traction whatever the surface. The Basalt also features a large full-color display that shows speed, distance, and battery life. In addition, the Basalt has Mokwheel’s unique power-station feature. Finally, there’s a large pannier rack, which is ideal for taking your camping gear on weekend adventures.

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Mokwheel Basalt ST

Rugged Step-Through Fat Tire E-Bike

mokwheel basalt st

The Basalt ST shares the same electric components as the Basalt, but features a convenient step-through frame design. The ST will be perfect for riders who prefer a more ‘laid back’ cycling experience. The low-step frame makes getting on an off the bike much easier, and is great for older riders, or riders with limited mobility. This model also features the Mokwheel Power Station, for charging your things wherever you go.

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Mokwheel Scoria

Step-Through 20″ Fat Tire E-Bike

mokwheel scoria
Motor750-watt Rear Hub Motor
Battery48v 19.6Ah / 925Wh
Range60 – 80 miles
Top Speed22 mph
BrakesTektro HD-E350 Hydraulic Brakes
Gearing7-Speed Shimano
Suspension110mm Adjustable Suspension Fork
Weight79 lbs
AccessoriesLights, Mudguards, Pannier Rack, Kickstand, Power Inverter

The Mokwheel Scoria is the perfect e-bike for commuters and city riders who want a comfortable and efficient mode of transportation. With a sleek step-through design, 20 inch fat tires and front suspension, the Scoria can easily navigate busy city streets or woodland trails. Its powerful 750-watt motor and 925Wh battery provide an effortless riding experience, while the low-step frame and upright riding position ensures a comfortable fit for riders of all sizes. The Scoria also comes with a 1000w Power Station and large pannier rack (with the option to fit a front basket), making it suitable to use as a cargo e-bike.

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Mokwheel Mesa City Plus

Fat Tire E-Bike For City Riding or Weekend Escapes

mokwheel mesa plus city
Motor750-watt Rear Hub Motor
Battery48v 16Ah / 768Wh
Range35 – 55 miles
Top Speed28 mph
BrakesMechanical Disc Brakes 180mm Rotors
Gearing7-Speed Shimano
Suspension110mm Adjustable Suspension Fork
Weight70 lbs
AccessoriesLights, Mudguards, Pannier Rack

The Mokwheel Mesa City Plus is a step-through fat tire electric bike, that can handle a variety of terrain, from city streets, gravel tracks and even sand. Featuring a powerful 750-watt rear hub motor with 768Wh battery, it’s a great option for riders who want to explore new places. The Mesa City Plus also features a large pannier rack, and provision to fit a large front basket, making it suitable for shopping, or carrying work things. If you’re looking for a comfortable, and versatile machine for day to day use, the Mesa City Plus is well worth considering.

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Mokwheel Mesa City

Practical E-Bike Designed for Fast City Riding

mokwheel mesa city
Motor500-watt Rear Hub Motor
Battery48v 12.8Ah / 614Wh
Range30 – 45 miles
Top Speed15.5 mph (throttle)
BrakesMechanical Disc Brakes
Gearing7-Speed Shimano
SuspensionAdjustable Front Suspension Fork
Weight60 lbs
AccessoriesLights, Mudguards, Pannier Rack

The Mokwheel Mesa City is a lightweight and stylish urban electric bike, that’ s perfect for tackling daily commutes and general city riding. Rolling on fast 700c tires, the Mesa City is designed for the fast and nimble handling often required when negotiating busy city streets. Featuring a 500w rear hub motor with 48v 12.8Ah battery, there’s enough power on tap to help you up hills and get away from the lights quickly. In addition, the Mesa City has all the accessories you’d expect, including large pannier rack, mudguards and lights. Plus, it’s so light, you can easily ride it without the electric to conserve power on longer rides.

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mokwheel basalt riding


Mokwheel offers a range of e-bikes that cater to different needs and riding preferences. Whether you’re a city commuter or a weekend adventurer, there’s a Mokwheel electric bike for you. Each bike is designed with quality components, advanced technology, and user-friendly features to provide a safe, efficient, and enjoyable ride. Whether you’re commuting to work, running errands, or exploring new trails, Mokwheel electric bikes are the perfect solution for a greener, more sustainable, and more convenient mode of transportation.

Do you own a Mokwheel E-Bike? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments section below.


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