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When it comes to versatility, fat-tire electric bikes take some beating. Whether it’s tearing up the dunes or ploughing through snow, there’s no doubt that these e-bikes can go almost anywhere!  In this article, I have looked at what’s new in 2023, and have selected 14 of the best electric fat bikes currently available.

Fat tire electric bikes now account for a massive slice of new e-bike sales in North America. Plus, they’re catching on big in Europe and the UK. They’re perfect for exploring the great outdoors but also make great commuter e-bikes. Big tires don’t just look cool, they help with traction, stability and comfort when riding on rougher terrain or uneven road surfaces.

Our Top 14 Best Fat Tire Electric Bikes for 2023

And so, on to our selection of the 14 best fat tire e-bikes for 2023. The list below covers a broad range of budgets from under $1000 to over $5000. There’s something to suit all ages and abilities.

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1. Himiway Cruiser

Best All-Round Fat Tire E-Bike for the Price

himiway cruiser best all round fat tire e-bike
Himiway Cruiser

Key Features:

  • Motor: Rear hub motor 750-watt (US) 250-watt (UK / EU)
  • Battery: 840Wh 48v 17.5Ah
  • Top Speed: 28 mph (US) 15.5 mph (UK / EU)
  • Brakes: Tektro Mechanical Disc Brakes

I recently took delivery of a Himiway Cruiser, and I’m suitably impressed with what this e-bike offers for the price. It’s very comfortable and feels incredibly smooth out on the road. Featuring a 750w (US) or 250w (UK/EU) hub motor, and an impressive 840Wh battery, the Himiway is the best-value all-rounder on this list. Motor power delivery is very smooth, and can be configured using the advanced settings on the display. As far as range is concerned, I covered 25 miles in assist level 4 and still had 2 bars left at the end of the journey. I reckon a real-world range of around 40 miles should be easily achievable.

himiway cruiser fat tire e-bike
The Himiway Cruiser is a great all-rounder

The Himiway is a well-equipped bike, featuring mudguards, a pannier rack, lights and a kickstand. The components are fairly basic but functional. There’s a Shimano Altus derailleur with a 7-speed freewheel. The Tektro Aries mechanical disc brakes performed much better than expected.

I like the Himiway Cruiser, it’s not the fanciest fat tire e-bike on this list, but for the price, it’s very good indeed. The range is respectable, and comfort, handling and motor performance all come up to scratch. Coming in at around $1599 it’s well worth considering. Read the full Himiway Cruiser review.

USE EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT CODE: EBIKECHOICES – For £80 discount for UK customers and $50 discount for US customers.

2. Jeep Fat Tire E-Bike

Best Full Suspension Fat Tire E-Bike – 2023

jeep e-bike
Images courtesy of QuietKat

Key Features:

  • Motor: Bafang Mid-Drive 1000w
  • Battery: 696Wh
  • Top Speed: 28 mph
  • Brakes: Tektro 4-Piston Hydraulic Disc Brakes

When an e-bike is associated with the iconic brand Jeep, you just know it’s going to be something special! The Jeep electric bike doesn’t disappoint. This is an e-bike designed to handle everything the great outdoors can throw at it, and handle it in style!

The centrepiece of this impressive electric bike is the Bafang Ultra mid-drive motor. With over 1000w peak power on tap and a torque-sensing pedal assist system, the Jeep is fast and responsive when the chips are down. Plus, the 696Wh battery will give you enough range for a few hours of riding.

jeep electric bike

But an e-bike is only as good as the components used, and here we find SRAM gearing with a wide-range 11-42 cassette, 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes, and Rockshox suspension front and rear. It may be the most expensive fat tire e-bike on this list but with good reason. The Jeep e-bike walks the walk! If you need an e-bike that’s going to take you over the most challenging terrain in confidence, then the Jeep is going to be the best tool for the job.

3. Cyrusher Ranger 🆕

Best Newcomer for 2023 

cyrusher ranger fat tire electric bike

Key Features:

  • Motor: Bafang rear hub motor 750w
  • Battery: 52v 20Ah
  • Top Speed: 28 mph
  • Brakes: Hydraulic disc brakes

Cyrusher has been making affordable fat tire e-bikes for a few years now, and the Ranger is their latest flagship model for 2023. The Ranger boasts an all-new frame design along with lots of other features not found on their previous models. The most notable of these new features is the addition of torque-sensing pedal assist.

There’s the 750w Bafang rear hub motor that’s powered by a substantial 52v 20Ah battery. Cyrusher has claimed a range of 56 miles, which seems reasonable if the bike isn’t used in full power mode. Other features include Shimano 9-speed gearing, hydraulic disc brakes, dual suspension and a very nifty-looking wide-screen color display.

Following on the trend from their other popular models, the Ranger is competitively priced and offers a hell of a lot of e-bike for the price. Currently available in the US for $2799, it’s a great value. This model will also be available soon in the UK and EU.

4. Rad Power RadRover 6

Best Selling Fat Tire Electric Bike 

radrover 6 plus fat tire e-bike
Images courtesy of Rad Power Bikes

Key Features:

  • Motor: Rear hub motor 750-watt (US) 250-watt (UK and EU)
  • Battery: 672Wh
  • Top Speed: 20 mph (US) 15.5 mph (UK)
  • Brakes: Hydraulic Disc

The Rad Power RadRover 6 Plus is one of the company’s best-selling fat tire e-bikes. Featuring a 750-watt rear hub motor, a 672Wh battery, a durable aluminum frame, and 4-inch wide tires. It has a claimed range of up to 45 miles on a single charge and a top speed of 20 mph. Other features of the RadRover 6 Plus include a 7-speed Shimano drivetrain, hydraulic disc brakes, an LCD panel that shows battery life, speed, and other information, and a comfortable saddle with ergonomic handlebars. It is suitable for riders of all skill levels and can be used for a variety of purposes, including commuting, recreational riding, and off-road adventures.

radrover 6 plus fat tire e-bike

Rad Power is one of the e-bike success stories in the US and has gone from humble beginnings to one of the biggest e-bike brands on both sides of the Atlantic. Their customer service is excellent and all of their e-bikes come with a 12-month warranty.

Thousands of satisfied customers can’t be wrong. And if you’re looking for a good quality fat tire e-bike from a home-grown brand, the RadRover 6 Plus is well worth a look – you can even book a 14-day test ride.

5. Himiway Cobra Pro

Best Value Mid-Drive Electric Fat Bike 

himiway cobra pro fat tire electric bike

Key Features:

  • Motor: Bafang Mid-Drive 1000w
  • Battery: 48v 20Ah
  • Top Speed: 28 mph
  • Brakes: Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Himiway Cobra Pro is a high-performance mid-drive electric fat bike that’s brimming with features. Power comes from the excellent Bafang M620 mid-drive motor, which uses a sophisticated torque sensor to measure pedaling force. This provides instant response from the motor and optimum efficiency for battery range. Plus, with 1300 watts of peak power on tap, you can tackle even the steepest of climbs.

An integrated 48v 20Ah battery provides up to 80 miles of range (in the lowest assist level) meaning you can have hours of fun out on the trails. The battery uses quality Samsung or LG cells.

himiway cobra pro fat tire e-bike

The components used are also good quality. There are Shimano Deore 10-speed gearing and Tektro hydraulic disc brakes with 180mm rotors. The tires are massive 26 x 4.8″ and finally there’s a long travel front suspension air fork and a rear suspension shock.

Despite its hefty price tag of $3999, the Himiway Cobra Pro is a whole lot of e-bike for the price. Great performance, combined with a good battery and decent components. If you’re after something that’s going to take you up any hill on backcountry adventures, then it’s well worth considering.

6. Freesky Alaska

Best Value Fat Tire E-Bike with Dual Batteries – 2023

freesky alaska fat tire e-bike

Key Features:

  • Motor: Rear hub motor 1000w
  • Battery: 998Wh
  • Top Speed: 28 mph
  • Brakes: Hydraulic Disc Brakes

The Freesky Alaska has not one, but two batteries. Total capacity equals 998Wh giving the Freesky a claimed potential range of up to 100 miles. This is optimistic, as this e-bike is very heavy at 92 lbs. I reckon it’s going to be closer to 50 miles, especially if full power is used for extended periods.

It looks like a beast of a bike, and at its regular price of $2199, it is very good value for money. The Freesky Alaska features a 750w or 1000w rear hub motor, hydraulic brakes, dual suspension and Shimano 7-speed gearing.

My only concern with this bike is the extra weight (of the battery) running inside the top tube, which may make the bike feel ‘top-heavy’ and a bit of a handful. Still, it does have some very positive reviews over on Amazon, and at its current discounted price looks like fantastic value for money.

7. Velowave Ranger

Best Budget Fat Tire Electric Bike – 2023

velowave ranger best budget fat tire e-bike

Key Features:

  • Motor: Rear hub motor 750w
  • Battery: 48v 15Ah
  • Top Speed: 28 mph
  • Brakes: Hydraulic Disc Brakes

If your budget is closer to $1000, there are still a lot of options available. One such option is the Velowave Ranger. This fat tire e-bike comes in at a wallet-friendly $1499 and has a really good specification for the price.

Featuring a reliable 750w Bafang rear hub motor with an impressive 48v 15Ah battery that uses LG cells. Plus, there’s the front suspension, hydraulic disc brakes and Shimano gearing. What’s not to like at this price?

I think it’s a nice-looking e-bike too, with an integrated battery and clean lines. Another reason I’m recommending you take a look at this brand/model is the sheer number of excellent reviews on Amazon. It’s currently a best-seller and hundreds of satisfied customers can’t be wrong.

8. Shengmilo MX04

Best Retro-Style Electric Fat Bike – 2023

shengmilo mx04 best retro style fat tire e-bike

Key Features:

  • Motor: Rear hub motor 500w
  • Battery: 48v 15Ah
  • Top Speed: 25 mph
  • Brakes: Hydraulic Disc Brakes

The Shengmilo MX04 is a fat tire e-bike with a retro twist, Featuring a Bafang 500w rear hub motor and 48v 15Ah battery, the MX04 has plenty of power. There are also hydraulic disc brakes and Shimano 7-speed gearing. The tires are 3″ which just about qualifies it for fat bike status!

What’s unique about the Shengmilo MX04 is the subtle retro styling – swept-back handlebars with brown leather grips and a nice and comfy brown retro saddle. Plus, there’s the big headlight up front. The comfortable riding position makes this an e-bike designed for relaxed cruising and would be ideal for leisure riding or the daily commute to work.

Shengmilo also states on their website that this motor is covered by Bafang’s extensive 3-year warranty which is great for peace of mind. The MX04 is available in the US, EU and UK. If you’re after a fat tire e-bike that’s more suited to riding on the tarmac and has a comfy riding position, this is well worth considering.

9. Fucare Gemini X

Best Fat E-Bike with Unique Styling 

fucare gemini x best fat tire e-bike with unique styling

Key Features:

  • Motor: Rear hub motor 750w
  • Battery: 998Wh
  • Top Speed: 28 mph
  • Brakes: Hydraulic Disc Brakes

If you’re looking for a fat tire e-bike with unique styling, the Fucare Gemini X is a break from the norm. Featuring a trellis frame design and dual battery set-up, the Gemini X is certainly different. The styling may not appeal to everyone, but I like it. The specification is very good too – featuring a 750w rear hub motor with two 48v 10.4Ah batteries, giving the Fucare 998Wh of total battery capacity. With one battery mounted vertically behind the seat tube and the other inside the trellis frame, weight is fairly centralized.

For stopping, there are hydraulic disc brakes, and the gearing is a 7-speed Shimano. The tires are 20″ x 4″ with road-friendly tread, making the Gemini X suitable for riding on pavement and gravel. It has a nice and upright riding position and will be a good option for longer commutes and leisure rides.

Priced under $1800, the Fucare Gemini X looks like a good option for those of you looking for a relaxed riding style.

10. Magicycle Cruiser Pro

Best Value Fat Tire E-Bike with 52v battery 

magicycle cruiser pro fat tire e-bike

Key Features:

  • Motor: Rear hub motor 750w
  • Battery: 52v 20Ah
  • Top Speed: 28 mph
  • Brakes: HYdraulic Disc Brakes

There’s a current trend with more and more e-bike manufacturers using 52v batteries. Magicycle has been doing it for a while and their Cruiser Pro is a cracking fat tire e-bike for the price. Featuring a great specification, the Cruiser Pro uses a 52v 20Ah battery (using LG cells) with a 750w rear hub motor and color display.

It’s also catered for well in the component department with Tektro hydraulic brakes with 180mm rotors and Shimano gearing. Plus, there’s a suspension fork up front to improve comfort and off-road riding.

Priced at just under $1900, the Magicycle Cruiser Pro offers excellent value, and it’s available in a step-through frame. It’s a nice-looking e-bike that comes with all the extras you need for daily riding.

11. Wallke H6

Best Folding Fat Tire E-Bike 

wallke h6 best folding fat tire e-bike

Key Features:

  • Motor: Rear hub motor 750w
  • Battery: 1680Wh
  • Top Speed: 32 mph
  • Brakes: Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Are you looking for an e-bike, but need to travel long distances between charges? Look no further! The Wallke H6 fat tire folding e-bike has an unmatched battery capacity of 1680 watt-hours. This is achieved by the use of dual batteries – the primary battery is 48v 21Ah, which on its own is substantial. Plus, there’s a second 48v 14Ah battery behind the seat. This gives the Wallke H6 a potential maximum range approaching 180 miles (in low assist, flat roads, light rider).

The Wallke H6 looks rugged and can even carry cargo or a passenger on the heavy-duty rear rack. There are hydraulic brakes, 8-speed Shimano gearing and a neat full-color display.  For comfort and off-road capabilities, there is a suspension fork up front and dual shock absorbers at the rear.

wallke h6 best fat tire folding e-bike

I forgot to mention the 750-watt hub motor with a peak output of 1400 watts – this makes the Wallke H6 a capable long-distance mile muncher! I reckon you could comfortably get about 100 miles out of a charge with a bit left over. All of this is available for under $2500 which sounds like excellent value. It’s not all show and no go – the Wallke H6 has lots of positive reviews on Amazon.

If I needed a folding fat tire e-bike that had a massive range and cargo-carrying abilities, the Wallke H6 would be my number one choice.

12. Engwe Engine Pro 750w

Best Folding Fat Tire E-Bike under $1500

engwe engine pro review
Engwe Engine Pro 750w

Key Features:

  • Motor: Rear hub motor 750w
  • Battery: 48v 16Ah
  • Top Speed: 28 mph
  • Brakes: Hydraulic Disc Brakes

The Engwe Engine Pro 750w offers a lot of e-bike for the price. I had one of these for a few months back in 2022 and covered over 200 miles on it without any problems. It features a 750w rear hub motor, 768Wh battery, color display, dual suspension and hydraulic brakes. There are not many folding electric fat bikes that boast this amount of features at the price. In addition, the Engwe has a regen feature – when activated it turns the motor into a big generator and puts some energy back into the battery.

If your budget is below $1500, the Engwe Engine Pro is well worth considering. It’s comfortable, the motor has enough power to hustle you along at 28 mph (on the flat), and the battery will give you a real-world range of between 30 – 40 miles.

13. Ecotric Cheetah

Best Fat Tire E-Bike under $1000

ecotric cheetah best fat tire e-bike under $1000

Key Features:

  • Motor: Rear hub motor 500w
  • Battery: 36v 12.5Ah
  • Top Speed: 22 mph
  • Brakes: Mechanical Disc Brakes

If you want the versatility of a fat tire e-bike but are on a tight budget, then the Ecotric Cheetah is a good option. Currently available for under $900, the Cheetah has everything you need to get going. From a 500w rear hub motor and 36v 12.5Ah battery, through to the 26″ x 4″ tyres, mechanical disc brakes and Shimano gears.

What I like about the Ecotric Cheetah is its simple design. It’s more like a traditional fat bike – there’s no suspension, and it uses fairly cheap components which will be easy to service and replace over time. I think if you just want an electric bike to get from A to B and aren’t fussed about all the bells and whistles, then the Cheetah is well worth considering at this price. 

14. Addmotor M-81

Best Fat Tire Electric Cargo Bike

addmotor m-81 fat tire cargo e-bike

Key Features:

  • Motor: Rear hub motor 750w
  • Battery: 48v 20Ah
  • Top Speed: 28 mph
  • Brakes: Hydraulic Disc Brakes

The Addmotor M-81 takes the features of the best electric cargo bikes to another level with the addition of fat tires. Capable of hauling groceries, kids – you can even take your friends down to the beach! It’s a great-looking bike as well and is available in a cool choice of colors.

Featuring a powerful 750w rear hub motor (peak power 907w), and a quality 48v 20Ah battery (using Samsung cells). Plus, there are decent components like the hydraulic brakes, suspension fork and Shimano gearing. Addmotor also offers a range of accessories to complement the M-81 – including an additional cargo trailer.

If you’re after a fat tire e-bike that has great cargo-carrying potential and could even replace your car, then the Addmotor M-81 is well worth considering.

How do we Select the Best Electric Fat Bikes?

Our selection is based on several key factors. We scour the internet for customer feedback, not just on the bikes, but the brand. I have personal experience with some of the brands featured here. Unfortunately, problems will occur with any product that uses electric and e-bikes are no exception. We’re not just looking at the bike specification, but warranty and customer support.

  • Value for Money: Does the bike offer good value for money to the customer? Are the components and general build quality a reflection of the price?
  • Brand: Does the brand have a good reputation? We check out reviews on e-commerce sites like Amazon and eBay to asses overall customer experience.
  • Motor Power and Efficiency: Is the motor used going to last, and will it perform as expected? Fat tire e-bikes are much heavier than regular electric bikes and the extra weight will put increased demands on the motor. Plus, motor efficiency is another important consideration.
  • Battery Range: Are the cells used from a known brand? What is the realistic range likely to be for the average rider? Manufacturers often use the lowest assist level with lightweight riders on flat roads to achieve their range estimates. These range estimates are likely to be unrealistic for everyday usage.
  • Equipment: Does the e-bike come with all the necessary accessories to make day-to-day riding practical? Things like mudguards, pannier racks etc.
fat tire e-bike on beach

There are lots of things to consider buy choosing a fat tire e-bike, that’s why we have included a useful fat tire e-bike buyer’s guide below. A fat-tire electric bike isn’t going to be suitable for everyone. After all, they’re usually very heavy and can be difficult to pedal without assistance. I’ve listed all the pros and cons of owning a fat tire e-bike at the bottom of this post.

Fat Tire E-Bike Buyer’s Guide

If you’re going to be spending your hard-earned cash on a new e-bike, you need to be spending wisely. Before you commit to buying, make sure you’ve gone over the list below. Are you riding on the flat or is it hilly where you live? How far will you be riding on average? Do you have storage space?

Which electric motor is best?

There are positives and negatives when it comes to choosing a hub motor vs mid-drive. Most of the fat tire e-bikes featured in this article use geared hub motors – these are generally very reliable and if they do go wrong, they’re easy enough to fix or replace. Unfortunately, hub motors do have limitations. They’re great on flat or gently rolling terrain but will struggle when the trail turns steep. If you plan on tackling steep, technical ascents, then you’ll need to think about something with a powerful mid-drive motor like the Bafang M615.

cyrusher xf800 fat tire e-bike bafang motor
A Bafang 48v 750w rear hub motor


As mentioned above, fat-tire electric bikes are heavy. When you’re flying downhill on an e-bike weighing upwards of 65 lbs, you want to be safe in the knowledge it can stop you safely. Most of the e-bikes featured here use hydraulic disc brakes. These provide better stopping power and modulation. Brake modulation refers to the ability to control the amount of braking force applied to a vehicle’s wheels. It’s an important aspect of riding, as it allows the rider to smoothly and effectively bring the bike to a stop without locking up the wheels or skidding.

cyrusher xf800 bafang hub motor
Hydraulic disc brakes


The type of battery you have fitted will determine the range of your bike. This is dependent on several factors – for example, a 48v 13ah battery has a total energy capacity of 624 watt-hours. This means at a constant 624 watts the battery will be depleted in one hour. In real-world terms, this will vary depending on the power level used, rider weight, wind direction and terrain. Having a larger battery is important on a fat tire e-bike due to the increased power consumption.

cyrusher xf800 battery
A typical 48v battery

Remember, if you want to use your e-bike in the winter, in sub-zero temperatures, these batteries will lose about 20% of their range when cold. Plus, you should always charge these batteries at room temperature.


Most fat-tire electric bikes have 26″ wheels, except the increasingly popular folding fat-tire e-bikes that have 20″ tires. Ideally, you want a tire that has a certain degree of puncture resistance. Fat bike tires can typically run at much lower pressures than traditional mountain bike tyres, this helps with traction especially when riding through snow, sand or mud.

cyrusher xf800 tyres
Panaracer 26″ x 4″ tires

I hope this info helps you make the right decision. If you need any further advice, please use the comments section at the bottom of this page and I’ll be glad to help. And now, on to my list of the 11 best electric fat bikes for 2023. The bikes listed below are just the tip of the iceberg and there are hundreds of similar fat e-bikes available.

Fat Tire E-Bike Benefits and Negatives

There are several pros and cons of riding a Fat tire e-bike when compared with traditional e-bikes. I have listed all the main points below:

Benefits of Riding a Fat Tire E-Bike
  • Improved traction: The wider tires of a fat tire electric bike can help to increase traction, especially on loose or soft terrain such as sand, snow, or mud.
  • Increased stability: Fat tires provide a larger contact patch with the ground, which can make the bike more stable and easier to ride on uneven or slippery surfaces.
  • Comfort: The larger tires of a fat tire electric bike can absorb more of the shock from rough terrain, making the ride more comfortable.
  • Off-road capabilities: Fat tire electric bikes are designed to be able to handle off-road trails and terrain, making them a good choice for riders who want to ride on a variety of surfaces.
  • Versatility: Fat tire electric bikes can be used for a wide range of activities, including commuting, recreational riding, and off-road adventures.
engwe ep-2 pro review
Negatives of Riding a Fat Tire E-Bike
  • Heavy-weight: Fat tire electric bikes are very heavy, without exception. Most of the models featured here weigh the wrong side of 65 pounds (30 kg). This can be a problem if you live upstairs and don’t have access to a lift.
  • Hard to pedal without assist: If you run out of battery miles from your destination, then it’s going to be a tough pedal home. Fat tires have high rolling resistance. Plus, the extra weight of the bike will make pedaling on anything but the flattest of surfaces a challenge.
  • Maintenance costs: Generally, electric fat bikes may cost more than your typical e-bike to run over time. Tires can be quite expensive and inner tubes will cost slightly more. Then, there’s increased wear and tear on components like brake pads, that will need changing more frequently (due to the extra weight of the bike). Plus, you have auxiliary components like suspension units to think about.
  • Battery range: A fat tire e-bike won’t have the same range or efficiency as a regular electric bike. Due to the extra weight and rolling resistance, you’ll likely need to use the assist all the time just to compensate.

All in all, the positives outweigh the negatives. But, you need to ask yourself, do you really need a fat tire electric bike? Don’t get me wrong, I love these bikes, but if you’re only riding on smooth pavement or asphalt, then I don’t see the point in carrying all that extra weight.

velowave ranger fat tire e-bike


So there you have it, the 13 of the best fat tire electric bikes in 2023. As I’ve stated above, this is just a small selection of hundreds of different makes and models currently available to consumers in the US.

The bottom line is fat tire e-bikes are practical and fun to ride. They may not suit everyone, and they will feel very sluggish to pedal without the assist activated. But when it comes to riding on the sand, snow or mud, these e-bikes will go places other bikes won’t.

If I had to choose a winner from the list in this article, it would be the Jeep, simply because of the top-quality components used and that powerful Bafang mid-drive. A cheaper alternative to the Jeep would be the Himiway Cobra Pro which offers a similar motor, and more powerful battery.

All of the other bikes mentioned in this article have their own merits and are well worth considering if they fit the bill. At the cheaper end of the scale, I’d be tempted with the Wallke H6 simply because of its massive battery range and cargo-carrying potential.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you’ve found this article useful. If you need any advice on buying your next/first fat tire e-bike, please leave a message in the comments section below and I’ll reply within 24 hrs.

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