9 of the Best Folding Electric Bikes under £1000

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In this article I have reviewed 9 of the best folding electric bikes currently available for under £1000. I have based my selection on a number of factors including popularity, availability, value for money, specification and positive customer reviews.

Whether you’re a commuter or a leisure cyclist, there’s no doubt that folding electric bikes have a lot to offer! If your commute involves a train or bus journey but your workplace is a couple of miles from the nearest train station or bus stop, then having a foldable e-bike can be an invaluable way to save you time and money.

best folding e bikes under 1000

Folding e-bikes are also great to use for park and ride facilities – you park your car on the outskirts of a town or city and ride the last few miles to work, avoiding the inevitable traffic congestion. Since the Coronavirus situation, some people still feel uneasy using public transport and a foldable electric bike provides an easy and convenient way to get to work.

Folding electric bike buyers guide

Folding e-bikes are just like traditional folding bicycles with the added bonus of electric assist. They can usually be folded up in a matter of minutes, and can be easily taken on public transport or placed in the back of your car to enable you to travel the last few miles to work with ease! Below I have listed some of the technical terms and what they mean.

  • Pedal assist: This means the electric motor will only give you assistance when you start pedalling. There is usually a small plastic ring with 5-12 magnets mounted on the crank axle and a sensor that senses rotation of the pedal crank.

a typical pedal assist sensor fitted to an electric bike

  • Throttle: This is usually a twist or thumb throttle. Electric bikes fitted with a throttle can be ridden without having to pedal (up to the legal speed of 25km/h (15.5mph).

The law on throttles was changed in 2016 and modern folding electric bikes do not usually have them fitted for this reason. Some of the folding e-bikes featured below are supplied with an optional throttle – whether you choose to fit this or not is up to you, but be aware of the potential legal implications.

electric bike twist throttle

  • Power output: The power output in watts relates to the amount of work an electric motor can perform. To clarify things a little, 750 watts is equivalent one-horsepower. In all European countries and Australia , the current maximum continuous power output allowed is 250w – most of the e-bikes featured below will provide higher peak power in full-power mode for a limited time, this is allowed by law and it is the continuous rating (250w) that’s important.

a 48v 15ah rack mounted electric bike battery

  • Battery: Most batteries used on folding electric bikes are either 36 volt or 48 volt. The higher the ‘Ah’ rating the greater the energy capacity and therefore the greater the range. For example a 36v 10ah battery would have a total energy capacity of 360 watt hours (36v x 10ah = 360Wh). If you were consuming 10Wh per mile the  your battery should in theory last 36 miles. This mileage would vary depending on the power used, weight of the rider and the terrain ridden on.

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So what should I look for in a good folding electric bike?

This is very subjective and depends on your own personal needs / requirements. The main criteria that make a good folding e-bike are as follows:

  • Ease of transport: Since the whole point of buying a folding electric bike is ease of transport, then it is worth considering not only how quickly and easily it folds up, but also the weight. Electric bikes are considerably heavier than their conventional counterparts, mainly due to the added weight of the battery, motor and other ancillary components. Most of the bikes featured below weigh at least 18kg with some weighing over 20kg – this is roughly the same weight as a builders bag of sand!

best folding electric bikes

  • Power output: Since most folding electric bikes are usually used for town or city riding. Power output isn’t as crucial as on regular e-bikes. 250-500w is usually more than enough power for short distance city commutes.
  • Battery range: As above, battery range isn’t as important on a folding electric bike as they are usually used for short distance commutes or getting from public transport to places of work.
  • Accessories: Most folding electric bikes are used for commuting, so if your bike has mudguards, lights, pannier rack and front suspension, this will make life easier for the daily commuter.

mycle compact with fiido x folding e-bikes

Here is my list of the best folding electric bikes available for under £1000

The folding e-bikes featured below have been selected based on a number key factors:

  • Price (under £1000)
  • Ease of transport
  • Performance and battery range
  • Accessories
  • Practicality for day to day use
  • Current availability (at time of writing)
  • Positive Customer feedback

Most of the folding electric bikes below are available to UK and EU visitor’s – some are also available to visitor’s from the US and Canada.

1. Himo z20 Folding E-Bike 🥇

himo z20 folding e bike

The Himo Z20 is one of my favourite folding electric bikes. I had the benefit of trying one of these out when they were first released and I was instantly impressed with the general quality and feel of the bike.

It’s important that foldable electric bikes are robust and can withstand the rigours of day to day use. The Himo Z20 remains very popular with consumers in the UK and EU and is a best seller in the folding e-bike category.

Powered by a smooth 250w rear hub motor and concealed 36v 10Ah battery, it’s quite possible to squeeze around 30 miles (48km) from a single charge. This makes it especially suitable for daily commuter riders.

The mechanical disc brakes work surprisingly well and the tyres are wide enough to cope with rougher surfaces like gravel tracks or canal towpaths – you can even ride on mellow woodland trails.

General Brand: HIMO
Type: Electric bike
Model: Z20
Colour: Grey / White / Rose Gold
Specification Max Rang(Mopped mode): ≤80KM
Max Rang(Pure Electric Mode): ≤50KM
Max Load: 100KG
Battery: 10AH 36V
Motor: 250W DC Motor
Rated Speed: 326r/min
Rated Voltage: 36V
Maximum design speed: 25km/h
Charging Time: About 5H
Weight & Size Product Weight: 21.6kg
Package Weight: 27.5kg
Product Size(L x W x H):  1470 x 550 x 1090mm(unfolded); 860 x 740 x 400mm(folded)
Package Size(L x W x H):  900 x 440 x 700mm

I can highly recommend the Himo Z20 as it’s a great folding electric bike at a very reasonable price – it doesn’t seem to be effected by the current e-bike shortage in the UK either. Read the full Himo Z20 review here.

👉The Himo Z20 is on sale at geekbuying.com – use exclusive code:  6EHOTQTQ

Buy from Amazon UK

Available from Himo direct (latest Max version)

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Geekbuying (UK, EU, US)
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2. Ancheer 36v 250w Folding Electric City Bike


ancheer folding electric city bike

Ancheer electric bikes are well-established budget electric bike brand – I’ve ridden and reviewed a few their e-bikes in the past and never been disappointed with their value for money.

The Ancheer folding electric bike is no exception. This bike uses the industry standard 250w geared rear hub motor and a removable 36v8ah lithium battery pack.

I personally think it represents excellent value, especially when you consider the competition in this price bracket. Mudguards, lights, pannier rack, disc brakes and kick-stand are all included – making this a bike that is ready for your daily commute or just popping out to the shops or meeting with friends for a coffee!

The 250w hub motor works as expected and the pedal assist is responsive enough. As with all these small hub motors, tackling steep hills is always going to be a struggle, but as long as you are willing to put a bit of effort in, you will get up them.. eventually!

The build quality is okay, and the components do the job. The battery has a range of between 15-30 miles depending on the amount of electric assist used, rider weight and terrain ridden on.

A comfy saddle and basic front suspension fork help soak up bumps in the road, and the tyres  are chunky enough for some light trail riding.


The Ancheer folding electric city bike is certainly good value for money, plus it has all the mod cons you will ever need on a bike. The 250w motor will give assistance up to 15 mph and the battery has enough range for daily commuting.

As with all the bikes featured here, the weight is a little on the heavy side,  but overall I think it’s a decent foldable e-bike for the money and if it fits your budget the Ancheer is one of the better ones on offer.

Buy from Amazon

3.  Fiido D2s Foldable Electric Bike

Fiido folding ebike review

The Fiido D2s folding e-bike is the one of the bikes in this selection that ticks all the right boxes. It is relatively lightweight (by comparison) a and can be folded quickly to a small, easily transportable size.

This bike is also very well equipped for the price. With mechanical disc brakes, 16″ wheels, kickstand, lights, fenders and a rear suspension shock.

The motor is a regular 250w geared hub motor with a 36v 7.8ah battery which should give you a range of around 20 miles on the flat.


The only limiting factor is the single gear, but If you live in an area that’s not too hilly and are after a cheap folding electric bike to get you quickly from A to B then the Fiido is hard to beat at this price.

Available direct from the official Fiido website

Buy from Geekbuying.com UK and EU shipping

Buy from Amazon UK

4. Himo Z16 Folding E-Bike

himo z16 foldable e-bike

The Himo Z16 is the Z20’s little brother – despite its apparently small size it really is a comfortable little bike. I’ve ridden one of these and I’m just over six foot and got on just fine with it.

For shorter journeys or times when you need to take your bike on a train, bus or put it into the back of your car or taxi, the Z16 quickly folds down to a small, manageable size.

Performance-wise the Himo Z16 produces the same 250w of power as its larger sibling  and also has a 36v 10Ah battery, so a range of 30 miles (48km) is realistic.

The main differences are the smaller 16″ wheels and the single speed drivetrain, which will limit its ability to get you up very steep hills. But for zipping about on flat or undulating terrain it’s great fun.

General Brand: HIMO
Type: Electric bike
Model: Z16
Color: Grey White Blue Yellow
Specification Max Rang(Mopped mode): ≤80KM
Max Rang(Pure Electric Mode): ≤55KM
Max Load: 100kg
Battery: 10AH 36V
Motor: 250W DC Motor
Rated Speed: 326r/min
Rated Voltage: 36V
Charging Time: About 5H
Weight & Size Product Weight: 22.5kg
Package Weight: 27.5kg
Product Size(L x W x H):  1400 x 550 x 1050mm(unfolded); 860 x 650 x 400mm(folded)
Package Size(L x W x H):  825 x 440 x 645mm

I really like the Himo Z16, if you’re looking for a foldable electric bike that is easily transported, the 16″ wheels and design of the Z16 make it a really good option for short commutes or even short weekend leisure rides. Like the Z20 it’s finished to a high standard and feels sturdy to ride. Well worth considering for the price.

Available from Geekbuying.com EU stock and shipping

Buy from Amazon UK

5. Fiido D11 Foldable Sports Electric Bike

fiido d11 folding sport e-bike

If you’re after something a bit more sporty looking,  there’s not an awful lot of choice in the sub-£1000 folding e-bike market apart from the excellent Fiido D11. Weighing in at just 18.5kg, it’s one of the lightest folding electric bikes on this list.

Performance from the 250w motor is lively and the 36v 11.6Ah battery should guarantee a range of up to 40 miles (64km). If you’re into more spirited riding then the Fiido D11 would be a good choice.

Another great thing with this bike is it can be ridden as a normal bike if you want – I’m currently testing the newer Fiido X and it’s very easy to ride without the assist. Read the full Fiido X V2 review.

General Brand: FIIDO
Type: Electric Bicycle
Model: D11
Colour: Blue
Power Assist System: 3 gear power boost
Operating Temperature: -10-50Celsius
Maximum Speed: 25km/h
Battery: Lion battery
Input Voltage: 100-240V
System Voltage: 36V
Amps: 11.6Ah
Recharge Time: 7 hours
Electricity-assisted Mileage (reference): 100KM
Display: LCD Display
Drive Type: Rear Drive
Frame Material: Aluminium Alloy
Brake Type: Mechanical Disc Brakes
Chainset: Steel 52 Tooth
Gears: Shimano
Chain: kmc Z7
Pedals Included: Yes
Grips: Rubber
Handlebars: Aluminium Alloy
Pedals: Alloy
Motor: Brushless gear motor
Rear Hub: 250W motor
Rims: Alloy
Wheel Size: 20″
Tire Size: 20×1.75 inch
Tires: CST
Saddle Height: 80cm-110cm
Weight & Size Product Weight: 18.5KG (12.9KG without battery)
Package Weight: 22.5KG
Product Size(L x W x H): 148 x 57 x 110cm (UNFOLDED); 84 x 40 x 59cm(FOLDED)
Package Size(L x W x H): 90 x 46 x 67cm

The Fiido D11 is an excellent choice for the rider who doesn’t really need a folding e-bike with all the extra things like rack, mudgards and kickstand. It’s a stripped-down high-performance commuter electric bike that will pop along at a fair pace with or without the motor engaged. It really is fun to ride and the nimble handling is especially suited to urban riding.

Buy direct from the official Fiido website

Available from Geekbuying.com UK and EU stock and shipping

Buy from Amazon UK

6. Homeric Folding E-Bike

homeric folding ebike

The Homeric is a stylish folding e-bike that uses a small 250w rear hub motor with 36v 7.5Ah battery – it benefits from having 7-speed transmission and is not too heavy when compared with other foldable electric bikes. The frame is made from lightweight and tough magnesium alloy which helps keep the weight down.

Performance-wise it’s a fun e-bike to ride with nimble handling, decent braking and the tyres are wide enough to allow travel on unpaved or poorly surfaced roads. Having 7 gears will help you climb steeper hills.

Having a small rear suspension unit really does help take the sting out of potholes making the Homeric a smooth and comfortable ride. Although there’s no provision for mounting a rear rack, it would be possible to fit a seat-post mounted rack.

If you’re looking for a stylish urban, foldable electric bike, the Homeric is definitely worth a look – it’s stylish, handles well and has a strong enough motor to take you across town in comfort.

Buy from Amazon UK

7. Fiido M1 Folding Fat Tyre Electric Bike

fiido m1 folding fat tyre e-bike

This is the third e-bike on this list from the popular e-bike manufacturer Fiido. The Fiido M1 is a fat tyre folding electric bike that is aimed at tackling all kinds of rough terrain including sand, snow and mud. The great thing about having 4″ wide tyres is you can drop the tyre pressures really low and still commute to work in the snow.

These bikes are also great fun if you live near a large, empty beach or sand dunes – you can really have a hoot riding these kinds of electric bike.

Of course, you don’t necessarily need to do off-road riding to own one of these. The Fiido M1 is great for negotiating city streets or rough country lanes and the combination of fat tyres with front and rear suspension make for a really plush and comfortable ride.

The Fiido M1 is available in the UK in road-legal 250w power output with a good 36v 12.5Ah battery – this should give a potential range of around 45 miles (72km) on a single charge.


General Brand: FIIDO
Type: Electric Bike
Model: M1
Color: Black

Electric Bike System: FIIDO System
Electric Motorcycle: Support
Power Assist System: 3 gear power boost
Operating Temperature: -10°-50°
Maximum Speed: 24KM/H
Gradeability: 30 degree
Battery: High-quality lion battery
Input Voltage: 100-240V
System Voltage: 36V
Amps: 12.5Ah
Recharge Time: 7 hours

Max Load: 120KG
Electric Motorcycle Range: Up to 45km-65km
Maximum Range: Up to 60-80KM
Display: LED Display
Drive Type: Rear Drive
Brake Type: Mechanical Disc Brakes
Chainset: Steel 52 Tooth
Gears: Shimano
Chain: Kmc Z7
Pedals Included: Yes
Geometry: MTB
Frame Material: Aluminium Alloy
Grips: Rubber
Handlebars: Aluminium Alloy
Pedals: Alloy
Rims: Alloy
Rear Hub: 250W motor
Wheel Size: 20″
Tire Size: 20 x 4.0 inch
Tires: CST
Saddle Height: 80-110cm

Weight & Size Product Weight: 25KG
Package Weight: 29.5KG
Product Size(L x W x H): 172 x 26 x 106cm
Package Size(L x W x H): 145 x 32 x 73cm

I love fat bikes and having a foldable fat tyre bike means you have the flexibility to take it on trains or chuck it in the back of your car and take it to the nearest beach for some fun.

As a commuter bike it’s just brilliant! The term I often use is ‘magic carpet ride’ and that definitely applies to the Fiido M1. Considering its sub-£1000 price tag  it’s an absolute bargain and highly recommended.

Buy direct from the official Fiido website

Buy from Amazon UK

Available from Geekbuying.com UK stock and Shipping

Available from Geekbuying.com EU stock and Shipping (500w pro version)

If your budget will stretch, I’d highly recommend trying the new Himo ZB20 Max Fat Tyre Folding E-Bike

8.  Mycle Compact Folding E-Bike

mycle compact folding electric bike

Mycle are a London-based e-bike company with a great ethos and a good range of affordable electric bikes. The Mycle Compact is not only excellent value for money (currently on offer at £999), but is very stylish and has great build quality. Power is provided by a brushless 250w geared hub motor and a 36v 6.4Ah seat post battery. Assisted range is around 20 miles which is ideal for shorter, urban rides.

The mechanical disc brakes work really well and the Microshift 7-speed Shifter with Shimano derailleur provide consistent gear shifts across the range.

All Mycle e-bikes are assembled in the UK and go through final quality control and testing before being sent on to customers. Shipping is from within the UK, so you can be guaranteed to receive your bike quickly.

I currently have a Mycle Compact on loan and I’m thoroughly impressed with it. Check out the full Mycle Compact review article.

Visit the Mycle website for more information

Also available from Amazon

9. Ado A20F 500w Folding Fat Tyre E-Bike – the wild card!

ado a20f folding fat tyre e bike

The Ado A20F 500w folding fat tyre electric bike is definitely the wild card of the bunch! With a nominal power output of 500w and a peak power approaching 750w, the Ado A20F has a top speed of 22mph (35km/h) making it illegal to use on public roads and spaces in the UK.

Buy one of these if you have access to use on private land and you’ll have great fun on it. The 36v 500w rear motor pulls like a train and accelerates smoothly and quickly to it’s top speed. It’s more like a lightweight electric moped as it also has throttle control so you don’t even need to pedal it.

I can’t recommend this as a commuter bike, although I’m sure they’re plenty of similar e-bikes on UK roads. If you do choose to use this on the road, ride it sensibly and don’t draw attention to yourself. The Police are having a crackdown on illegal e-bikes at the moment so you need to be careful out there.

Buy from Geekbuying.com – UK and EU stock and shipping

Buy the original A20 direct from Ado ebike  – Special offer 👈


So what is the best folding e-bike available for under £1000? Well, there’s no real clear winner as all of these foldable electric bikes have their merits.

My personal favourite is the Himo Z20 – it’s very well  made, comfortable and has a decent battery range and motor. If you’re after something a little smaller then the 16″ wheel Himo Z16 is also worthy of a mention.

If you want a folding e-bike that you can take exploring, then the Fiido M1 really is an all-terrain machine. You could ride this all year round and it’s particularly good in snow, sand and mud. These fat tyre bikes are designed specifically for this purpose. It would also be worth buying if your daily commute involved some short cuts across fields or the like.

the fiido d11 is one of the best folding electric bikes under 1000

Anther of my favourites is the Fiido D11 – this is really light when compared with the other e-bikes here and it certainly has a much more ‘sporty’ feel to the handling and ride. Plus, it’s so easy to pedal (without assist) you can have a regular folding bike and e-bike rolled into one!

Check out the best electric bikes available for under £500

The Ado A20F is great fun to ride off road, but unfortunately it’s too powerful to legally use on UK and EU roads which is a shame as you could effortlessly ride one of these to work and not worry about the steepest of hills on route.

For sensible a sensible all-rounder the Ancheer folding city e-bike is the best – it’s got front suspension, disc brakes, mudguards, pannier rack, lights and a kickstand. Everything you need for a daily workhorse. For more cheap electric bikes, check out the best electric mountain bikes under £1000.

Thanks for reading this article and if you need help deciding which folding electric bike is best for your needs, please leave a comment below – I personally try to answer all questions within 24hrs.

If you’re on an even tighter budget check out the best electric bikes for under £500.


Passionate E-Bike advocate and enthusiast since 2016. Riding an electric bike helped me to lose weight, get fit and reignite my passion for cycling!

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