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The market is saturated with fat tyre e-bikes, and the choice can be overwhelming. I was sent the Himiway Cruiser UK and EU version to review at the beginning of 2023, and this article summarises my findings based on a couple of months of regular use and some very long rides.

Himiway is a well-established e-bike brand in the US and has recently started selling its electric bike range in EU countries and the UK. Although their models retain the same design, batteries and specifications, the motors have been restricted to conform to local laws.

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Key features

  • 750w rear hub motor
  • 840Wh battery with LG cells
  • US and EU versions (750w and 250w)
  • Designed for long-range comfort

Unboxing and First Impressions

Inside the main box was a smaller box containing the charger, pedals, quick-release skewer (for the front wheel), multi-tool, and a complimentary Himiway baseball cap. Assembly was a fairly straightforward process. The handlebars, seatpost, pedals, light, front wheel and mudguard needed to be fitted, and the whole assembly process took roughly 30-40 minutes.

himiway cruiser test ride

Once I’d adjusted the seat height and handlebars, I sat on the bike and immediately felt at home as it has a very comfortable and natural riding position. I’m also impressed with the looks – the Himiway Cruiser has an imposing presence, dominated by the 4″ tyres. It’s a cool-looking e-bike that has a flawless matt black paint finish.

Please note: If you haven’t assembled a bike before, we always recommend getting a competent bicycle mechanic to assemble and check your bike before riding.

Electric components

The rear hub motor is smooth and quiet and provides a very good level of assistance. The Himiway motor was noticeably quieter than the Bafang hub motor fitted to the Cyrusher XF800 I’ve previously tested.

There are 5-levels of pedal assist to choose from. Levels 1 and 2 provide minimal assist – enough to cancel out the tyres’ extra weight and rolling resistance. Assist level 3 is a good starting point for undulating terrain, but assist level 4 is the ‘sweet spot’ for me. I decided to leave it in level 4 for the duration of the test ride and only used 5 for the journey back into a strong headwind.

himiway cruiser hub motor
The Himiway Cruiser hub motor

The pedal assist is very responsive, and the assist comes in quickly and smoothly. The transition when the power cuts out at 15.5 mph is also very smooth.

A half-twist throttle is fitted on the right-hand side, and this is legal in the UK and EU, as it only works up to 6 km/h. It’s quite useful for that initial push-off from junctions and traffic lights.

There is a large LCD that has all the functionality you need on an e-bike. Speed, battery level, trip, and assist levels are displayed. It’s not particularly fancy, but it does the job well and is clear and easy to read. There is a multi-function keypad located next to the left-hand grip. Here, you can turn on the lights, switch assist levels up or down, and scroll through the settings.

himiway cruiser display
Clear and easy-to-read LCD

This display also has an advanced settings feature, which can only be accessed with a 4-digit code. If you can access this feature, you can change things like the number of assist levels (up to 9 maximum), and you can even change the start-up characteristics of the motor and the percentage of power in each assist level.

The Himiway Cruiser boasts an impressive 840Wh battery (48v 17.5Ah) using quality LG cells. The battery is easy to remove, with a side-exit design that fits neatly into the frame cradle.

himiway cruiser battery
The Himiway Cruiser has a big 48v 17.5Ah battery.

Based on my initial test ride, the Battery range is estimated to be 35 – 60 miles, which seems realistic. The test route was 25 miles with just over 2000 ft of elevation gain; I kept it in assist level 4 for most of the ride. When I returned home, it had just dropped to 2 bars (out of 5) on the battery indicator. I could have easily ridden another 15 miles before it was depleted. Considering the wind, hilly terrain and rider weight of 231 pounds (105 kg), I think that’s pretty good going.

Bike Components

Gearing is provided by a single 46-tooth front chainring and 14-28 7-speed freewheel. The derailleur used is a Shimano Altus, a step up from the entry-level Tourney derailleur usually used on these e-bikes. Shifting is taken care of via a Shimano TX50 thumb shifter. The gears shifted well throughout the test ride and did not need any adjustment out of the box.

himiway cruiser gearing
Shimano 7-Speed Gearing

Tektro Aries mechanical disc brakes provide braking with 180mm rotors. I was pleasantly surprised with the performance of these brakes. They provided good braking throughout the test ride.

The Himiway Cruiser has a front suspension fork. It’s a budget coil-sprung unit with a lock-out and preload function. I got to ride off-road, and the suspension provided adequate damping, although there was a ‘knocking’ sound when negotiating some rocky sections. I did check to make sure the headset was fully tightened, which it was. There was no sound on compacted gravel and asphalt, and the forks worked well. In conclusion, these forks are okay for mild to moderate terrain, but I wouldn’t recommend riding on terrain with big rocks and other obstacles.

himiway cruiser suspension
The suspension fork on the Himiway

The wheels are 26 x 4 inches; they are finished in black to complement the rest of the bike. The tyres are Kenda Juggernaut, a good quality fat bike tyre. These tyres have a good degree of puncture protection. On asphalt, they were smooth, and road noise was minimal. When riding across wet and muddy open moorland, they provided decent grip.

There’s a nice wide alloy handlebar with a big rise and sweep-back. Handlebar grips are leather-style ergonomic grips that look nice and are very comfortable. There’s a big saddle, which is comfortable to sit on for long distances.

himiway cruiser pannier rack
A large pannier rack with a wood insert

The Himiway Cruiser is well-catered for in the accessories department; you can add things like a front basket. There are front and rear mudguards with stays, a big rear pannier rack with a nice wooden insert, front and rear lights, and a kickstand.

Comfort and Handling

The Himiway Cruiser is very smooth on the road, and the tyres’ noise is muted and never spoils the experience. The riding is natural and relaxed, and the big tyres filter out the road chatter. After the 25-mile ride, I had no aches or pains and didn’t experience any discomfort.

himiway cruiser test ride
Taken on the test ride

As for the handling, the Himiway felt like it was glued to the road. I had the tyre pressures set at just over 20 psi up front and 25 psi at the rear, which is about right for riding on the road. For off-road riding, you’d want the pressures down a bit lower.

Himiway recommends a rider height of 5’3″ – 6’5″ for sizing. That’s quite a broad range of heights. I’m just over 6 feet, and I found it felt perfect. There’s plenty of adjustment in the saddle, although I’m not sure how a 6’5″ rider would get on. At the other end of the scale, I can see a 5’3″ struggling, even with the saddle as low as it can go. If you’re at the extremes of what is recommended, I would advise finding one to try out. Maybe have a look at Facebook groups to see if there’s someone in your area who is willing to help.

himiway cruiser off road
It’s about to get mucky!

Who is the Himiway Cruiser Suitable for?

The Himiway Cruiser would be ideal for commuters, leisure riders or anyone who wants a comfortable and versatile e-bike for exploring the countryside. You could use it for a spot of bikepacking.

Pros and Cons


  • Smooth and powerful motor
  • Great battery range
  • Very comfortable


  • Very heavy
  • High rolling resistance from tyres


Is the Himiway Cruiser waterproof?

It is water resistant, although we would not recommend riding in deep puddles. I have ridden the Himiway in the rain without issue.

Is the Himiway Cruiser legal to ride in the UK?

Yes, the motor power and top Speed have been limited to conform to UK and EU pedelec laws. The throttle only works to 6 km/h, and assist cuts off at 25 km/h.

Can the Himiway Cruiser be unrestricted?

Yes, but we wouldn’t advise it if you live in the UK or EU, as it will no longer be legal to use on public roads.

Is the Himiway Cruiser reliable?

Based on my initial findings and subsequent use, I have no reason to believe the Himiway will cause any long-term reliability issues.

What’s the Himiway Cruiser like for long-distance comfort?

I have found the Himiway to be comfortable on longer rides. For example, on a 40-mile ride, I had no aches, pains or discomfort anywhere.

How much does the Himiway Cruiser cost?

The recommended retail price is $1699 in the US and £1549 in the UK, although it is often reduced in price for promotions (see our exclusive discount codes below).


I thoroughly enjoyed riding the Himiway Cruiser. It’s comfortable, with nice handling, smooth power output and a decent battery range. I couldn’t find fault with the handling and liked how it felt on the road. It provides a very comfy, upright riding position and low standover height.

Himiway has done a great job with the motor – it’s powerful, smooth, and the quietest of all the fat bikes I’ve tested to date. Battery range is also encouraging. I reckon 50 miles should easily be achievable with sensible use of the assist. I also like that it’s easy to customize the pedal assist settings to suit your needs.

himiway cruiser on dartmoor

What are the alternatives? The closest comparison I can draw is with the Cyrusher XF800 I tested last summer. However, the Cyrusher is a good e-bike with full suspension, hydraulic brakes and great performance. It’s more expensive and heavier, and the battery range isn’t as good. For my money, the Himiway clinches it with better frame geometry, a more powerful battery and a quieter motor.

Based on my initial test ride, I think the Himiway Cruiser is one of the best fat tyre e-bikes for the price, and I’d have no hesitation in recommending it.

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  • Motor: 250-watt 48-volt Brushless Rear Hub (UK and EU version)
  • Battery: 48v 17.5Ah / 840Wh LG Cells
  • Range: 60 miles / 100 km (claimed)
  • Top Speed: 15.5 mph / 25 km/h
  • Weight: 32 kg
  • Maximum Load: 158 kg / 350 lbs
  • Gearing: 7-speed Speed
  • Brakes: Mechanical disc brakes with 180mm rotors
  • Suspension: Front coil-sprung suspension fork with hydraulic lock-out
  • Accessories: Mudguards, Kickstand, Pannier rack, Headlight

Thanks for reading. I hope you’ve found this Himiway Cruiser review useful. If you have any questions about the Himiway or you’d like to leave your review. Please leave a message in the comments section below.

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