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Cyrusher is a popular electric bike brand that specialises in higher-powered fat tire e-bikes. They have recently announced the release of a rather interesting-looking fat tire electric bike called the Cyrusher Kommoda step-through. In this preview, I’ll be taking a closer look at the specification and hopefully, try and get hold of one when they become available for a full review.

cyrusher kommoda
All images courtesy of Cyrusher Bikes


Step-through, low-step or easy-entry frames are very popular within the world of cycling and e-bikes, as the low standover height makes it very easy to mount/dismount the bike. This is especially helpful if you have limited mobility.

Low-step frames have been around as long as bicycles and with the advent of the electric bike, these frames have proven to be extremely popular with young and old riders alike.

There was a time when step-through frames were seen as the preserve of women and older riders, but this has changed over time and more riders are enjoying the benefits of the step-through frame due to its comfort and simplicity.

Fat tire bikes have traditionally used rigid frames more akin to mountain bike geometry, and fat tire e-bikes have been no exception. The only manufacturer that I’m aware of that makes a range of step-though fat tire bikes is the very successful brand Rad Power Bikes.

Cyrusher Kommoda’s initial thoughts

It’s hard to make a real assessment of a new e-bike unless I’ve ridden it, but looking at the styling and specification of this electric bike it looks like it will be a good seller.

When I first saw a photo of the Cyrusher Kommoda, I have to admit I was very impressed with the styling. Step-though bikes have always seemed a bit unfashionable but the Kommoda looks striking.

I can’t comment on the functionality of the front and rear suspension units but they sure do look good on this bike. Let’s have a closer look at the specification.

Motor and Battery

Cyrusher has opted for the tried and tested Bafang 48v rear hub motor which is a very popular and robust drive unit. This particular motor is specifically designed for fat tire bikes and can be found on several other brands.

The 48v Bafang rear hub motor will handle 750w of nominal power all day long and will produce peaks over 1000w. Indeed, this motor can potentially handle around 1500w of max power before problems start, so it’s operating well within its safety margins.

There is a neatly integrated (and removable) 48v 12.8Ah (600Wh) battery pack which gives a claimed range of between 30-50 miles. This sounds about right, although the range will be greatly influenced by rider weight, terrain and wind direction. This battery pack uses high-quality Samsung or LG lithium cells.

A very nice-looking 3.7″ colour display features 5 levels of assist and 8 different functions.

Bike components

Cyrusher has opted for the dependable Shimano Tourney 7-speed derailleur system which should provide smooth gear changes and provide a decent service life. These derailleurs are easy to adjust and fairly cheap to replace when the time comes. Up front there is a 52t single chainring which will make for quite high gearing overall and certainly allow the rider to cruise along at a decent top speed.

The brakes are Zoom hydraulic front and rear with 180mm rotors. Although not considered a premium brand like Shimano, I’ve ridden bikes with Zoom brakes in the past and I have always found they provide decent enough performance.

Front and rear suspension is another thing you don’t usually see on step-through e-bikes and particularly fat tire bikes. I’ve ridden the Cyrusher XF800 before courtesy of a friend and the ride felt unreal – it felt like you were being carried along on a bed of air!

Although I can’t vouch for the performance or longevity of this suspension, I would imagine if the bike isn’t ridden too harshly or any silly stunts are attempted and the linkages are cleaned and greased regularly then there’s no reason why it shouldn’t last the lifetime of the bike.

There’s also a front headlight which can be switched on and off through the display keypad.

The wheels and tyres and tires are 26 x 4″ – the CST tires are designed for all-terrain riding and should offer a reasonable level of puncture protection. These tires can be run at a very low pressure which is especially useful when riding through sand, mud or snow.


The full specifications of the new Cyrusher Kommoda – these specs have been taken directly from the manufacturer and are correct at the time of writing.


Motor750-watt High-Speed Brushless Motor
Battery48 volt 12.8 amp-hour
Max Load330 lbs (150 kg)
Range50 miles (80 km)
Rider Height5’1″ ~ 6’2″ (155cm ~ 190cm)
IncludedBattery, charger, air pump, assembly toolset,
assembly guide, battery manual, user manual, free stickers
Warranty2 Years


Motor750-watt (1000-watt peak), 80 N.m high-speed electric bike motor
Battery48 volt 12.8 amp-hour LG/Samsung lithium battery. Waterproof IP65 (included)
Range25~50 miles (40~80 km)
ChargerStandard 110V~240V AC, 54.6V 3Ah Smart Charger (included)
Battery Charge Time4~7 hours
Battery Lifetime800 charges
Frame6061 Aluminum full suspension frame


Controller 48V 1000W, max output 20 amp
Display3.7″ LCD display, Colorful Smart Computer


TiresCST/Chaoyang 20″ x 4″ puncture-resistant fat tires
Spokes12-gauge stainless steel
SaddleBreathable ergonomic sport cushion seat
Seat post31.6 Adjustable height
Crank170MM forged  52T alloy dual-sided aluminum
Rear DerailleurShimano SL-TX50-7R, 7-speeds
Throttle192 Star-Union Half twist throttle
Front Light250 lumen LED

Frame dimensions are below


Having ridden a few Cyrusher e-bikes in the past, I’m keen to have a go on this one when it becomes available. It looks like it’s going to be released in the US to begin with so I doubt it will be available for some time in the UK or EU. Unfortunately the UK and EU have restrictive e-bike laws which means the 750w version featured here wouldn’t be road legal, but in the US it complies with federal electric bike laws.

The Cyrusher Kommonda certainly looks great and I can see it being very popular once it becomes available later this year. You can pre-order it online through the official Cyrusher website.

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