ado a28 air electric bike

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Ado e-bike has just announced the release of a stylish new addition to their UK, EU and US range. The Ado Air 28 is specifically aimed at the urban commuting and leisure riding market, sporting a sleek design and integrating some of the latest e-bike technologies.

Key features

  • Step-through frame
  • 250w rear hub motor
  • 36v 9.6Ah battery
  • Torque-sensing pedal assist
  • Carbon belt drive
  • Colour display with APP connectivity

The ADO Air 28 is a stylish-looking 250w e-bike with an alloy step-through frame. Features include a seat post battery, a sophisticated torque sensor and a carbon belt drive for low-maintenance riding.

ado a28 air e-bike

Electric components

The ADO Air 28 is fitted with a 36V/250W rated hub motor, providing a max torque of 42N.m, delivering enough power for city rides. It is governed by an advanced ADO PAS 3.0 control system, intelligently adjusting the motor power to your pedalling.

The torque sensor is another impressive feature that enhances your riding experience, accurately responding to your pedalling force. With a maximum speed of 25km/h, it strikes a good balance between speed and power for urban commuters.

The battery capacity is 36V/9.6aH, offering a maximum range of 100km (conditions dependent), more than enough for urban commuting or a long leisurely weekend ride. Charging time is around 4-6 hours, which is quite standard for e-bikes in this category.

The integrated ADO Smart APP and 360° full viewing IPS colour display ensure you’re constantly updated about the bike’s status and let you customise your ride experience. Plus, there is a 5V/1A USB Type-C charging port and a phone holder.

ado a28 air e-bike

Bike components

One of the standout features is the Carbon belt drive, which replaces the traditional chain, promising a smoother and quieter ride that requires less maintenance. This system will not only reduce servicing costs but reduce the mess associated with regular chains.

The Ado Air 28 also comes with hydraulic disc brakes which should ensure powerful and reliable braking performance in all weather conditions. Hydraulic brakes are perfect for the demanding stop/start nature of city riding.

The Air 28 has a front suspension fork and 700x45c tyres for a more comfortable ride. In addition, there are a full set of mudguards, a pannier rack, a kickstand and lights. There is also the option for a front cargo rack.

Pros and Cons


  • Torque-sensing pedal assist
  • The carbon belt drive will offer a smooth ride with less maintenance.
  • Good braking power thanks to the hydraulic disc brakes.
  • Step-through frame design – perfect for urban riding.


  • Charging time could be shorter for a more rapid turnaround.
  • Single-speed will limit top pedalling speed and hill climbing ability.
ado a28 air electric bike


The ADO Air 28 looks like a well-designed e-bike that stands out, in the budget urban commuting and leisure riding market. It’s not just an e-bike; it’s a statement of style and functionality. The advanced features and the consideration for user convenience are commendable.

I like the classic stylish and step-through frame design. Although I haven’t had the chance to ride one yet, it looks very comfortable and should be perfect for urban riding. Overall, the ADO 28 Air should be a strong contender in the urban e-bike market and worth considering if you’re looking for a reliable urban commuter or leisure e-bike.

Thanks for reading. If I can get hold of an Ado Air 28 for review, I’ll update this article accordingly and will do an accompanying YouTube video.

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