Samebike MY-SM26 review

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In this article, I’m going to be taking a quick look at the Samebike MY-SM26 electric bike. This budget e-bike is currently available for under €800, and unlike most of its rivals uses a 48v battery. As soon as I can get hold of one, I’ll post a full review here.


Samebike is a Chinese e-bike manufacturer that sells affordable electric bikes specifically to the European market. Their range of bikes is currently available for shipping within the EU from Samebike e-bikes are also available from Amazon.

samebike my-sm26 electric bike

Electric components

The Samebike MY-SM26 uses a 350w brushless, geared rear hub motor in conjunction with a 48v 8Ah battery (384Wh).  The main benefit of a 48v battery over a 36v is the motor will draw less current to achieve the same power (as a 36v), meaning it will run slightly cooler and be more efficient.

The e-assist system is controlled by a keypad located near the left-hand gear shifter and a centrally-mounted LCD. All the usual functionality is available including speed, assist level indicator, trip computer and battery range indicator.

This e-bike can be used as a regular bike, in pedal assist mode and also throttle mode. ⚠ It should be noted that the rated power output of 350w exceeds the 250w allowed by EU e-bike laws.

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Bike components

All of the components used on the MY-SM26 are basic but functional. There’s a triple front chainset with a 6-speed rear freewheel giving a total of 18 gears. The rear derailleur and shifters are Shimano, so will be of good quality.

Samebike MT SM26 E-Bike

Front suspension forks will help soak up potholes and poor road surfaces and also enable the rider to take on some mild to moderate off-road trails. The fork is a basic coil-sprung design and has a lock-out feature for riding on the road.

Braking is provided by front and rear mechanical disc brakes which should provide adequate stopping power for day-to-day use.

The 26″ tyres have some puncture protection and the tread will be ideal for a mixture of road riding and gravel tracks/forest trails.

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GeneralBrand: Samebike
Type: Electric Bike
Model: MY-SM26
Colour: Black / White
SpecificationMaterial: 6061 aluminium
Wheel Size: 26×1.95 inch
Max Load: 150kg
Max Speed: 30km/h
Max Uphill: 25°
Temperature: -10-40°C
Battery Cells: Lithium 18650
Battery: 48v 8 AH
Battery Total Energy Capacity: 384WH
Electrical Start-up Mode: Pedal/throttle/pure electric mode
Pure Electric Mode: 35-40km
Pedal assist mode: 70-80km
Motor Rated Power: 350W
Rated Voltage: 48V
Charger Input Voltage: 110~240V
Charging Time: 4-6 hours
Front Light: Yes
Display: LCD
Brakes: Front/rear mechanical disk brake
Weight & DimensionsNet weight: 21kg
Gross weight: 25kg
Bike size (assembled): 170 x 102 x 102 cm
Package size: 136 x 24 x 73 cm
Package Contents1 x Electric  Bike
1 x Charger
1 x Vehicle Tools
1 x User Manual


At its current price of under €800, the Samebike MY-SM26 certainly looks like good value for money. It’s one of the very few electric bikes in this price range that uses a 48v battery.

samebike my-sm26 review

Apart from the 48v battery, everything else is what you would expect to see on a budget e-bike. The mag wheels will be tough and long-lasting (no more broken spokes) and the battery should give a realistic range of 40-50km.  If you’re after a cheap electric bike for commuting or a general runabout, then the Samebike MY-SM26 is a good alternative to the likes of the Ancheer Pro.

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Thanks for reading, if you own a Samebike MY-SM26, please feel free to leave a review in the comments section below.

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  1. I own a Samebike my-sm26 for about a year now. First half a year i drove 30km’s a day. With no cleaning (at all) and completely ignore the whole thing after 1200km’s the following service parts needed replacement:

    Chain, derailleur sprockets and the rear tire where worn and replaced.

    In addition i used the bike for jumping over speedbumps on the road while maintaining hand throttle. The shop advised me to not do that to often due to a loose bearing inside the steering pin. They torqued it and they put heat shrinks on all of the connectors as a pre caution.

    After about a total of roughly 1350km the bike shut down during driving. Since the last service i have not jumped at all with the bike. But when taking a hard corner all power was lost and the bike will not turn on again.

    I am currently looking for the issue myself. Mind you, i ramped up the speed of the bike to about 35km/h within 2 weeks after purchase. This is really a decent bike for the money. I bought it of Ali-express for 750 euro

  2. Je viens de recevoir mon VTT électrique Samebike aujourd’hui mais j’avais pas le manuel de montage mais j’ai réussi à le monté sauf l’écran led au guidon comment brancher et l’allumer j’ai rechargé la batterie je fais comment maintenant svp merci pour une réponse le plus vite possible

      1. Je viens d’acheter ce vélo dans les montées raides je ne peux pas dépasser la puissance 5 alors que normalement je devrais aller jusqu’à 8. Comment faire

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