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In this article, I’m going to be taking a look at the Sutto e-bike conversion kit and include a review analysis based on the initial unboxing and an overview of the components and specifications. I will be following up on this article when I install the Sutto kit onto a suitable donor bike.

In the interest of full disclosure, the electric bike conversion kit reviewed in this article was generously provided to me by Varstrom. This, however, does not influence my opinions, and my evaluation remains impartial, reflecting my genuine experience and assessment of the product.


Sutto is a new brand, formed less than a year ago and is a subsidiary of Bafang, which is one of the biggest manufacturers of e-mobility motor solutions on the planet. The Sutto e-bike conversion kit is sold through Varstrom and various online e-commerce platforms.

Watch my YouTube video review here.

Unboxing and Initial Impressions

Once my contact at Accolmile arranged a sample, delivery was swift. I received the kit within a couple of days. The kit and battery were sent in separate boxes and well packed.

sutto e-bike conversion kit unboxing
The kit is very well-packaged

What’s Included

The Sutto e-bike conversion kit includes almost everything you’ll need for the conversion, including some essential tools. This kit also came with the optional 36v 15Ah Hailong case battery. Full list of what’s included below:

  • Motor wheel with 36v 250w geared hub motor (choice of 26″, 27.5″ 700c)
  • 36v 15A Controller
  • Controller box
  • Shimano 14-28 7-speed freewheel
  • Wiring Harness
  • Pedal sensor with magnet ring
  • DZ40 display
  • Brake levers with cut-off sensors
  • Assorted fixings, bolts etc.
  • Cable ties
  • Allen key set
  • Crank puller tool
  • Freewheel tool

It should be noted that you can use another compatible battery if you wish. But, the supplied battery is fitted with the corresponding controller connector.

Electric Components


The motor used does have the Sutto branding on the hub. It also has the all-important 250w 36v stamped on the hub. If it’s a UK/EU road legal kit you’re after, then this one would fit the bill. This motor is rated to 45Nm torque, which is about right for a 250w hub motor.

sutto 250w hub motor
The 36v 250w hub motor

As I have stated above, Sutto is a subsidiary of Bafang. Indeed, on the box, it actually states Bafang as the manufacturer. This is a good thing as they are a world-renowned specialist in e-bike technology, and their motors are used on hundreds of different electric bike brands worldwide. During my 3-years of converting bikes to electric, the Bafang hub motor was always a firm favourite and never caused any long-term reliability issues.

Pedal Sensor

The pedal sensor used in the Sutto e-bike conversion kit is a standard cadence sensor. This sensor looks designed to fit on the drive side and attaches to the inner chainring. At this stage, I’m not quite sure how it attaches; there are three holes, so maybe it screws in. But this would be dependent on your chainring. All will be revealed when I do the conversion.

cadence sensor supplied with the sutto e-bike conversion kit
Cadence PAS sensor for drive-side mounting


The display is a DZ40, which is manufactured by Wuxing. This is a very small and discreet display unit which has all the functionality you really need on an e-bike display. There is current speed (km/h or MPH), power level (5 bars) and battery level (5 bars). There is also a walk assist function, headlight, and error indicator (triangle with exclamation).

dz40 display supplied with the sutto e-bike conversion kit

To increase or decrease assistance levels press the top or bottom of the display as there are no external buttons for this function. On the side, there is the power button and the ‘M’ key which accesses the settings feature. Here you can do things like switch from metric to imperial, or adjust the speed limit (set to 25 km/h by default).


A 36v 15A controller is supplied along with a neat-looking controller box. The box attaches to the frame via a couple of plastic brackets. I like the fact they’ve included a box as it looks much tidier than those frame bags usually supplied with similar kits.

sutto conversion kit motor controller
The 36v 15A controller and box supplied with the kit


The battery is a 36v 15.6Ah and uses the standard Hailong case which measures 365mm L x 90mm W x 110mm H. It weighs in at a fraction over 4 kg. There isn’t any indication as to the brand of cells used. Once I’ve installed this kit, I will be able to get a better idea of range performance.

36v 15.6ah hailong case battery supplied with the Sutto kit
The 36v 15.6Ah Hailong case battery

Donor Bike

For the purpose of the full review article, I am going to be installing this kit onto a budget new bike. The donor bike I have chosen is the Vitus Mach 1 Seven which is a rigid-frame urban bike designed to be ridden on tarmac and gravel paths. It’s fairly lightweight and I have calculated that the finished e-bike will weigh in at around 19 kg, which is light by electric bike standards.

vitus mach 1 donor bike for sutto e-bike conversion kit
The Vitus Mach1 Seven

It has 27.5″ wheels, a 7-speed drivetrain and mechanical disc brakes so it fits the bill perfectly. Also, the cables are routed externally and I can utilise this to tidy up the cabling from the conversion kit.

The current price of the kit as supplied is £367 with free shipping, and the bike is £314 from Wiggle or Chain Reaction. This brings the total of the build to £681. That’s pretty good for a new electric bike with a 540Wh battery and a Bafang hub motor. You would normally pay £200-£300 more for an off-the-peg e-bike with a similar spec.

Price Comparison

As I have previously mentioned, the Sutto e-bike conversion kit represents excellent value for money. Using the kit I received as an example, the cost of this kit including shipping is £367. When you compare this price to a similar Bafang branded kit there’s an £80 saving to be had. When compared to this example, the Sutto conversion kit has a definite price advantage.


Based on first impressions, things are looking good. For £367 with battery, the Sutto e-bike conversion kit looks like excellent value for money. The fact that this company is a subsidiary of Bafang means the quality is going to be good. It certainly looks like a quality hub motor kit.

I’ll have to reserve full judgement until I have converted the donor bike, which should be arriving around 3rd May. As soon as the kit arrives I will do a separate article and a YouTube video detailing the installation followed by a test ride.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for a UK/EU road-legal e-bike conversion kit, I reckon the Sutto is well worth considering. It can be purchased online from Varstrom.

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions about this e-bike conversion kit, please leave a message in the comments sections below.

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  1. I already know there is a brand name SUTTO, and I am also considering using this kits, but I hope you can share more feeling about riding on this kit.

    1. Will do. The donor bike is arriving early next week. I’ll be publishing a separate article featuring the build and test ride opinion.

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