rubee x e bike conversion kit review

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I recently discovered this new twist on an old idea and felt compelled to dig a little deeper. In this overview of the Rubee X e-bike conversion kit, I’ll take a closer look at the specs to see if it’s a worthy alternative to the masses of hub drive conversion kits available. As always, I’ll try and get hold of a sample of the Rubee X to review as soon as possible.


Rubee was started way back in 2012 with the idea of creating an all-in-one e-bike conversion kit that could be fitted to practically any bike. Version 1.0 of the kit became available in 2013 with subsequent models released in the ensuing years. Fast forward to 2021 and the latest version – the Rubee X, is now available.

Tech specs overview

I’ve never been a fan of friction drive systems, although I can understand their place in the world of e-bike conversions. The idea behind this type of conversion kit is simple – the electric motor drives a rubber wheel which in turn drives the rear wheel of the bicycle it’s fitted to.

rubee x e-bike conversion kit
The Rubee X is the easiest way to add e-assist to your bike (Images courtesy of Rubee)

Early friction systems were very basic and usually quite heavy. There wouldn’t be any pedal assist and the motor would usually be activated by a switch, so it would either be on or off.

Rubee has taken this design to a whole different level and added a clever wireless pedal assist sensor, modular battery pack and regenerative braking. There’s also a smartphone app to control everything. The whole system is contained within a single, compact unit that fixes to your seat post.

The weight has also been substantially reduced with the base model weighing in at just 2.8kg.

 BatteryBatteryBattery (base model)
Speed32 km/h / 20 mph25 km/h / 16 mph25 kmh / 16 mph
Range48 km / 30 mi32 km / 20 mi16 km / 10 mi
Charge3 h2 h1 h
Weight4.0 kg / 8.8 lbs3.4 kg / 7.5 lbs2.8 kg / 6.1 lbs
rubee x modular battery system
The unique Rubee X modular battery design

Battery specs (per module)

Voltage36 V
Capacity93,6 Wh
Weight0.6 kg / 1,3 lbs
Battery life1000 cycles


According to their website, the Rubee conversion kit is compatible with 16″- 28″ wheels with a tyre width of 0.5-2.5″ and can be fitted to rigid or full suspension frames. I can see potential issues on full-suspension bikes and it’s unlikely this kit could be fitted to a dropper seat post.

rubee x electric bike conversion kit
The Rubee X can be installed and removed in a matter of seconds

Who is the Rubee X aimed at?

The Rubee X is going to be popular with commuters or cyclists who are looking for occasional assistance when they ride hillier routes. If you already have a folding bike and don’t want to fork out for an e-bike, the Rubee is easy to transport and will fit in a rucksack.

One of the great things about this system is the ease with which it can be installed and removed.  If you rely on your bicycle for day-to-day transport but only need to use e-assist occasionally, then I can see the Rubee being very useful.

view of rubee x internal
The Rubee X features regenerative braking


I’ll be contacting Rubee to see if I can get hold of a sample to review as it looks like an interesting option for someone who wants a quick and simple way to convert a bike to electric.

I like the fact that it’s a completely integrated system and could be swapped between bikes quite easily. This would be especially useful if you had several bikes in your household.

Anecdotal reports suggest the performance is more than adequate and comparable to similarly powered hub motors. The battery range will be modest and even with a full complement of battery packs should give a potential of around 30 miles (48km).

If you’re looking for a more permanent e-assist solution, then I don’t feel it would be the way to go, as you’ll be limited by a maximum of 30 miles (48km) range. However, if you wanted a plug-and-play system that was quick and easy to fit then you won’t get any easier than the Rubee. For more conversion options, check out the best e-bike conversion kits for 2023.

Visit the Rubbe website for more information

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  1. Seems to me that rubbee only puts effort into your ride when you’re in low gear peddling fast. If it had a manual throttle would be better help. I would be in a high gear working hard out and getting the max from rubbee; So finding the fastest pedalling speed in the highest gear one is capable of = fastest speed. So I wonder if one can get a higher speed than the nominated 32 Km/hr. With the right pedals maybe?

  2. I have Giant Sedona ATB and interested in retro fitting a front wheel conversion kit so have found your reviews, comments and advice most helpful.

    Whilst I understand the need and expectation to inform readers of what kits are legal and those that aren’t due to the speed generate I do wonder if this is really a problem. Assuming bike frame is robust and designed suitable to mount a kit I would like to know if folk are ever pulled up for riding over the ‘ speed limit’. It seems hard to believe that the Police would have enough time and / or resources to waste on something so trivial.
    So if one were to fit a kit that produced power over the ‘legal ‘limit and bike was pulled over , is there a way of fitting a retarding device ?

    I look forward to comments

    1. Hi Andrew,

      I don’t personally know of anyone who has been stopped by the police (riding an unrestricted e-bike). I think it boils down to keeping the speed sensible. I can comfortably maintain 20-24mph on my road bike with a gentle tailwind on the flat, if I really put an effort in I can hit the low 30’s for a short period of time. I think if you were pedalling an e-bike on the flat in the low 20’s, you wouldn’t attract attention, but on a steep hill would definitely raise eyebrows.

      The devices that can switch power / speed restriction on the go, wouldn’t make a difference in the eyes of the law. The bike would still be considered illegal and come under the road traffic act (like a moped or motorcycle).

      I hope this helps.


  3. Buongiorno, vorrei acquistare un kit con 2 batterie per rispetto del codice ed avere autonomia sufficiente per me. Ma questo kit, aiuta veramente sulle salite, per superarle senza fatica e senza sudare? lo chiedo perchè devo andarci al lavoro, e non posso arrivare molto sudato. ho una bici MTB Scapin Novak 27.5″, attendo Vs gentile riscontro, o qualche link con test attendibili, grazie, saluti

  4. Hi-

    Did you get the Rubee X to try it out? Looking to maybe purchase this, but not much real-life experience reviews out there. Thanks for info.

    1. Hi John,

      I’ll try them again to see if I can get my hands on a sample to test. I’m curious to see how it works and feels in practise.

      All the best,

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