Mokwheel Mesa Lite 2.0 - Grey

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Mokwheel has recently upgraded the Mesa Lite eBike with the Mesa Lite 2.0. It is available in three great looking colors, Green, Blue, and Grey. But before we jump into that, who is Mokwheel? Mokwheel is a eBike manufacturer headquartered in California USA and they have all kinds of eBikes to fit each person’s needs. This includes Power Station eBikes, City & Commuter eBikes, Fat Tire eBikes, Step-Through eBikes, and Low Seat Cruiser eBikes. One of the things I like about Mokwheel is that they drive innovation by creating things instead of just putting parts together and sticking their brand on a eBike. So, now that we know a little bit more about Mokwheel, what’s new with the Mesa Lite 2.0?

Mokwheel Mesa Lite 2.0 eBike

Mesa Lite 2.0 vs Mesa Lite

SpecificationMokwheel Mesa Lite 2.0Mokwheel Mesa Lite
BatteryLG 36V 14.7ALG 36V 14.7A
Speed ClassLevel 1 (10mph / 16.1 km/h)
Level 2 (15mph / 24.1 km/h)
Level 3 (20mph / 32.2 km/h)
Level 4 (25mph / 40.2 km/h)
Level 5 (28mph / 45.1 km/h)
Level 1 (10mph / 16.1 km/h)
Level 2 (15mph / 24.1 km/h)
Level 3 (20mph / 32.2 km/h)
Level 4 (25mph / 40.2 km/h)
Level 5 (28mph / 45.1 km/h)
Weight57 lbs / 25.9 kg51 lbs / 23.1 kg
Range40 – 50 miles / 64.4 – 80.5 km40 – 50 miles / 64.4 – 80.5 km
Payload Capacity350 lbs / 158.8 kg350 lbs / 158.8 kg
Tires27.5″ x 2.4″ tires27.5″ x 2.4″ tires
GearingShimano 7-SpeedShimano 7-Speed
Front ForkSuspension
110mm of travel
No Suspension
Rider Height5’5″ ~ 6’1″5’6″ ~ 6’6″
PriceOriginally: $1,299.00
On Sale: $999.00
Originally: $1,299.00
On Sale: $899.00
Mesa Lite 2.0 vs Mesa Lite Comparison

Main Differences Between Mesa Lite 2.0 vs Mesa Lite

The Mesa Lite 2.0 and Mesa Lite are very similar bikes. The main difference between these two eBikes is that the Mesa Lite 2.0 has a front fork that contains 110mm of suspension. This additional feature slightly increases the weight of the bike; however, the range is unaffected. The addition of the front shock provides a nice smooth ride while encountering bumps along your journey to work, the gym, grocery shopping, or wherever else you need to go on this urban city eBike. The other point I would like to note is that the rider height the Mesa Lite 2.0 supports is less than the Mesa Lite.


Mokwheel Mesa Lite 2.0 LG Battery

All eBikes have some sort of battery. However, the Mesa Lite 2.0 has a LG brand battery. I think this is a nice touch with this eBike. Having a known good battery manufacturer providing the power storage for this eBike certainly sets it apart from the competition. In addition, the Mesa Lite 2.0 contains an advanced battery management system (BMS) which helps maintain the life of the battery charge after charge.

Pedal Or Use The Throttle

Mokwheel Mesa Lite 2.0 - Crank
Mokwheel Mesa Lite 2.0 - Throttle

Whether you are out riding your eBike for exercise, long distance travel, or are exhausted from a long day at the office and need to get home quickly and easily, the Mokwheel Mesa Lite 2.0 has you covered.

Added Safety Features


Being able to stop is always important. Being able to stop on a eBike that weighs 57lbs (25.9 kg) plus yourself and any cargo, is even more important. The Mesa Lite 2.0 is built with TEKTRO HD-E350 Hydraulic Disc Brakes that contain a dual piston design that is engineered for electric bikes.


Mokwheel Mesa Lite 2.0 - Headlight

Being able to see where you are going at dusk and at night is vital. Also alerting pedestrians and vehicles of your presence is needed to increase your safety while riding in the dark. The Mesa Lite 2.0 comes standard with a headlight that has two high intensity bulbs. This increases the brightness 2x and helps you see as a rider and be seen easier by others to keep you safe.

Brake Lights

Mokwheel Mesa Lite 2.0 - Integrated Brake Lights

A great safety feature that Mokwheel has put into the Mesa Lite 2.0 is the integrated brake lights in the back part of the eBike frame. These brake lights automatically brighten when you squeeze the brakes. This is a neat feature that helps those around you know that you are slowing down.

Is This eBike Right For You?

If you are looking for an urban eBike that you can use around the city for commuting, car replacement, or just to get out there and ride, then yes, this eBike is right for you. Given that the Mokwheel Mesa Lite 2.0 is designed to carry a decent payload, has a front fork with a shock to make the ride more comfortable, and is on sale for a very reasonable price of $999.00, this eBike is certainly worth looking into. Please visit Mokwheel’s website for further information.

As always, eBike Choices is here to help you get out there and ride. Until next time, go fast, pedal further.

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