Fiido T2 Longtail Forest Green

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I was driving my kids to school and saw a mom on a cargo eBike taking her kids to school. I thought how cool, I would love to do that. Fiido is releasing a bike today (April 10th 2024) that does just that!

School Bus?

The Fiido T2 is a school bus on bike wheels. It is priced well at $1,499 and changes the way parents, young professionals or just about anyone can commute to where they need to go. Not only for commuting, but you can also carry a lot of things with this eBike.

Range and Power

The Fiido T2 Longtail is equipped with a monster size battery that has a capacity of 998.4Wh. That’s lot of energy to power the 750W rear hub motor. Whether you are commuting, hauling kids to the park or school, or running a delivery service, this cargo eBike will get you there. It has a 62 mile (100km) range under full throttle and 68 mile (110km) range using the power assist.

Top Speed

This eBike uses a cadence sensor and has a small delay before the pedal assist kicks in, but once it does, this bike accelerates quickly! There are two max speed options and the standard is 15.5 MPH (25 km/h). If you hold down the “M” (mode) key on the controls, a little rocket is displayed and this unlocks the 28 MPH (45 km/h) max speed. The 750W rear hub motor provides plenty of torque making acceleration quick and playful. There are five different pedal assist modes to choose from (eco to turbo+).

How’s the stopping power?

Given that the Fiido T2 Longtail is a cargo eBike that has a maximum load capacity of 440 lbs (200kg), this eBike is going to need some serious stopping power. Fiido has designed this cargo eBike to use 4-piston Hydraulic brakes and 230mm disc rotors. Braking is powerful, controlled, and smooth giving you confidence and safety as you ride.

Fiido T2 Longtail Brakes

Safety Features

Let’s be honest, if you are going to be hauling your kids on a eBike, you’re going to want a eBike that is safe. So how does the Fiido T2 Longtail provide safety? To start, it has powerful brakes providing confident stopping power. In addition, it has a strong headlight to see at night and also a tail light that automatically illuminates when the brake is pressed. This features allows others around you to see that you are slowing down so that you don’t catch anyone by surprise. Remember that monster size battery? It also contains safety features by being UL2271 certified. What is UL2271 you ask? It is a standard that the battery is tested to that provides certification that the battery has been designed and is safe against overcharging, short-circuiting, and temperature abnormalities. The certification also verifies that the battery has safety measures to prevent fire and explosions. Well done Fiido for getting this certification and increasing the safety of your product! The T2 also features a stable full support kickstand that lifts the rear tire off the ground. This makes for a really stable platform to load and unload the eBike whatever your cargo may be. The last safety feature I would like to highlight is the tires. Fiido decided to equip this eBike with 20 inch diameter tires that are 4 inches wide providing a fat tire like experience and provides more stability than a skinnier tire.


Okay, let’s say you have a 20 mile round trip ride each day on your school route to drop off and pickup the kids. So how comfortable is the Fiido T2? This eBike was designed with a front fork that has 60mm of travel providing nice dampening of bumps along the way. In addition, the front shock has multiple settings to dial in your ride comfort. The bike saddle was designed by Velo tm and provides a very comfortable ride as you pedal to your next stop.

Colors and Accessories

The Fiido T2 Longtail comes in Forest Green and Grey. Both colors look amazing! Where this eBike really shines is all the different accessories that can be added to this bike. This includes a saddle bag, upgraded front basket with sides, a child carrying system that keeps the kids safely on the bike and provides a nice padded seat for them to sit on, a 10L rear rack bag, and a phone holder for navigating or listening to music on your ride. If you order now, Fiido is including a rear footrest at no extra charge that is part of their free early bird gift pack.

Fiido T2 Longtail Accessories

So What Are You Waiting For?

Now that you know the details about the brand new Fiido T2 Longtail, what are you waiting for? Check out Fiido’s website by clicking the button below and start dreaming about the amazing opportunities that are before you with this eBike. Given its $1,499 price tag, it’s pretty economical to turn those dreams into reality!

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