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With the hopes and dreams of St. Nick bringing you an e-bike. We have the top e-bikes that we feel are going to ride you into the New Year.

Norco Fluid VLT

There are big changes coming to the Noroco Fluid VLT lineup for 2024.  Norco is switching from the Shimano STEPS EP8 motor to the BOSCH Performance Line SX.  This 2024 bike has one of the most talked about motors. Bosch has a long history of award winning motors and the Bosch’s lightweight Performance SX unit is another winner. 

This bike is going from an aluminum only bike (2023) to a carbon or carbon and aluminum combination (2024). There are three models C1, C2, and C3. The C1 model is a full carbon climbing machine.  C2 and C3 models use a carbon front triangle and aluminum rear. The other big change this year is going from a full 29er to a mullet (29” wheel in the front and 27.5” wheel in the rear). The Fluid VLT is a trail bike and has a travel of 130mm or 140mm in the rear and 140mm or 150mm in the front depending how you build the bike.

The SX unit has 600w of power and 55Nm of torque.  The internal battery capacity is 400Wh and has an optional range extender for an additional 250Wh.  It has all the options to help you become a confident, aggressive rider that will help you attack any trail that is waiting for you in the spring of 2024. For more detail, visit Norco’s website.

Whyte E-Lyte 150 Works

This bike competes directly with the Norco Fluid VLT as it has the same Bosch Performance Line SX motor with 600W of power and 55Nm of torque.  Suspension travel is at 150mm in the front and 142mm in the rear.  A full carbon fiber frame helps cut weight out of this bike. 

This bike has an internal 400Wh battery and comes with an 250Wh range extender that mounts low on the bike. This keeps the e-bike stable and easier to handle when going off jumps or drops.  The E-Lyte provides excellent handing and has a lot of power and battery capacity. Hope Tech4 V brakes and Pro 5 hubs are great components to have on this bike. For more information, visit Whyte’s website.

Pivot Shuttle SL 29

Voted lightest bike in 2023, this bike will carry over as a hit in 2024.  Pivot has a long standing history in being a top contender with whatever model they build. The Shuttle like the name suggests is fast, low resistance and has a Fazua motor that is quick.  The motor provides 450W of power with a torque of 60Nm. 

Battery range for the Shuttle is 430Wh. The Shimano drivetrain and brakes helps keep this bike’s weight down without giving up how the bike handles. The Sag indicator is very helpful. Three different levels of assist are available plus a Boost mode is really “beast mode”. A few things to note is that the battery can’t be removed and there is a tiny delay in the motor when having to reengaging after overrun is complete. To find out more about this sweet ride, visit Pivot’s website.

Aventon Level.2 Commuter e-Bike

So far, this blog post has been heavy on the full suspension e-Bikes. The Aventon Level.2 e-Bike will help you get everywhere you want to go in 2024.  If you commute to work , school, the grocery store, this bike will get you where you need to go. 

Some top selling points are a full integrated battery, four lights for added safety, 60 mile (96.5km) range, and a payload capacity of 300 lbs (136kg).  This bike has extra comfort with a front suspension fork to absorb bumps along your journey. The Level.2. has fenders, rear rack that help you be ready for work and play with a torque sensor that lets you choose if you want to pedal or e assist.  This e-Bike is currently on sale for $1699.

Rad Power Bikes RadRunner3

The RadRunner 3 will take you into 2024 with heads turning when you pull up to the park or drop the kids off at school.  This e-Bike is a great conversation topic at coffee or your next play date at the park.

Rad Power Bikes has redesigned this e-Bike to have a low-step fame. With hydraulic disc brakes you will stop on a dime and be able to ensure your crew will safely make it to your destination.  There are new parks, school, and coffee shops to explore in 2024. So get out there on this e-Bike!


There are so many amazing and fun e-Bikes to ride. This is only a small sample of what we are excited for in 2024. Whether you want to full send down some gnarly trails or commute to work or school, there is an e-Bike for you! So get out there and explore the amazing place you call home.

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