Freebeat MorphRover

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Freebeat MorphRover

As humans we often are always on the go. Looking to save time while spending less. Life is expensive and our time is valuable. MorphRover, the worlds first two in one fat tire eBike is a game changer.  Picture this, it is snowing so hard you can’t go outside for a ride. You just purchased a MorphRover and it occurred to you that you can ride your bike inside to do a workout. You can go on a long ride right there in the comfort of your home or office saving you time. Freebeat has classes and workouts that use the MorphRover, increasing the wow factor of this eBike as it doubles as a premium indoor fitness bike.

Freebeat MorphRover - Exercise


My son loves Legos, he loves to build trucks that can transform to anything he imagines. Similar to Legos you can ride and dream about being outside while inside on your on your eBike or vise versa. Let me tell you why I love the what Freebeat is doing, they have made a quality eBike that has a powerful 750W (1000W peak) Brushless Hub Motor, 85Nm Max Torque, and a UL certified LG 720Wh battery that is removable so you can charge it anywhere. In addition, the MorphRover has a 2 in 1 smart motor control algorithm which allows the eBike to assist you while riding outdoors and actually charges itself when you are exercising with it indoors. How cool is that!? The range is 60 miles (96 km) so you can pedal watching a segment of the Tour De France (and recharge the battery without having to plug it in) or go outside and crush the trails that you have on your bucket list. The options are endless!

Freebeat MorphRover


If you’re training for your next race, trying to get a good workout in or recovering from an injury, this is the eBike for you.  The MorphRover seamlessly transitions from a full fledged workout machine to a fat tire eBike riding machine.

Freebeat MorphRover

Time And Money

Time and money are what humans are searching for. How do we get more time? More money? This 2 in 1 fat tire eBike saves you just that. The top speed of the MorphRover is 28 miles per hour (45 km/h) so you can ride faster and further. Your bank account will also thank you as the MorphRover is currently on sale for $1,599 all in (taxes, fees, shipping are all included in this price!). Save money and time by buying the world’s first 2 in 1 fat tire eBike. No more excuses. Freebeat’s MorphRover sweet deal can be found in the link below.  Nothing says love more then their current sale they are having on their bikes and accessories to dial in your ride.

Freebeat MorphRover - Info

As always, eBike Choices is here to help you get out there and ride. Until next time, go fast, pedal further.

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