Fiido AirCarbon eBike

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What’s light like a feather, has a sleek eye-catching design and has advanced technology? It’s not a cloud, though it might feel like you’re floating on one, it’s Fiido’s new AirCarbon eBike.  This bike is extremely lightweight (30.3 lbs / 13.75 kg)!

Fiido AirCarbon eBike

Carbon Fiber

How in the world did Fiido achieve such a light weight eBike? The answer is Carbon Fiber! Not only is the frame carbon fiber but Fiido also made the front fork, stem, handlebars, and seat post out of carbon fiber. This allows an eBike to weigh 30.3 lbs / 13.75 kg and still provide 50 miles (80km) of range.

Fiido AirCarbon eBike


So how is this eBike powered? Fiido opted to use a Mivice-M070 motor which produces 40NM of torque and a 250 watt output. The best part, its a silent motor! Not only do you get 3 pedal assist modes to help you get to where you need to go, you get to ride without any kind of motor whine so you can truly experience the outdoors. With an unlockable top speed of 18mph (30km/h), there is plenty of pedal assist to help along your journey.

Fiido AirCarbon eBike


The Fiido Air Carbon eBike uses a Gates Carbon Drive CDN drivetrain to connect the cranks to the rear hub motor. This is a really cool setup as there are no gears and no chain to take care of. It uses a belt drive to give quick and smooth power as you pedal. In addition, this eBike uses a Mivice S200 torque sensor. What does this mean for you? Instant pedal assist instead of having a delay (like there is with a cadence sensor).

Fiido AirCarbon eBike

Safety Features

Commuting to work or going out on the town can be an exciting experience with this eBike. So, what safety features are built in? Fiido has included hydraulic disc brakes from Shimano (BR-MT410) to ensure this eBike has plenty of stopping power. In addition, there is a front headlight and a rear taillight for alerting people that you are there and that you are slowing down.

Fiido AirCarbon eBike


When shopping for bikes, I am all about performance (NOT haha that is my husband). I am about how does the bike look? What color is the bike? Will it get me where I want to go? Shop no further as the Fiido AirCarbon eBike looks pretty sweet. Given the diamond shaped frame, this provides plenty of style and will turn heads as you pass by. This eBike is also silent so you’ll have people wondering, is that an eBike? The eBike frame gets style points for sure but the hidden cords and internally routed cables create a sleek and clean design.

Fiido AirCarbon eBike

How Far Can I Ride?

The battery integrated into this eBike provides 208.8Wh of power. The operating voltage is not known at this time so I can’t provide the amp hour (Ah) rating of the battery; however, I do know that this eBike can travel 50 miles (80km) on a single charge. Not enough you say? Well Fiido has you covered as they designed this eBike to be compatible with an optional range extender battery that doubles the range.

No display?

Nope, not with the Fiido AirCarbon eBike. This adds to the sleek design of this eBike. The speed of the bike is reported through the optional Fiido Mate Smartwatch so you can easily see your speed while riding. The pedal assist modes can also be controlled through the fingerprint scanner so you can choose between ECO/Sport/Turbo assist levels.

Fiido AirCarbon eBike

Fingerprint Scanner?

Yes, you read that correctly, there is a fingerprint scanner incorporated into this eBike (is this James Bond’s eBike?). This is one of the three ways the Fiido AirCarbon eBike can be started up. The other two methods are through the Fiido App and the Fiido Mate Smartwatch.


Currently, Fiido is accepting pre-orders for the AirCarbon eBike. Shipping is expected in August 2024. There is a nice $1,000 discount being offered now (as of 4/29/2024) which prices this eBike at $1,799 and also includes the Fiido Mate Smartwatch as a gift. MSRP is listed at $2,799 and the pre-order price will slowly go up as more bikes are sold. So what are you waiting for?? Check out more information on Fiido’s website.

Until next time, go fast, pedal further.

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