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In this article, we’re going to be looking at a selection of the best electric bikes under £500 to see if they’re any good or see if you should save up and get something more expensive.

If you want to buy an e-bike but are on a tight budget, you have a few options – you could convert a bike you already own to electric or buy a used electric bike. The former is a great idea if you’re comfortable converting a bike. Buying a used e-bike can be very hit-and-miss – you may get a bargain, or you could be saddled with problems. The last option is a new, budget electric bike.

What sort of electric bike can I buy for under £500?

Any electric bike available for under £500 is going to have a very basic specification – this means one gear, mechanical disc brakes and a compact or folding design. If you’re a larger rider you may find riding these bikes uncomfortable for more than a couple of miles. You’ll also be looking at a fairly low battery range of around 10-20 miles.

These bikes are generally suited to smaller riders, who are using them for shorter commuters or personal mobility around town. I’ve ridden a couple of the bikes featured below and I wouldn’t want to do more than a few miles on one. Having said that, if you need a ‘no frills’ electric bike for short errands then they all do the job.

The Best Electric Bikes under £500 in 2023

The e-bikes featured below are all close to or under £500 but prices may vary slightly due to currency fluctuations.

Fiido D3 Pro

fiido d3 pro ebike
Fiido D3 Pro Folding E-Bike

Fiido makes some very good folding electric bikes and the D3 is their entry-level model. It features a compact, foldable design with a 250w hub motor and 36v 7.5ah battery – this should give a range of anything up to 25 miles (40km). Accessories include mudguards and headlights.

Available direct from Fiido


dyu 3df folding e-bike

The DYU D3F is a very popular option on both sides of the Atlantic. It uses a spritely 250w rear hub motor with a 36v 10Ah battery. I had an almost identical Kugoo B2 to test for a while, and it is quite a fun little bike to ride. It’s also surprisingly comfortable, thanks to the gel saddle and suspension seat post. There are dual mechanical disc brakes which work okay, a kickstand, mudguards and an integrated headlight. It has a folding handlebar, folding pedals and is easily transportable.

Available from Amazon

Engwe T14

engwe t14 review
Engwe T14

The Engwe T14 is a cracking little bike for the price. It features a surprisingly lively 250w rear hub motor with a 48v 10Ah battery. In addition, there are mudguards, pannier rack, kickstand, and front light. The spec is better than you’d expect for the price – mechanical disc brakes and front and rear suspension. The only downsides are the weight, and it’s a bit too small for larger riders (like myself). I’m currently testing one of these, and you can read the full Engwe T14 review here.

Buy direct from Engwe

Windgoo B20 Electric Bike

windgoo b20
Windgoo B20 E-Bike

The Windgoo B20 is one of the cheapest e-bikes on this list and is usually available for under £400. It features a 250w hub motor and a 6Ah battery. If you’re not bothered by its diminutive size, the Windgoo would be ideal for short, urban commutes.

Niubility B16 Foldable E-Bike

niubility b16 folding e-bike
Niubility B16 Folding Electric Bike

I like the look of the Niubility B16 folding e-bike at the current price of €550 it’s good value for money. The B16 uses a lively 350w hub motor with a respectable 42v 10.4Ah battery which should be good for a range of 40-50km.

Buy from Geekbuying (EU countries only at present)

Dohiker KSB14 Folding Electric Bike

dohiker ksb14 foldable electric bike
Dohiker KSB14 E-Bike

Another great little e-bike for commuting is the Dohiker KSB14 – currently priced at under €500 and with a 36v 10Ah battery and 250w motor, the KSB14 is very good value for money.  There are also the usual accessories including a headlight, kickstand and mudguards.

Assist Hybrid E-Bike

assist deluxe 20 electric bike review
The Assist Hybrid E-Bike available from Halfords UK

The Assist Hybrid available exclusively from Halfords UK is their cheapest electric bike and is currently on sale for just over £500. Unlike the other bikes featured here, it doesn’t fold and it uses a 250w front wheel hub motor. The battery is very small at 4.8Ah, but should still give a realistic range of 10-15 miles on a charge.

If you’re just after something to run errands on or short commutes, this would be ideal, plus it comes with Halford’s warranty of 2 years on electric components.

Buy from Halfords


Are any of these cheap electric bikes any good? It all boils down to your personal choice. They all perform as you’d expect and are just fine for short, urban commutes or rides. Where things start to unravel is when you want to go further afield. Battery range is low and the lack of gears will make climbing steeper hills a challenge (even with the e-assist switched on).

Size is also going to be a problem for some riders. I’m just over 6 feet and I’ve ridden the Engwe T14 (pictured below), apart from looking ridiculous, after a few miles things start to get uncomfortable – I reckon these small bikes would be perfectly suitable for shorter riders.

engwe t14 hill climb

If you’re looking for an e-bike for longer distances with more variation in terrain, then I’d strongly recommend spending more than £500 and maybe having a look at some of the cheap electric mountain bikes available.

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions or comments, please leave below and I will reply within 24hrs.

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  1. These cheap Amazon e-bikes are mostly complete rubbish. The stated range is about 25km, whereas you’ll often struggle to get 5km out of them. Also the pedalling position is awful (unless you’re only 5 feet tall) because the saddles are so low, so it’s really uncomfortable on your knees and legs.

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