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Hello and welcome to my Bafang BBS02 forum / message board. The questions and answers below have been gathered from the main BBS02 article over the last few years. I have recently updated and re-published the article and I didn’t want to discard the hundreds of useful Q and A’s posted by readers.

This isn’t a forum in the classic sense, it’s more like a message board where you can post a question and hopefully receive an answer. I have kept it simple by not requiring any kind of registration to post. But, all comments are held in moderation before being approved. This means that it may take up to 24 hrs for your message to be displayed. This is an unfortunate necessity due to the high levels of spam.

Because I am using the native comments feature on this website, there will not be any notifications of replies to posts. You will need to check back periodically.

Forum Topics

Below, I have listed some of the most popular topics discussed. Please keep all questions relevant to the Bafang BBS01 / BBS02 / BBSHD. I will always try and personally answer messages, but occasionally it may relate to a problem I haven’t encountered before.

  • Compatibility: e.g. will the Bafang BBS02 fit a certain type of bicycle
  • Installation issues: Problems with the installation process
  • Motor faults: A very broad topic covering a multitude of problems
  • Programming: Not something I have any experience with but I can point you in the right direction for resources

Everyone is welcome, but please keep the conversation specifically about the BBS01 / BBS02 / BBSHD or similar motors like the Tongsheng TSDZ2. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Hi,I have just bought and fitted a bbso2b 750w motor,But it doesnt feel as powerful as my old one,I have to use 7 power reading on my display to get the same power as a 2 reading on the old motor,what do you think ?

    1. Hi Rod,

      It’s possible the firmware settings have been changed from the older model. The earlier BBS02’s were set to as much as 50% current in level 1. It’s likely they have lowered the current and speed limit settings to reduce the chance of controller failure. If you buy a USB lead and download the software, you should be able to check the settings.

  2. Hi Tony, thanks for the great info!
    Any experience with the 100 mm bbs02b? They are listed on Amazon and eBay, but the other ebike kit sellers say they are not available. I prefer the 750 watt to stay legal on federal land.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Bill,
      I’ve never fitted a 100mm BBS02, but general feedback is good, with only the odd case of the shaft coming loose being reported.

  3. Hi Tony,
    Thanks for your most informative reviews and guidance regarding the Bafang BBS02 motor. Where can I see a list of pre-built bikes bikes available in the United States that include this motor design in their bicycle?

    1. Hi Greg,

      There’s quite a few manufacturers using the BBS02 and BBSHD in their e-bikes. The main one I’m familiar with is QuietKat, but also Accolmile bikes use the BBS02 in their MTB’s. It might also be worth having a chat with the guys at Luna Cycle as they custom-build BBS02 and BBSHD bikes.

      All the best,

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