new himiway e-bikes for 2023

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Himiway has announced three interesting new e-bike models to add to their 2023 line-up: The Pony, Rambler and Rhino. In this article, we’re going to be taking a first look at each e-bike to see what they offer the consumer and make a quick appraisal based on the specifications.

In recent years Himiway has expanded upon its success in the US by expanding to cover the EU and lucrative UK markets. Their range of electric bikes offers good specifications at an affordable price point. Below we’ll take a closer look at what these new models have to offer.

Himiway Rhino

Dual Battery Fat Tire E-Bike

himiway rhino fat tire e-bike
The new Himiway Rhino Pro
Motor1000-watt rear hub motor or mid-drive (Pro version)
Battery48v 15Ah x 2 = Total 1440Wh
Range (claimed)Up to 100 miles
Gearing9 Speed or 10 Speed (Pro version)
BrakesTektro Hydraulic Disc Brakes with 180 mm rotors
Weight97 lbs
Price$2999 or $3999 (Pro version)

The new Himiway Rhino follows a trend we’re seeing more recently. It has two big batteries. With a total energy capacity of 1440Wh, the Rhino should be capable of ranges up to around 100 miles. In addition, the Rhino is available in either hub motor or mid-drive options. The mid-drive motor used is Bafang’s excellent M620, which provides a hill-beating 160Nm of torque, excellent efficiency and a smooth torque-sensing pedal assist. The hub motor is Himiway’s design and if it’s anything like the motor on the Himiway Cruiser it should be excellent.

The components are pretty good too. There’s a 9 or 10-speed Shimano drivetrain, with Tektro hydraulic brakes and 180 mm rotors. For accessories, there are fenders, a pannier rack, a kickstand and lights. All in all, the Himiway Rhino looks like a great package. I’d be interested to see how this feels with all that extra weight sitting in the top tube though.

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Himiway Rambler

Step-Through City E-Bike

himiway rambler
Himiway Rambler 500w mid-drive
Motor500-watt Rear Hub Motor or Mid-Drive
Battery48v 15Ah
Range (claimed)55 miles
Gearing7-Speed or 9-Speed
BrakesMechanical or Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Weight61 lbs
Price$1299, $1499 or $2199 (mid-drive version)

The new Himiway Rambler is a step-through city bike, aimed at urban commuters and leisure riders. With a relaxed riding position and low-step frame, the Rambler is going to be suitable for riders of all ages and abilities. It features a choice of either a 500w rear hub motor or a Bafang M600 mid-drive system. There’s also the option of mechanical or hydraulic disc brakes on the hub motor version. The battery is a generous 48v 15Ah, with a claimed range of up to 55 miles.

Weighing in at 61 lbs, the Rambler is substantially lighter than the fat tire bikes on offer, making it easier to handle at slower speeds. In addition, there’s a Shimano 7 or 9-speed gearing option. For accessories, the Rambler has every you need for daily riding, including fenders, a pannier rack, lights and a kickstand.

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Himiway Pony

Mini E-Bike for Short Distance Travel

himiway pony
Himiway Pony
MotorRear Hub Motor 300-watt
Battery36v 5Ah or 36v 10Ah
Range (claimed)20 miles
GearingNo gears, no pedals
BrakesMechanical Disc Brakes
Weight35 lb
Price$499 – $599

When I first saw the Himiway Pony, I thought, what a quirky-looking bike! It’s certainly different. The diminutive size classifies it as a mini e-bike, which is only going to be suitable for short-distance travel. I’ve tested similar e-bikes before, and they’re great for commuters who use a bus or train but need transport for the last couple of miles to their place of work.

The Himiway Pony features a 300w rear hub motor, a choice of 36v 5Ah or 10Ah batteries and a simple, single-speed design. To save on weight and space, there are no pedals or gearing – just a twist-and-go throttle. It’s very lightweight at 33 lbs (5Ah version) making it easy to take it on public transport, put it in the trunk of your car or carry it upstairs or in an elevator.

If you don’t want a full-size e-bike and don’t fancy an e-scooter, the Himiway Pony could be the perfect solution.

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I like the new range of e-bikes from Himiway, particularly the Rhino – if you need a long-range e-bike, and can live with the heavyweight, I reckon it’s well worth a look. I would recommend spending the extra and going for the mid-drive, as it’s going to be better for hill climbing and efficiency.

The new Himiway Rambler is a very neat-looking city e-bike. I like the fact they have offered a mid-drive version. It’s also got a pretty good-sized battery, and doesn’t weigh too much – this makes it ideal for the stop/start nature of urban riding.

Finally, there’s the Pony. I’m sure most of you would agree, it’s an unusual-looking machine. But, if you need a small e-mobility solution for short journeys, then it would be ideal. Looking at the dimensions, I would imagine it would only be suitable for smaller riders.

Do you like the look of the new Himiway e-bikes? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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