New Ribble Hybrid Trail AL e and Urban E

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Ribble Cycles extend range with 2 exciting new electric bikes 

The Ribble Hybrid Trail AL e and Urban E are two exciting new additions to the Ribble Cycles E-Bike range. These two new models both use the latest version of the lightweight x35 ebikemotion system ensuring low weight and tidy integration.

Ribble Urban E

ribble urban e
Images courtesy of Ribble Cycles

The Ribble Urban E is a city stylish commuter / cargo e-bike designed to be a comfortable and sophisticated way to explore the city and beyond. With the easy-to-use power assistance it becomes your ideal companion as you zip around town; pop out for groceries, or commute to work. A comfortable upright riding position, reassuringly stable handling and easy step on/off design make for a comfortable, controlled and confident ride. With powerful disc brakes, simple and reliable gears and packed with fully integrated accessories, the Ribble Urban E is unique urban mobility – designed to make everyday rides easier, faster, and way more fun.

ribble urban e

With a low stand-over height and integrated front and rear racks, the new Urban E is going to be great for shopping and could even be used by bike couriers.

Ribble Hybrid Trail AL e

ribble hybrid trail al e

Following on from the success of the Ribble Hybrid AL e , the new Ribble Hybrid Trail AL e pushes the boundaries of possibility with every ride. Powerful pedal-assistance, distance shrinking range and handy features are designed to make your daily rides quicker and easier in every way possible. A low stand-over design for ease of use and bump-smoothing front suspension delivers a comfortable ride, no matter where the trail may take you.

ribble hybrid trail al e

The versatile Ribble Hybrid Trail AL e bike comes fully kitted out for the trail and city streets with powerful disc brakes, strong Mavic Allroad wheels fitted with puncture-proof Schwalbe Marathon tyres and an ergonomic finishing kit that offers a commanding view of the scenery and the road ahead. Take your rides off the beaten track and unearth your local trails.

ribble hybrid trail al e

We’re seeing more and more people wanting to access the benefits of cycling and they see e-bikes as a way to experience the positive aspects.  Our world-class E-bike range has evolved and expanded with this aim to offer more diversity and choice – and making cycling more accessible to everyone.

Our new versatile e-bikes have been designed with specific features and riding position to give enhance the riding experience, confidence and comfort to all riders. The market leading weight and power assistance combined with integrated lights and display provides a complete experience – And whether it’s for the city commute or to take you across town to trail, our proposition provides ultimate urban mobility and a great way to get around and experience the benefits of riding an e-bike”

Says Andy Smallwood, CEO Ribble Cycles

ribble urban e

The Urban E and Hybrid AL e Trail are fully integrated and controlled via the MAHLE Pulsar One smart display integrated into the handlebars giving you control to change assist levels, activate the lights, view remaining range and capture ride data. The handlebars also feature the iWoc Trio control button to change the assistance level whilst looking ahead. A phone or smartwatch can be paired with the MAHLE Ebikemotion app to unlock additional features.

ribble hybrid trail al e

Both bikes are powered by the discreet superlight MAHLE Ebikemotion motor system with three power modes to choose from. A handy walk mode feature provides a little extra boost of assistance should you need to dismount and walk with the bike.

The suggested build is with Sram Apex or they can be fine tuned to your own specification using the BikeBuilder tool with the option to create your own design via Custom Colour.

Ribble Urban E – Apex from: £2,499

Ribble Hybrid Trail AL e from: £2,599

I’m really excited about these two new models and the fact that this iconic British brand are continuing to develop electric bikes that cater for different riding styles.

I hope to get my hands on one of these bikes in the near future for a full review and test – watch this space!


Passionate E-Bike advocate and enthusiast since 2016. Riding an electric bike helped me to lose weight, get fit and reignite my passion for cycling!

4 thoughts on “New Ribble Hybrid Trail AL e and Urban E

  • Hi Tony,

    I’m looking to enter the world of ebikes for commuting (in Dorset with hills and trails on the way). I’m considering the Specialized Vado (not the SL) or possible the Van Moof X3 but am now interested in the ribble reviewed above.. but am concerned the motor may not have as much oomph as I would like… I’m not hugely fit at the moment and and at least in the beginning will need a good bit of assist from my enumerated. Do you think the Ribble Hybrid Trail AL e fives enough power to deal with hills (not hugely steep) but hills nonetheless?

    Any other suggestions would also be gratefully received.

    Many thanks

    • Hi Fiona,

      I’ve ridden several Ribble e-bikes and I feel they are better suited to a rider who already has a reasonable degree of fitness. Although the assist is very useful, it wouldn’t have the ‘get up and go’ of something like the Specialized Vado. The VanMoof X3 uses a compact front hub motor, this is going to give a similar level of performance to the Ribble and wouldn’t be able to touch the Specialized for outright ability. There’s a chap around my way in Cornwall who owns a Vado and he absolutely flies up the steep hills without breaking into a sweat!

      I have a friend in her 70’s who brought a Trek Allant +7 a couple of months back and she has already covered nearly 1000 miles on it. Here is a link to the review.

      Please let me know if you have any more questions.


      • Thanks Tony that’s so helpful.. will look at the Trek as well. And thank you for all your reviews they’re so clearly written it’s really easy to pick up what’s going to work (or not work) for the individual.

        • You’re welcome, glad to help.

          All the best,


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