The guide below will show you the basics of how to install a Bafang BBS02 / BBS01 and BBSHD.

Assuming your bike is fitted with either a standard BSA threaded square tapered bottom bracket or a Hollowtech ll / SRAM GPX bottom bracket. You will need the following tools:

  • Bike stand – highly recommended, but not essential
  • A full set of Allen Keys
  • Posi-drive screwdrivers (small and medium)
  • A long breaker bar 1/2 inch drive
  • Shimano bottom bracket removal socket (for square tapered bottom brackets)
  • Hollowtech ll spanner (for Hollowtech or SRAM GPX bottom brackets)
  • Crank puller – for removing the pedal crank arms and crankset
  • Bafang lock-nut spanner
  • Rounded file and some sandpaper
  • Locktite – Recommended for the motor’s inner and outer lock-nut
  • Cordless Driver – useful, but not essential

Allow yourself an afternoon, or at least three hours. Remember – take your time and be patient.

The most difficult part of the whole process can be removing the bottom bracket. I have had no problem removing them from bikes that are thirty years old, but on some of the newer bikes, it can be a right pain!

The other thing to consider is if you have a gear cable guide (under the bottom bracket shell), you may need to remove it or cut away a section to allow the motor to fit in the bottom bracket shell properly.

You may also need a rounded file, to file away any rough edges inside the bottom bracket shell, as these can prevent the motor from being inserted.

It is worth mentioning when you undo the bottom bracket, the non-drive side loosens ant-clockwise and the drive side (chainring side) loosens clockwise – there are exceptions to the rule, and it is always worth checking your bike specification first, particularly if it is Italian made.

The PDF below should provide you with enough information to get the job done, if you need any further help or advice, please use the comments section.

How to install a Bafang