More November 2021 E-Bikes and E-Scooter Discounts

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Sponsored post – more discounts available for the 11.11 geekbuying global shopping festival. Listed below are a selection of some of the latest e-bike and e-scooters deals including discount codes.

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Exclusive E-Bike and E-Scooters discounts

Below are a some of the latest electric bike and electric scooters deals from geekbuying, for their 11.11.21 sale.

1. Himo Z20 Folding Electric Bike

himo z20 folding e bike
Himo Z20 Folding Electric Bike

The best selling Himo Z20 folding electric bike just got even cheaper! I’ve ridden the Z20 and it’s a great e-bike for the price. The build quality far surpasses expectations in this price bracket. Read the Himo Z20 review for more detailed info.

👉 Code: 21GKB11SA4 €726.59

2. Himo ZB20 Folding Electric Fat Tyre Bike

himo zb20 folding e-bike
Himo ZB20 Folding Fat Tyre E-Bike

This latest model from Himo adds a new twist to the popular Z20, The ZB20 has high-volume tyres and front suspension, making it particularly good for riding on snow or sand.

Read the full Himo ZB20 article here.

👉Code:21GKB11SA4 €1133.14

3. Eleglide M1 Plus Electric Bike

eleglide m1 plus electric bike
Eleglide M1 Plus E-Bike

Exclusive to, the Eleglide M1 Plus is an affordable electric bike that’s suitable for commuting and mild off-road riding. With a 36v 12.5Ah battery and 250w brushless hub motor the M1 Plus is excellent value for money. This e-bike is featured in my list of the best electric mountain bikes under £1000.

👉Code:21GKB11SA4 €711.74

4. Bezior S2 off-road E-Scooter

bezior S2 electric scooter
Bezior S2 2400w E-Scooter

The Bezior S2 off-road electric scooter features two 1200w motors, giving a maximum power output of 2400w. Powered by a 48v 21Ah lithium battery, the S2 is designed for off-road fun – be sure to wear protective clothing!

👉21GKB11SA4 €968.79

5. Eleglide D1 off-road Electric Scooter

eleglide d1 electric scooter
Eleglide D1 off-road E-Scooter

The Eleglide D1 off-road electric scooter is excellent value for money at under €550. This e-scooter features a brushless, 500w motor powered by a large 48v 18Ah battery. The Eleglide D1 is designed with off-road riding in mind and benefits from front and rear disc brakes, high-volume tyres and a robust design.

👉Code:21GKB11SA4 €506.74

6. Youping Q02 E-Scooter

youping q02 electric scooter
Youping Q02 Electric Scooter

The Youping Q02 electric scooter boasts an impressive specification for the price. Currently available for under €450, it’s one of the best e-scooters in this price range. There’s a 500w motor powered by a high-capacity 48v 18Ah battery. The Youping Q02 is suitable for mild off-road riding and has a potential range of up to 60km.

👉Code:21GKB11SA3 €415.19

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