Latest E-Bike and E-Scooter Discounts 11.11.21

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This post is sponsored by, and features the latest e-bike and e-scooter discounts for their annual 11.11 global shopping festival.

Geekbuying 11.11 Global Shopping Festival – Big discounts on Electric Bikes and E-Scooters

Bringing you big discounts on popular budget electric bikes and electric scooters, the annual 11.11 global shopping festival features some great savings across the board.

Below is a small selection of the kind of deals available. Check out the shopping guide for more details on great savings.

L85 Folding Electric Scooter

l85 electric scooter
L85 Electric Scooter

Key features:

270Wh Battery

36v 7.5Ah  battery – ideal for short commutes.

350W motor

Strong power and decent range – 350W motor with a maximum 28km battery range.

8.5-inch Tyres

Good grip, hard-wearing and suitable for tarmac and unpaved surfaces.

L85 Folding Electric Scooter – use code GKB777S

Bezior M20 Folding E-Bike

bezior m20 folding ebike
Bezior M20 Folding E-Bike

Key features:

499Wh Capacity Battery

48V 10.4 Ah battery completely hidden inside the frame, waterproof and dustproof with a maximum range of around 30km in ‘full electric’ mode.

350W Brushless motor

High torque 350W moto –  maximum speed up to 35km/h.

LCD Display Screen

Real-time speedometer, battery level indicator, headlight switch.

Bezior M20 Folding Electric Bike – use code GKB688S 

GOGOBEST GF600 Electric Bike


gogobest gf600 electric bike
GOGOBEST GF600 Electric Fat Bike

Key features:

624Wh Capacity Battery

48V 13Ah battery pack water resistant and dustproof.

1000W Brushless motor

High-power 1000W geared hub motor with a  maximum speed up to 40km/h.

LCD Display Screen

Real-time speedometer, battery level indicator, headlight switch.

GOGOBEST GF600 Electric Bike – use code GKBMS13

Bezior X500 Folding Electric Bike

bezior xf500
Bezior X500 Folding Electric Bike

Key features:

499Wh Capacity Battery

48v 10.4Ah battery pack, for greater efficiency and range.

500W motor

Brushless, geared 500W rear hub motor, maximum speed up to 30km/h.

5 Inch LCD Display Screen

Speed, distance travelled, battery indicator, and time travelled.

Bezior X500 Folding Electric Bike – use code GKB731S 

Eleglide D1 Master Electric Scooter

eleglide d1 master electric scooter
Eleglide D1 Master off-road Electric Scooter

Key features:

500W x 2WD Brushless motors

Equipped with two 500W motors, the Eleglide D1 Master scooter has a maximum output torque of 29N.m and a maximum speed of 50km/h.

80km Max Range

A high-capacity 1056Wh battery capacity gives a maximum potential range of up to 80km on a single charge.

Full Suspension 

The Eleglide D1 Master is has front and rear shock absorbers, making it ideal for off-road riding.

Triple Braking System for Stronger Protection

Braking is provided by front and rear mechanical disc brakes with additional brake lever cut-off function.

Eleglide D1 Master – Off-road Electric Scooter – use code GKB790S 



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