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Launching June 30th, 2023 at Eurobike Frankfurt

Heybike UK is launching an exciting new e-bike range. The well-established US electric bike brand is bringing innovation and style to the UK’s booming e-bike market. The brand announced that it will be releasing a fresh line-up of electric bikes, featuring new models Heybike EC1 and EC1 ST e-bikes.

The official release of these new models is set to occur on June 30th, 2023 at the esteemed Eurobike Frankfurt show. The event will take place at Messe Frankfurt at Booth Number: Halle 9.2, Booth D16 from June 21st-25th.

Heybike’s much-anticipated expansion to the UK and Europe is sure to make waves in the industry and provide eager customers with top-of-the-line electric bikes.

heybike uk ec1-st
Heybike EC1-ST

Heybike EC1 and EC1 ST

The new Heybike EC1 and EC1 ST (step-through) are the first e-bikes in an all-new line-up for Heybike’s entrance into the UK and EU markets. The EC1 is a stylish, lightweight electric hybrid bike with an integrated 360Wh battery and 250w hub motor. It’s designed to be fully UK and EU road legal so assist cuts-off at 25 km/h.

Battery range is claimed to be around 60 – 80 km which sounds about right for a 360Wh battery. The range will be dependent on rider weight, terrain and assist level used.

heybike ec1 st
The Heybike EC1 Step-Through

All in all, the Heybike EC1 looks like a very appealing package. It’s nice and light at 18 kg, has hydraulic brakes and has a decent-sized battery. I’m hoping to get my hands on one in July for a full review. I’ll be doing a full article and YouTube video.


  • Motor: 250W Rear Hub Motor
  • Battery: 360Wh Samsung Battery
  • Drivetrain: Shimano 7-speed Drivetrain
  • Brakes: Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Top Speed: 25 km/h or 16 mph
  • Range: Up to 60 miles
  • Battery Charging Time: 6 hours
  • Bike Weight: 40lbs
  • Max Load: 330lbs
  • Price: £1499

Exhibition Info:

Exhibition Center: Messe Frankfurt

Booth Number: Halle 9.2, Booth D16

Date: June 21-25

Address: Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1, 60327 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Heybike’s foray into the European market is set to redefine the way people perceive and engage with electric bikes. Make sure you mark your calendars for this exciting launch, and keep an eye on Heybike UK — a brand set to lead the pack in the future of sustainable transport.

Spotlight on Heybike: Shaping the Future of Sustainable Transport

Founded with a vision to redefine personal transportation, Heybike is a trailblazer in the e-bike industry. Originating from the United States, the brand has made its mark with an array of electric bikes that are both practical and affordable.

Heybike’s philosophy revolves around designing e-bikes that combine tried and tested technology, premium materials, and thoughtful craftsmanship. Their models are created to provide a sustainable and fun transportation alternative, encouraging people to switch from fuel-reliant modes of transport to eco-friendly, electrically powered bicycles.

heybike apex display

E-Bikes for Everyone

The brand’s line-up boasts a range of e-bikes designed to cater to a variety of users. From urban commuters seeking a reliable ride to and from work, to adventurous spirits who want a sturdy e-bike for off-road explorations, Heybike ensures that there is something for everyone.

Their models integrate advanced features like high-capacity removable batteries, robust motors, innovative frame designs, and puncture-resistant tires, demonstrating Heybike’s commitment to quality and user experience. Furthermore, the brand has consistently shown that it doesn’t compromise on aesthetics. Its bikes feature sleek and modern designs that appeal to the discerning modern cyclist.

Committed to Sustainability and Innovation

Heybike’s core commitment is to the promotion of sustainable transport. By providing high-quality electric bikes, the brand helps reduce dependency on fossil fuels and contributes to decreasing carbon emissions, all while promoting health and fitness.

This eco-conscious approach goes hand-in-hand with the brand’s dedication to innovation. Heybike continuously aims to improve and advance its technologies. Their use of durable materials, innovative electric systems, and user-friendly designs illustrate a commitment to staying at the forefront of e-bike technology.


As Heybike ventures into the UK and European market with its newest models, the Heybike EC1 and EC1 ST, the brand is set to consolidate its reputation as an industry leader in the e-bike market. By seamlessly combining sustainability, performance, and style, Heybike is truly shaping the future of personal transportation. Keep an eye on this dynamic brand as it continues to redefine the limits of electric bikes.

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