Top 8 Best Fat Tire Electric Bikes under $1000

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When it comes to versatility, fat tire bikes take some beating. Whether it’s tearing up the sand dunes or ploughing through snow, there’s no doubting that fat bikes will go almost anywhere!  For this article I have come up a list featuring 8 of the best fat tire electric bikes currently available for under $1000 (in 2022) – don’t be fooled by their cheap price though, all the bikes on my list have good customer reviews and feedback.

Electric Fat Bike Buyers Guide

Fat tire bikes are great fun, but they can be a bit of a struggle to ride due to the extra weight and increased rolling resistance caused by the huge 4″ wide tires. If there was ever a case for having an electric version of a particular bike, I think fat tire bikes fit the bill perfectly!

best electric fat tire bikes under 1000

Having an electric motor on a fat bike increases the fun factor immensely – you can really explore places you wouldn’t have in the past and with the added boost from the motor you needn’t worry about steep hills anymore.

Because of their versatility, fat tire e-bikes can be used by anyone from office workers, college students to folks that enjoy hunting on the weekends. Checkout my guide to the best hunting electric bikes you can buy in 2021.

Which electric motor is best?

All of the e-bikes featured in this article use geared hub motors – these are generally very reliable and if they do go wrong, they’re generally easy enough to fix or replace.

As for performance, a geared hub motor won’t produce the raw grunt of something like a mid-drive but in fairness they don’t go too bad. Most of the fat tire electric bikes featured here are capable of a maximum speed approaching 25mph.


It’s unusual to find hydraulic brakes on any e-bike under $1000 and the bikes featured below are no exception. They all use mechanical disc brakes which work well enough in my experience. They don’t have the outright power or modulation of hydraulics but they do the job. As long as you’re aware of their limitations and don’t leave braking too late, you will be fine.

You can, of course choose to upgrade your brakes at any time and hydraulic brake sets are available online. Swapping out your existing brakes for hydraulics should take no more than an hour.


The type of battery you have fitted will determine the range of your bike. This is dependant on a number of factors – for example, a 48v 13ah battery has a total energy capacity of 624 watt hours. This means at a constant 624 watts the battery will be depleted in one hour. In real-world terms this will vary depending on the power level used, rider weight, wind direction and terrain.

36v10.4ah / 48v10.4ah shark case ebike batteryTyres

Most fat tire electric bikes have 26″ wheels, with the exception of the increasingly popular folding fat bikes that have 20″ tires. Ideally you want a tire that has a certain degree of puncture resistance. Fat bike tires can be typically run at much lower pressures than traditional mountain bike tyres, this helps with traction especially when riding through snow, sand or mud.

Foldable Fat Tire E-Bikes

I have included a small selection of folding fat tire e-bikes on this list as they’re great fun to ride and have the added benefit of being easier to transport. Most of these folding bikes uses the same motors and batteries as their regular-framed counterparts so there’s no difference in performance or range.

foldable fat tire e bike

My list of the Best Fat Tire Electric Bikes for under $1000

All of the e-bikes listed below cost less than $1000 and are in stock at the time or writing. I have selected these bikes based on their customer reviews, specification and value for money. This article is aimed at my US visitors but I have provided external links to electric fat tire bikes on my e-bike price comparison website for my UK visitors.

1. ECOTRIC 26″ Fat Tire E-Bike

ecotric fat tire e bike

The Ecotric electric fat tire bike is an excellent budget option, and the specification isn’t at all bad for the price. Powered by a 500w brushless geared rear hub motor combined with a 36v 12ah battery, the Ecotric fat bike will give you a range of around 20 miles using just the throttle, and considerably more when using in pedal assist mode.

It’s quite a comfy bike – the big saddle combined with the fat tires make for a very cushioned feel. The bike specification is fairly basic, with a Shimano 7-speed thumb shifter and mechanical disc brakes that do the job.

Buy direct from the Ecotric website

The 500w motor provides ample power and will take you to 20mph without too much fuss. The battery is a generic Hailong case battery pack and if you ever needed a spare they can be easily sourced.


Ecotric are known for providing half-decent electric bikes for the budget conscious and this fat tire e-bike is no exception. It is affordable and provides enough power and battery range to suit most recreational riders or commuters. This is one of the most popular electric fat bikes available and has great reviews from satisfied customers.

MODEL SIZE 1860*630*1060mm
BATTERY 36v 12.5AH
MOTOR Rear Hub 36V 500W
DISPLAY Ecotric Smart LCD
SENSOR Speed Sensor
BATTERY LIFE 400-600 Cycles
FUNCTIONS Pedal Assist On-Demand Throttle
FRONT BRAKE Mechanical Disc 160mm Rotor
REAR BRAKE Mechanical Disc 160mm Rotor
FRAME Aluminum Alloy
TIRES 26x 4.0” Fat Tires
FENDERS Optional
BRAKE SYSTEM Left Brake For Rear/Right Brake For Front

Buy from Amazon

Check out Electric Fat Bikes available from the UK

2. Nakto Discovery Electric Fat Tire Bike

nakto discovery electric fat tire bike


The Nakto Discovery Fat Bike, features a sleek, modern frame with integrated battery and is powered by a 48v, 350-watt geared rear hub motor. It’s comfortable to ride and perfect for beginners and will provide a good turn of speed when you really need it.

This e-bike is equipped with sturdy rims sporting 4″ CST tires and has the added benefit of front suspension which is guaranteed to give the rider a ‘magic carpet’ ride.

A 48v 8Ah lithium battery with a total energy capacity of 384Wh – this should give the rider a potential range of around 20 miles, maybe more if your frugal with the assist.

Mechanical disc brakes provide adequate stopping power, although if you’re going to be tackling more challenging terrain with steep descemnts, I would certainly recommend upgrading to hydraulics. I recently tried Zoom Xtech cable actuated hydraulic calipers and they work well and are quite cheap – here is the link. They’re straightforward to fit and work with the existing brake cable and levers.


For under $1000 it’s nice to see such a neat looking e-bike with a frame-integrated battery. Looking at the spec and customer reviews I would say this is one of the best value fat tire e-bikes on this list.

Buy from Amazon

Also available from eBay

3.Aostirmotor 500w Folding Fat Tire E-Bike

aostirmotor 500w folding fat tire e bike

The Aostirmotor 500w folding fat tire electric bike as another great value e-bike, with the added benefit of being foldable for ease of transport. Although it is very heavy and you’ll feel like you’ve done a session in the gym if you cart this around to too long.

Apart from the weight the rest of the bikes is very well put together and it even has a decent 36v 12.5Ah battery which is hidden inside the frame and can be removed for charging if required.

The small 500w rear hub motor pulls like a train and is guaranteed to put a smile on your face when riding off-road.


Sturdy, well put together and with a punchy 500w hub motor – the Aostiromotor 500w Folding E-Bike is a great solution for those of you wh0 want to avoid traffic jams, while moving along at a swift and effortless pace. Certainly well worth considering and the cunstomer reviews speak for themselves.

Buy from Amazon

Available from eBay

4. Ancheer 26 inch 500w Electric Fat Tire Bike

ancheer 500w electric fat tire bike

Ancheer are a well-established brand who’ve sold 1000’s of e-bikes in the US over the last few years. Their 500w 48v Electric Fat Tire Bike offers exception value for money at less than $1000.

The bike has a decent spec for your money – there’s a strong, geared 500w 48v rear hub motor with a 48v 10Ah battery which could potential give the rider a range of 25-30 miles using pedal assist. If you use the throttle more then the range will be closer to 20 miles.


Ancheer have once again brought an affordable e-bike that anyone regardless of age or ability can ride, The frame is designed is unisex with a sloping top tube and low standover height making it suitable for male and female riders, young and old.

The 500w hub motor is smooth and quiet in operation and should give many miles of hassle free riding. Customer reviews are generally very favourable which is always a good sign, and in my personal experience with this brand I’ve never had any compaints.

Main Components & Electric System:
  • Motor: 48V 500W powerful brushless geared motor
  • Battery: Removable 48V 10Ah lithium-ion battery
  • Maximum speed: 15mph
  • Meter: LCD digital display
  • Pedal-assist levels: 1-5 levels
  • Charging time: 6-8 hrs
  • Mode: 3 working mode – No assist, pure electric, pedal assistance time: 6-8 hrs
  • Mileage range: throttle mode (22Miles)~pedal assist mode(22-40Miles)
  • Wheels: 26″ * 4.0
  • Net weight: 59lbs
  • Load capacity: 300lbs
  • Recommended age range: 16-60
  • Suspension Type: Front-suspension
  • Brake Style: Dual-disc-brakes
  • Speeds: 7-speed gears
  • Wheels: Double-walled Aluminium Alloy wheels
  • Front Fork: High-strength carbon steel shock absorption
Main Feature:
  • 500W POWERFULL MOTOR: Equipped with 48V 500W high-speed brushless motor, increases stronger hill-climbing power, provides more than enough to power your daily commute, a cruise on the mountain, or a meander along your favourite trail. With speeds up to 15 mph.
  • LARGER CAPACITY BATTERY: Up to 22 miles per charge with the powerful 48V 10Ah battery. Plenty for a day’s adventure or most trips to work and back. You can charge on/off the e-bike at your convenience. No worry about being stolen.
  • UPGRADED LCD DISPLAY: 5 Speed Display, Speed Display, Battery Level Display, Mileage. You can have more choice for 5-speed mode than normal 3. The LCD display guarantees you can read your statistics easily.
  • UPGRADED CONFIGURATION: Double-layer aluminium alloy wheel rim. Front high-strength carbon steel front fork shock absorption. Mechanical front and rear disc-brake design and 7-speed professional transmission system. Cost-effective configuration for off-road riding.

Buy direct from Ancheer USA

5. Nakto Cruiser Fat Tire E-Bike

naktom cruiser fat tire e bike

Another great value fat tire e-bike from Nakto – the Cruiser has a laid-back riding position making it comfortable for longer rides along the beach front. It uses a small 300w 36v hub motor which produces a useful turn of power.

The relaxed frame geometry and fat tires make the Nakto a great choice for long summer rides, but it will be just as comfortable tackling snow covered trails in the winter months.

A 36v 10Ah battery should give a potential range of between 20-30 miles depending on assist level, rider weight and terrain.

Front and rear mechanical disc brakes provide assured braking and if they’re correctly adjusted they work quite well.

For the price the Nakto cruiser is exceptional value for money and highly recommended.


MOTOR : Rear Hub 36V 300W G.W :  68  Lbs with battery.
BATTERY: 36v 10Ah Lithium Battery PACKING: 1580*280*775mm
RANGE: 22-28 Miles Tire: 26″*4″
DISPLAY: LED displayer LIGHTS: Front LED light, rear reflective light
SENSOR: Speed Sensor WIRING: Waterproof Connectors and Wiring Harness
BATTERY LIFE: Up to 1000 Cycles RIDER HEIGHTS: 5’3”–6’3”
BRAKE: Front and rear disc brake FUNCTIONS: Pedal Assist On-Demand Throttle
FRAME: steel frame

Buy from Amazon

6. Heybike Mars Folding Fat Tire E-Bike? Best spec for the price🏆

heybike mars folding fat tire e bike

The Heybike Mars is a great foldable Fat Tire electric bike and benefits from a 48v 12.5Ah battery which is a class leader in this price range. Coupled with a powerful 500w rear hub motor that has a peak output closer to 750w, the Heybike Mars is a fun bike to ride.

It’s also very well catered for in the extras department with front and rear mudguards, headlight, kickstand and pannier rack. This really is a versatile folding e-bike that will take you anywhere.

There’s front suspension which combined with the 20″ x 4″ tyres makes potholes almost seem non-existent. It weighs around 30kg so don’t expect to be carrying it too far, but it will fold down nicely to fit in you vehicle if you fancy taking it to a remote location to go exploring.

heybike mars fat tire e-bike being ridden on tarmac

Riding on tarmac and the large tyres really do smooth out even the roughest of road surfaces, and for the price it’s excellent value and well worth considering if you’re after a cheap fat tire folding electric bike.

  • Battery 48V 12.5Ah lithium battery
  • Range 48 Miles (pedal assist)
  • Hub Motor 500W brushless gear motor 
  • Tires 20″ x 4″ Fat Tire
  • Max Speed 20 mph (32km/h)
  • Charger 54.6V/2A
  • Charging Time 6-7 hours
  • MAX Payload Capacity: 330LBS
  • MAX Load for Rear Rack 100LBS
  • Tire Pressure 20 PSI
  • Bell/Horn Electric Horn Installed
  • IP level  Ip×4
  • Product Dimensions 176×61×133(cm)
  • Rear Rack Size 40.5×14.5(cm)
  • Folded Dimensions 94×38×29(cm)
  • Package Dimensions 98×45×76(cm)
  • E Bike Weight 66 lbs(30kg)
  • Package weight 80.5 lbs(36.5kg)
  • Battery weight 9.35 lbs(4.24kg)

Buy from Amazon

7. Ancheer 500w 20 inch Folding Fat Tire E-Bike

ancheer 500w folding fat tire e bike

Another excellent e-bike from Ancheer – their 500w foldable fat tire electric bike has all the features you ‘d expect on a bike costing a few hundred dollars more. Fully kitted out with mudguards, lights and a pannier rack, the Ancheer can be used for commuting or weekend leisure riding or just zipping around town.

It holds it’s own against more expensive brands and has favourable reviews from customers. At it’s current price it’s an absolute bargain and well worth considering. The Ancheer is currently available to order direct from their website (link below).

  • Color: Red Black/Blue Black
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Seat Height: 85-110cm
  • Handlebars Height: 125-140cm
  • Package Size: 140*30*70cm
  • Vehicle weight: About 33kg
  • Load capacity: 135kg
  • Brake: Mechanical Disc Brake
  • Motor Voltage: 36V
  • Motor Power: 500W
  • Max. Speed: 15mph
  • Speed Gear: 6
  • Battery: 12.5Ah Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Recommended age range: 16-60

Buy direct from Ancheer USA

8. Vivi 20 inch Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike

vivi 20 inch foldable fat tire electric bike

Vivi e-bikes are another very popular Chinese brand who have built up a loyal customer base over the last few years. Their folding fat tire electric bikes is competitively priced and rivals both the Ancheer and Heybike Mars for equipment, battery range and motor performance.

Featuring a fully foldable design with a neatly concealed battery pack which can be easily removed if required. The Vivi can also be folded down quickly and easily for transportation or taking in your home.

It uses high quality CST 20″ x 4″ tyres and has front suspension to further increase comfort when riding on rough terrain. The battery should give a realistic range of between 20-25 miles depending on usage with a potential top speed of around 22mph.

The Vivi folding e-bike is suitable for riders from teenagers through to seniors and is guaranteed to enhance your enjoyment of cycling, particularly if your adventurous and like to go exploring the wild countryside.


Color: Black
Material: Aluminium Alloy
Plug Type: US, EU
Motor Power: US 500W,EU 250W
Voltage: US 110V, EU 220V
Max Load: 330lbs
Meter: Digital LCD Display
Brake: Front and Rear Disc Brake
Power Supply: Removable Lithium Battery
Number of Speeds: 7 Speed
Max Speed: 22-24MPH
Lithium Battery: 48V/10.4Ah Lithium Ion Battery
Wheel Diameter: 20inch
Folded Size: 95x76cm/37x30inch
Unfold Size: 172x128cm/68x50inch
Quantity: 1Pc

Buy from Amazon

Also available from Amazon UK (250w version)


If you’re looking for an electric fat tire bike for under $1000, the bikes featured here are just a small selection of what’s available. I think all of these bikes offer excellent value for money and if the customer reviews are anything to go by they seem to all punch well above their weight when it comes to quality and reliability.

One things for sure, fat e-bikes are great fun to ride, they’re an incredibly comfortable way to get around town or you could just load yourself up with a tent and some supplies and go off into the country for a spot of bikepacking – just remember to be not too far from a charging point as you don’t want to be pedalling a 30kg e-bike with no battery assist.

heybike mars fat tire e bike riding off road

If I had to choose a winner from the above list, for me it’d have to be the Heybike Mars – it’s got the best spec for the price with a 48v 12.5Ah battery and a motor with peak power output of 750w, plus it has luggage rack, mudguards and lights.

All the fat tire e-bikes featured here offer good value for money, but if you’re looking for something a bit different, why not convert a fat bike to electric using one of the many conversion kits available.

If your budget can stretch to a bit more I would highly recommend checking out the Rad Power range of e-bikes – they have some excellent fat tire bikes available at present.

Search all electric fat tire bikes under $1000 on eBay


Passionate E-Bike advocate and enthusiast since 2016. Riding an electric bike helped me to lose weight, get fit and reignite my passion for cycling!

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