Eskute Wayfarer Pro Review

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It’s rare to see a decent hybrid e-bike using a mid-drive motor for under £2000 these days – Eskute e-bikes are a new brand that provide value for money and quality. In this Eskute Wayfarer Pro review I’ll take a closer look at their reasonably priced electric bike to see how it stacks up against the competition.

eskute wayfarer pro electric bike
The Eskute Wayfarer Pro Electric Hybrid Bike


Eskute e-bikes were unknown in the UK until the spring of 2021, when they launched their Wayfarer and Voyager electric bikes. Due to a combination of good quality and value for money, Eskute have become a popular and successful brand in a relatively short period of time.

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More recently they’ve added two new models to their line-up – the Voyager Pro and Wayfarer Pro. Both of these new models share the same basic frame design as their hub motor counterparts but with a Bafang mid-drive motor, Samsung battery, hydraulic brakes and better gearing.

eskute wayfarer pro electric bike
The Eskute Wayfarer Pro has a comfortable, upright riding position

At the time of writing there’s not much choice when it comes to buying a mid-drive commuter e-bike for under £2000 so it’s refreshing to see Eskute have taken advantage of a gap in the market.

Electric components

The Eskute Wayfarer Pro benefits from several significant upgrades when compared with the original model. These include the Bafang M200 mid-drive motor and Samsung-celled lithium battery.

eskute wayfarer pro torque sensing motor
Bafang M200 Torque-sensing mid-drive motor

Bafang M400 motor

The Wayfarer Pro uses the excellent Bafang M200 mid-drive motor. For those of you unfamiliar with Bafang, they are one of the largest manufacturers of e-bike motors in the world and have been involved in e-mobility since 2003. The M200 motor produces pedal assist using a torque sensor which measures the force being applied to the pedals by the rider. This translates into a very smooth and natural assist feel which increases the connection between rider and bike.

bafang m200 e-bike motor
The Bafang M200 produces 65Nm of torque

This motor isn’t just smooth though, and the M200 produces considerably more torque when compared to an equivalent hub motor. What this means in real terms is climbing even the steepest of hills will seem considerably easier.

eskute wayfarer pro bafang m200 motor
Bafang have been producing e-bike motors since 2003

The M200 is part of Bafang’s ‘City’ range of motors meaning they are specially developed with urban riding and commuting. Weighing in at just 3.2kg, the motor is light and incredibly efficient. Performance-wise it’s on a par with the Bosch Active Line Plus motor.

A quality Bafang display unit is used which gives the rider 5 pedal assist levels, battery range, speed and trip computer. You can also switch the lights on and off using the display.

eskute wayfarer pro display
The Bafang display is clear to read and easy to use


Eskute have opted for high quality Samsung lithium cells in this battery with a total energy capacity of 432Wh –  the claimed range of 50 miles seems fairly accurate and I have achieved this kind of range with similar batteries. Samsung cells are used throughout the e-bike industry and are usually found on more expensive brands.

eskute wayfarer pro battery
A 432Wh battery with Samsung cells should give a range of 50 miles

Bike components

There are a few key areas where the Wayfarer has been improved, notably gearing and braking. The Pro model benefits from 9-speed gearing and hydraulic disc brakes.

The basic frame design and geometry has remained the same. There’s the low-step unisex design which gives a low standover height – perfect for commuters and in particular city riding. Cables are routed internally and the battery pack neatly fits into the downtube.

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There’s 9-speed gearing with a wide-range cassette and trigger shifter. This will give the rider more than enough gear range to tackle steeper hills if needed. The gearing is perfect for urban riding, country riding and even a bit of light off-road riding.

eskute wayfarer pro 9 speed gearing
9-speed gearing – great for hilly terrain


The hydraulic brakes are by Chinese brand Kamros, and having done a bit of research they seem to have decent feedback. I would say these are on a par with entry level Shimano or Tektro hydraulic brakes and should provide more than enough stopping power for the average rider.

eskute wayfarer pro hydraulic disc brakes
Hydraulic brakes will provide decent stopping power in all weather

Wheels and tyres

Double-walled alloy rims with cup and cone hub bearings should be robust enough for city riding and mild off-roading. The Kenda tyres have a kevlar puncture resistant belt and come in a generous 28″ x 2.1″ size.  High volume tyres like this are especially good for negotiating pot-hole strewn city streets or back lanes in the country.

eskute wayfarer pro front end
High volume 28″ x 2.1″ Kenda tyres

Front suspension

The coil sprung front suspension has a basic lock-out function and can be adjusted for preload. These are quite basic, entry level forks but will provide enough shock absorbing for most leisure riding.

eskute wayfarer pro front suspension
Adjustable front suspension fork with lock-out

Frame, finishing kit and accessories

A step-through frame ensures a low standover height, making the Eskute Wayfarer Pro suitable for both men, women, young and old. The cables are neatly routed internally which not only looks tidy but protects wires and cables from the elements.

eskute wayfarer pro saddle
High quality Velo saddle

As you’d expect on a city / trekking e-bike, there’s a whole host of accessories including full-length mudguards, lights, pannier rack and kickstand. The saddle is a high quality item from well-known brand Velo.

Who is the Eskute Wayfarer Pro aimed at?

The Eskute Wayfarer Pro is going to make the perfect daily commuter bike, in fact I’ve put it at the top of my list of best electric bikes for commuting in 2022, simply because it offers so much for the price. It has comfort orientated geometry with a nice and upright riding position. The motor is smooth, quiet and efficient and you have all the extras you’d need for a daily commuter bike. It would also be great as a ‘his and hers’ weekend leisure e-bike – perfect for exploring the countryside and bike trails.


I really do think the Eskute Wayfarer Pro is a thoroughly decent electric bike for the price. At a time when the big guns are all increasing their prices, it’s refreshing to see a quality e-bike in the £1500 price range.

I have a lot of experience with Bafang motors and my personal view is they’re pretty good. Bosch have this reputation that they go on forever, but in reality that’s not always the case. The fact of the matter is if a Bosch unit packs up out of warranty, you’re likely to be left with a hefty bill. If a Bafang motor packs up, they can usually be repaired or replaced for a fraction of the price.

eskute wayfarer pro electric bike review

Performance wise, the Bafang motor is on a par with the Bosch Active Line Plus – you’ll struggle to find an e-bike fitted with one of these motors for less than £2200.

I like Eskute as a brand. They are a young company and have everything to prove. I’ve owned an Eskute Voyager for a few months now and it’s proven to be a good, reliable workhorse. Based on what I know about the Eskute Wayfarer Pro, the electric components, frame and design I would have no hesitation in recommending it.

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Thanks for reading  this article. If you have any questions or would like to leave your own review of the Eskute, please leave a comment below.

Eskute Wayfarer Pro


Value for Money




Battery Range



  • Great value for money
  • Bafang mid-drive motor
  • Good choice for commuting


  • Only available in one size

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  • Value for Money




    Battery Range


    Recently purchased an Eskute Wayfarer pro ebike. Beautiful machine to look at, excellent quality finish. I am still new to this type -assisted- pedal power, which feels ‘jumpy’ and uneven at times. But my main gripe is the stability of the machine, especially when turning sharp, in confined space and at junctions. I believe this weight of bicycle ‘needs’ a BAR for stability. Actually I find the bike scary in its – what I term , instability. It feels as if the weight of the back ( wheel/ gears etc) versus the front, is causing this? I appreciate Eskute are attempting to make one machine ‘unisex’ to cover larger population of potential customers, but their mountain / off road range have support bar (under saddle to under handlebar ) for stability. Why not on the Wayfarer pro? These machines will be a target for thieves, so I would welcome the option to purchase – as an option- integrated locks, which can be heavy and unsightly if not considered in the design? The front suspension I expected to be more supportive, and battery removal needs practice. But value for money, all things considered ( beside above quibbles) it’s a beautiful machine.

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